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Battelle says YellowPages 'gets it'

Read the comments, there may be a TW pop-quiz later. Debbie says (yes, Debbie is back); Uummm, this and $4 gets YP a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

YellowPages.com Gets It

Video Gary Replies

Gary Ruplinger, the guy with the famous social bookmarking video, recently replied on Greg Boser's blog about his video:

I think that for a lot of new people, they’ll spend hours trying to get their meta tags just right or get their keyword density to an optimal level because some free article they read, some outdated forum post, or some friend just as clueless as they are told them to. When instead they should be focusing on two things – quality content AND quality links.

NickW Has A Social Disease

Nick Wilson posts about his new it'll-do-until-the-next-real-one-comes-along-baby, ClickInfluence.

Clickinfluence is a dedicated social media marketing agency focused on helping companies build traffic, relationships and brand awareness within the social media space.

Server Clock Error @ TW

Some of the comments are out of order because for a while the site was posting comments as though it was tomorrow already...I think it was a server clock issue assocatied with the site recently moving servers...sorry about that.

Danny gets thumbs-down at Digg


Oh, sorry Danny. That's a tough crowd. What was the quote I once used under my nick at SEW?... "There's no justice like angry mob justice!"

LondonSEO.org Party Confirmed For 15th

After the success of last year's event, the London SEO community has announced another even bigger party to coincide with this year's SES London conference.

Rand Proposed on TV

Congrats to Rand...he was the guy behind the Superbowl proposal, and she said yes.

Flickr users will need a Yahoo login

Flickr announce that all users will need a Yahoo login to continue using the service after March 15:


More Big Names Heading for Second Life

For those not familiar with the Australian version of ABC think in terms of very conservative broadcasters of a similar type to the BBC and you're close to the Australian Broadcasting Commission


MySpace partners with NCMEC to provide added distribution for Amber Alerts

I wanted to follow up this thread about my petition to MySpace (which asked them to show us profiles of children that have gone missing in our areas, based on our Zips and/or IPs.) A few days ago Simrin Mangat, the Manager of Safety & Security of Fox Interactive Media Inc., sent me the following press release that said they are going to do precisely that...

Announcing The Dave Pasternack SEO Contest

Threadwatch has decided to get on the SEO contest bandwagon. Whoever ranks #1 in Google for Dave Pasternack at noon Eastern on March 1st, 2007 wins $1,000 from Threadwatch. In addition to the $1,000 prize for the top ranking site, Threadwatch will also give away $100 to the most interesting PPC ad running at that time, as voted for by our editors.

mySpace launches suit against CPAEmpire for Phishing

Scott Richter has been named specifically in a suit filed on friday in Los Angeles by MySpace/Newscorp. http://money.cnn.com/2007/01/22/technology/myspace.reut/?postversion=2007012215 http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&ncl=1112944821

MySpace has long been a repository of SPAM, but now they are looking to stem the flood by targeting the most troublesome of the bunch, Phishers.

How do you keep your kids safe online?

Prompted by the recent myspace thread, I'd like to ask the question:

"What are others here doing to protect or monitor their children's online activities?"

It's a tough job. There's all sorts of nasties out there, from viruses to predators, to porn, to disturbing videos. All stuff we don't want our kids viewing during their formative years.

MySpace Sued For Not Being Better Parents

The lawsuits have started flying and you have to wonder how long it will take before other social networking sites are next on the list.

MySpace Hit With Online Predator Suits

Matt Cutts can't even make Wiki

In the latest display of arbitary deletions, Matt Cutts entry at wikipedia was marked for deletion...and the regular trend of 'we have to listen seriously to these stupid requests' ensued.

Introduce Yourself Part 7

Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 6 of these threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) already, and have somehow even managed to lose the first one (I think it was around moving the site to a new sever when the database crashed).

Search Engine Watch Ads Already Cut in Half

Search Engine watch used to sell 10 ads in their marketplace and 10 more ads in their Marketplace II, and their was a waiting list for both. Right now I count a total of 11, and 2 of them are Yahoo!.

The Princess Reveals How to Become a Top 100 Digg User

Neil "Princess" Patel has posted an accurate, concise step-by-step to becoming a Digg power user. (Including an example where someone did it in thirty days.)

Digg Editors Dumber than Wikipedians

Some top Digg users recently decided that any content related to SEO or known SEO websites is spam:

I recently learned from a top digg member that certain digg community members decided to start getting rid of SEO sites by emailing spam complaints to digg. These community members’ definition of spam blogs is not what you might think. As long as the site has to do with SEO, they apparently consider it spam because the digg community generally detests anything to do with SEO.

Wikipedia vs Trump

"In (her blog) entry posted Wednesday night, O'Donnell reproduced a lengthy article from online encyclopedia Wikipedia about Trump's finances.

The entry is to help support her claim, made on television Wednesday, that Trump has a shaky financial past -- which he has threatened to use as a basis to sue her..."