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Get Data on US Cities for Local Search

With intrest in local search in the US heating up I've often found myself looking for reliable information about about cities I have absolutely no firsthand knowlede of. I picked up a link to City-Data from a few days ago and just started looking at it.

Google Mini, Sheesh, You Just Can't GIVE 'em Away!

Google are rather agressively pursuing the enteprise search market by giving away the Google Mini to any f

FlickrFS - The Flickr File System

Now this is just downright bloody strange, but pretty cool too as im absolutely fed up with my shite system for storing photos. Flickr have released a full blown file system based upon the Linux FUSE system.

How about running IE - inside Firefox?

You probably know the extension IE View that will let you transfer links and pages from Firefox to IE (eg. clicking a link in FF that opens in IE). Now, how about running Internet Explorer - inside Firefox?

Google Testing Firefox Usability - Working on GBrowser?

Former Firefox developer Ben Goodger, who is now a Google employee, has a post on the Mozilla developer blog. It looks like Google was testing usability on tabbed browsing.

Live HTTP Header Tool for FF

I came across this today Live HTTP Headers tool for FF . Unsurprisingly it does what it says on the box, gives you the headers live. If you switch your User Agent, its quick to see what is being fed to GBot.

Backup Solutions

I lost a goodly amount of information about a week ago when my laptop pooped out. Thankfully, most of my stuff is on a Mac. But the fact of the matter is, I need to keep backups.

Can Transmedia's Glide Challenge Google, Microsoft?

Iv'e been catching bits and pieces of info on Transmedia's Glide system for a while now, but untill just 5mins ago had not looked into it at all. Now TW reader Dan points me to a report on InfoWeek that gives a pretty good overview of what TM hope will be a Google/MS service killer. Launched - SEO Forum Timesaver

In Web 2.0 Speak: is a SEO forum aggregator with social thread ranking via AJAX, also viewable in an RSS feed.

Geek Speak: It fetches the most recent threads from various SEO forums and allows users to adjust the ranking formula.

Firefox 1.5 RC 1 is released

Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. This is the first release candidate of our next generation Firefox browser, to be rel

Gates Confirms Web Based "Office Live" & "Windows Live"

Not only has Big Billy G confirmed that Office will take to the web, but also "Windows Live", which "is a set of Internet-based personal services, such as e-mail, blogging and instant messaging". Furthermore, Gates clarified details in the ZDNet article linked above and said "It will be primarily supported by advertising and be separate from the operating system itself. Office Live will come in both ad-based and subscription versions that augment the popular desktop productivity suite".

IE new features explained

Windows Vista 2006's Internet Explorer latest build has unveiled a number of much wanted new tools for the browser.

SEO Links: Firefox Extension that ROCKS

Oooooooooh I think you guys are gonna like this! Nullbit has produced the SEOLinks Firefox Extension, an extension that allows you to hover over any link on a page and get linkage data from Google, Yahoo and MSN. It's slightly rough round the edges, for a time i thought it wasn't working, but it was like it needed to "warm up" heh.. as it works now, but overall, it's a very, very neat little app.

If Google Won't, Microsoft Will - Web Based MS Office

Well if Google won't, Microsoft will. Richard Macmanus points out this InformationWeek story that has the following clue:

280.6 Teraflops - It's a Record.

That's 208.6 trillion calculations per second to mere mortals like me. IBM's BlueGene/L supercomputer has now doubled it's own record to reach those staggering numbers.

Bringing OpenDocument to MS Office, OpenOpenOffice?

With all the hubbub surrounding OpenDocument and its support in the recent release, the pressure is on for Microsoft to provide support for ODF in the new Office 12 release. However, after flatly denying they will provide this support, OS News reports that a small group of developers have decided to do it themselves, with OpenOpenOffice

Yahoo! MyWeb Bookmarklet & Blog Post Link

Below you can see a link to Yahoo! MyWeb2.0, it's a javascript link that will take the title of a page and prefill the Y! MyWeb window ready for you to tag and post.


SoonR let's you access your desktop from your mobile. Yes, it's yet another bubble2.0 company, yes it relies on a third party API for it's business model, yes you'll forget it in 10mins and yes, it will probably get funded by some VC with more money than sense.

Skype Fixes Flaws, Make Sure You're Updated

If you're a Skype user, then you might want to go download the latest version as they've just patched 3 critical flaws that were bought to light earlier today.

Windows Vista - July 2006

At least that's the date that softpedia have for the launch of Vista. I know that Dan, who kindly sent me the link (cheers dan) was hoping for a February rollout but according to the piece above it looks like July 23rd will be the date you'll get your grubby little mits on M$' much anticipated new OS.