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The Growing List of Domains Getting Banned at Digg

It looks like Social Media is loosing it's warm fuzzy all are welcome democratic mentality. Instead they've taken some pretty aggressive moves banning many sites and blogs in the SEO community. Yesterday I learned that Lee Odden has his domain banned at Digg. Chris who's a regular TW member also put together a list of some domains banned at Digg. The problem is it's possible to be an innocent bystander and have your domain banned, I put up post showing you how to get someone else's domain banned in digg earlier this week.

France And Germany To Kill Google Individually

Citing musical differences, France and Germany have split up and will now both produce a Google-killer: Germany pulls out of euro search engine.

New social networking site - TickMe

Well, not wishing to be left behind in the multi-billion £££ social networking sector, DaveN has announced TickMe.com, an interesting twist on the social networking idea, with some elements of speed-dating thrown in (or just the ability to stalk Dave if you like.

Wesley Crusher Now Saving Social Media

Wil Weaton aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek the Next Generation announced today he's joining Netscape.com Social Media Site

Social Network Analysis Software Goes Open Source

I'm no programmer - but this sounds like a pretty cool tool to experiment with if you are.

Quote: libSNA is an open-source library for Social Network Analysis, licensed under the LGPL. This library is under active development by Abe Usher in hopes that it will serve as a catalyst for improving the field of Social Network Analysis.

McCain: All Websites Required to Report Illegal Images and Delete Predator Profiles

This story is a few days old, but new information continues to be added:

Story Here

Basically the proposed law would force all websites to report any illegal images or obscene content to the authorities immediately. They would also be required to keep records of the incident for 6 months or face criminal and civil penalties.

Foo: Christmas Gift Ideas

I realize we have a diverse group of members here at Threadwatch, but most of our loved ones probably do not read Threadwatch. What cool present ideas do you see as must buys this year?

NY Times Integrates Social Media Functionality

In a somewhat surprising development, Techcrunch revealed this morning that The NY Times has decided to integrate social media links to Digg, Newsvine and Facebook into a majority of their online articles, under the "Share" link.

New Data out on Instant Messaging

The AP came out with an article showing a divide between adults and teenagers when it comes to Instant Messaging.

According to the AP-AOL poll:

Almost three-fourths of adults who do use instant messages still communicate with e-mail more often. Almost three-fourths of teens send instant messages more than e-mail.

Million Dollar Home Page Creator Tries to Strike Gold Twice

Alex Tew creator of the original The Million Dollar Home Page has come up with a second version Pixelotto. In this version he's giving away cash prizes to people who click on the ads and visit the sites, and cash back to one of the advertisers after all the links are sold (See How It Works).

Danny Moves On

Danny announced his last post at SEW and that he will be launching Search Engine Land tomorrow.

Google To Stop Answering

In a cynical attempt to hide their dark heart, Google circle the wagons yet more tightly. They won't even let people ask them questions any longer:

Adieu to Google Answers

Search Marketing Association Europe - what happened?

Another one bites the dust I'm affraid, as the domain www.sma-eu.org has epxired and now holds one of the usual spammy holding pages.

What happend to SMA-eu? They launched with gun blazzing trying to tell eveyone that THIS was the Euro organisation for SEM/SEO, but they died down very very fast. We never got an answer to our initial application so of course we ditched it all together. But people have been asking lately?

Can 800 Diggers Possibly be Wrong

In what's turning out to be the most public faux pas to date, the 800 lb gorilla of social media went for the fake banana yesterday.

Communities LIE!!

Quote: an investigation by The Sunday Times has discovered that hotels and restaurants are drumming up business by posting glowing reviews of themselves.

In the course of the investigation it found:

* Proprietors describing hotels as 'outstanding', 'excellent' and 'charming' without declaring their interest in the business. * Marketing executives to top British hotels recommending perks be offered to customers in return for a promise of a good review. * Hotel star ratings on well-known websites that could be easily 'ramped' with just a few e-mails from bogus customers

'Web-rage' man gets prison term

Quote: A man has been jailed for more than two years after carrying out the UK's first "web-rage" attack on an internet user.


Quote: "It is accepted by the prosecution that Mr Jones taunted you and dared you to go to his house where you would be greeted with weapons," Judge Richard Hawkins told Gibbons.

Lycos - Dead Men Limping

Reuters - "Lycos seeks rebirth as virtual living room"

Text Link Ads Acquired by MediaWhiz

Patrick Gavin just pinged me to announce Text Link Ads has been acquired by MediaWhiz. The TLA staff will be moving to New York City and working as a part of MediaWhiz, a holding company offering a variety of advertising platforms.

Contest: least updated SEO blog

I pick Boser's site, WebGuerrilla. Looks like Greg gets over there about every 3 weeks, on average. Geez, Boser, can't you get Dax to set up some sort of scraper?

Feedburner Please Help...Our Feed is Shite!!!

Many people have complained about the TW feed being broken. I am not sure if this is a Feedburner issue, or an issue associated with our Drupal or our server. Anyone a bit more in the know want to hook us up with a bit of knowledge on how to figure out the problem and fix it? In other words, heeellllllpppppppp :)