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[adv] $479 Worth of Free SEO Software for Best Review

The team at WebCEO, who make software to automate many of the tasks SEO's need to perform on a daily basis, are pleased to give away one full license for their WebCEO software in exchange for the best review of the product.

A 20" Laptop?

Over the weekend we had an amazing discussion on laptops where one member had said they'd happily buy a 19" laptop. This seems a bit much to me, but ZDNet are running a story about the adoption and projection for future large screen laptop use based on findings from an IDC report. Apparently, BIG is IN

Rumours of Google Office "Way off base..."

How very dissapointing. One of my favorite bit's of speculation is again denounced as just that in eWeek's Rumors of Sun-Google Hosted Desktop Suite Quashed

Buying a Laptop

I have to buy a laptop next week, as i'll be doing some traveling soon and clearly need to stay connected. I've never owned a laptop, nor even used one much, so I'm right at the "research phase" of the buying cycle. I did a search and came up with an buyers guide to laptops on PCWorld, and have given myself a quick but fairly thorough primer on what I need to know. Now all I have to do, is ask the good boys and girls of Threadwatch to lend a hand by telling us what they have and why they like it.

Test Driving Flock

Im having fun taking a peek at Flock, a new "social browser" based on Firefox that Gurtie wrote about a few weeks back. It's been in beta, and slowly building buzz for a little while, but although it's still a "dev beta" right now, for reasons im not 100% clear on, you'll be able to get a copy in a few hours.

OpenOffice 2.0 Released

OpenOffice 2.0 finally lanches today, you can download it here and see the feature list here.

Firefox: 100 Million Downloads

Congratulations to the Firefox team on reaching 100 Million Downloads this week, just a little before their first birthday.

Blackberry email Treo Style

Two of the biggest contenders in the mobile email market have announced that they are holding hands. RIM and Palm are taking their Blackberry and Treo and marrying them up to the palm platform.

UltraDNS Unveil DNS Shield

In a bid to "shield" the internet from DOS attacks and other nasties, UltraDNS have launched "DNS Shield", that sits inbetween ISP's and core DNS DB's protecing against DDos attacks.

[adv] Too Busy to Write your own Bid Management Software?

Some 3 years ago MakeMeTop got fed-up with using 3rd party tools for running bid management, web analytics and various other SEM functions so we decided to write our own. Threadwatch members are now invited to take that finely honed software for a free 45 day trial.

Bloglines is Key

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I've seen this announcement bumping around for the past couple of days but not really been that interested, untill Robyn DeuPree posted it on the ASK blog anyway. ASK have added "hotkeys" to Bloglines, and as a linux user that prefers to do email and text editing without ever having to touch a mouse, i must say it's a welcome new feature. Thing is though ASK, i gave up with BL a little while back, 'cos it's just a bit shit now right? There've been problems with it for a little while, and it's horribly slow at peak times - if you can get that sorted, and update every 30mins i'd probably come back :)

Apple will Own Your Living Room

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Kareem has posted a rather insightful look at how Apple plans to own your living Room. He says that the sleeper was Jobs' "oh, and btw" bit that detailed his deal with deal with Disney to distribute shows on the new video iPod.

Search Box for Yahoo! Blogs

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Working from the code digital inspiration wrote i've put together a very simple little Yahoo! Blogs search box. Now if *I* can do that, why can't Yahoo? heh...

Just dont tread on the red ones ok?

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A little out of our normal sphere, but damn, this is neat. A bio company has developed a way to detect landmines by genetically modifying plants to turn red in the presense of explosives. The firm is called Aresa. Unfortunately their website was built by an idiot, so you can't link to the page about landmines, but im sure you can work it out...

Multiple Sites Across Multiple Domains? One Button....

Story Text: point to Turbo Sitemaker, that claims to be able to create multiple sites, across multiple domains, with one button push.

SynchroEdit - I was thinking about this just this morning...

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This is odd, but very cool. I was thinking this morning about a conf call im on today and wondering if there was an app out there, like TaDaList but that would let several users edit it at the same time. You know, like in real time? Then, just a couple of hours later i read about SynchroEdit that will apparently do exactly that!

LinkSys Cordless Skype Handset

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Oooooh, yes puh-leaze... Pointed out by slashdotters is this shiny new LinkSys Skype Handset - Only trouble is, with my slightly dodgy connection here in the country, im not sure i have steady enough upstream to do good quality VoIP :(

MSN & Yahoo In IM Love Fest

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A bit of buzz is generating that Yahoo! and MSN will make their chat clients interoperable. TechCrunch shares some insight:

Google Fixes Adwords Phishing Vulnerability

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Coming in a bit late, but thanks to Harith, still coming in is a story about the Adwords system being vulnerable to injection attacks that's just been fixed. Seems it was spotted late last month... - Rather Spiffy Dontcha Think?

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Over the weekend, i got a "golden ticket" to setup a blog. I got a nice email telling me i'd been chosen to receive this wonderful offering, and setup the Things Nick's Doing blog to try and find the trojan in this horse (sorry, born cynic you know..).