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'Web-rage' man gets prison term

Quote: A man has been jailed for more than two years after carrying out the UK's first "web-rage" attack on an internet user.


Quote: "It is accepted by the prosecution that Mr Jones taunted you and dared you to go to his house where you would be greeted with weapons," Judge Richard Hawkins told Gibbons.

Lycos - Dead Men Limping

Reuters - "Lycos seeks rebirth as virtual living room"

Text Link Ads Acquired by MediaWhiz

Patrick Gavin just pinged me to announce Text Link Ads has been acquired by MediaWhiz. The TLA staff will be moving to New York City and working as a part of MediaWhiz, a holding company offering a variety of advertising platforms.

Contest: least updated SEO blog

I pick Boser's site, WebGuerrilla. Looks like Greg gets over there about every 3 weeks, on average. Geez, Boser, can't you get Dax to set up some sort of scraper?

Feedburner Please Help...Our Feed is Shite!!!

Many people have complained about the TW feed being broken. I am not sure if this is a Feedburner issue, or an issue associated with our Drupal or our server. Anyone a bit more in the know want to hook us up with a bit of knowledge on how to figure out the problem and fix it? In other words, heeellllllpppppppp :)

Lurkers, Members & Posters

There's millions of lurkers, thousands of members but only hundreds of regular posters. Dont all the rest of you have an opinion?

SEO: Did-It's David Pasternack Doesn't Get-It

In an attempt to look relevant while remaining otherwise, David Pasternack wrote an article about the demise of SEO, based on faulty MarketingSherpa research. His article states self serving garbage like:

Unlike Paid Search, in which it's a requisite to continually monitor and optimize one's campaign in order to navigate through a dynamic auction-based environment, SEO is a job that is essentially a one-time task, not a continuing responsibility requiring the services of an outside firm.

Outting Pork. US politicians to feel John Q's whip?

Now this is promising. AND it should get more press. (Though why demean it with that Web 2.0 hype?)

"Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Barack Obama (D- Ill.) and the grassroots Internet campaign that unmasked Sens. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) as the secret holders who had been preventing the consideration of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (S. 2590). The bipartisan legislation, signed into law by the president, requires the Office of Management and Budget to create a public website listing the individuals and groups receiving federal grants and contracts."

Blind Web surfers sue for accessibility

"Danielsen, who writes a blog called "The Voice of the Nation's Blind" for the National Federation of the Blind" ..."an organization that represents blind people, is suing Target Corp., saying that its Web site is inaccessible to blind Internet users."

Hot off the clueless train: YoungFeds.org


Oh boy! Sign me up!!

Just saw this on Digg. Best comments there (so far):

"oooh, can I make Dick Cheney my friend?"

"Now the senate has one stop shopping for all their young intern/page needs."

Online Gaming - untapped market for advertisers?

Just blogged about the potential online gaming has for advertisers, with a focus on "Second Life", where people buy and sell items for real life money.

Search Blog Stats Galore

Rand recently compiled comprehensive stats for many search blogs.

The New Search Privacy Standard

PoundPrivacy.org is a new search privacy standard. The idea is pretty simple, if you include the phrase #privacy at the end of your search query, the search engine should not associate an IP or Cookie-identifying info with that query, nor should that query be included in public keyword suggestion tools. I think most of us here understand the privacy concerns (put your blackhat on and look at the leaked AOL search-data).

Search Engine Marketers of Portland to Hold First Networking Event

(SEMpdx) announced its inaugural networking event will be held Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at Portland Oregon’s Hotel Deluxe from 5:00 to 7:30 PM. Read

Google Literacy

The Literacy Project.

A resource for teachers, literacy organisations and anyone interested in reading and education, created in collaboration with LitCam, Google, and UNESCO's Institute for Lifelong Learning.

More Politics - Google PR (PoliticoRank, Stoopid)

An FT piece reporting on Eric Schmidt addressing the UK Conservative party conference - Politicians yet to realise impact of internet, warns Google chief.

SEOroadshow 2007 --looks like Italy

There is some confusion as to who exactly organizes the SEOroadshow. The short answer is "anyone willing to do it." Started by those who hope to sustain the incredible experience of pubconference 1, the roadshow is purposely kept informal and member-driven. But it does takes some groundwork (insert loud applause & cheers for those who've done the previous events) and someone has to commit to that. Also, there's the matter of the expense --not crushing, but still far more than pocketchange (more on that later).

Battelle Interviews Matt Cutts

John Battelle recently published a brief interview with Matt. Matt also talks about liking the idea of using humans more and more to define relevancy, so long as it is scalable:

Wollop beta now live

Wollop, the Microsoft Research spin-off experiment in social networking and Flash mods marketplace went live last night.

The site allows for social networking and also allows developers to market their Flash mods, avatars, chromes or clothes for avatars, music clips, widgets, etc.

Incisive Media Sells Out

Via Joseph Morin, Incisive Media, which bought Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies from JupiterMedia, recently sold out for $375 million to Apex Partners, a private equity investment firm.