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Contextual Ad Tools

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Todd posted a pretty good list of contextual ad tools - most of them are known to me, and you can grab a list of contextual ad programs right here at TW. The reason for posting this though, was I wonder what he's missed?

Gator is Back - But this time it's cool apparently...

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It's unlikely that there is anyone at all reading this post that has not at least heard of Gator, the notorious spyware app that watched your habbits and fed your screen "helpful" popups whilst you browsed. What's old is new again though, and as Dave Taylor, who once worked for Gator (now they're called Claria) asks "Now that privacy's dead, is Gator the killer app after all?"

In the market for a new phone Guv'nor?

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Samsung and Bang & Olufsen have teamed up with what looks like an extremely cool mobile/cell/handy phone.

They have flipped the phone to give a circular dial on the top and the screen on the bottom. I am not sure, and the website doesn't say exactly how much functionality the phone has other than a telephone and address book.

Why is Google Reader Totally Broken?

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Like many, I've become so used to the perpetual Google Beta that i've started to forgive them a few rough edges when they launch something new. This new rss reader they just launched though, is totally taking the piss. I can't do ANYTHING on it, not a damn thing. All the links seem to go to the same page, nothing works except the tour and it's just wasted 10mins of my TIME.

Internet Backbone Unravels in Dispute Over Traffic

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Level 3 no longer allows Cogent to send traffic over its networks for free. The move affects an estimated 15% of all internet users ( according to the WSJ ), preventing them from communicating with other networks. The core of the issue between the two companies is that Level 3 felt the arrangement was unfair.

IM Meets Affiliate Mktg on London Tube

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As I've been traveling on the tube I've seen ads for this insidemessenger product. I've finally remembered to check it out and it struck me as an interesting idea. Not necessarily great indea but interesting.

AIM to Launch Presense Program, Easy Site Integration

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AIM are to launch a "presense program" that if im reading this clickz story right, will allow sites to integrate AIM so they can be easily contacted and display user presense.

Surprise! Opera Goes Free, Downloads Go UP

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Well, bugger me, who'd a thunk it eh? Opera downloads have hit all time highs since they dropped the ads, and made it free.

Button Pusher Alert: Yahoo Shopping Reviews API

Source Title: A New API From Yahoo: Yahoo Shopping User Product Review Source Url: Story Text:

Gary points us to the Yahoo! Shoppings User Reviews API that's just been released. Button Pushers, er... i mean remixers.. might like to give this a spin - no longer limited to Amazon's API, it'll probably come in quite handy...

Web2.0 Kicks Off Today

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Love it or hate it, the internets most trendy, and as some would say, exclusionary conference kicks off with a whole bunch of neat looking sessions and workshops today.

MapQuest Moves Offline, Cashes in on Map Mania

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Mapquest, in response to the growing list of online map services, released a GPS navigation system for cars. The system provides directions based on different criteria, such as fastest or cheapest route.

Keyword RSS Tool Launches - And, It ROCKS!

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Tara over at ResearchBuzz has absolutely outdone herself with the launch of the sadly, poorly named, Kebberfegg keyword rss search tool.

Full Comm Center for Win Media Edition with Skype

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A guy has written a plug-in for Windows Media Center Edition which will allow you to use your computer as a communications device as well.

No Google Office, yet...

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I'm hearing from members kind enough to have tuned into the SUN/GOOG broadcast and report back here that the deal is not to distribute a web based Office product, but "make it easier for users to obtain such products as the productivity software" which is apparently quoted from a small WSJ piece just published.

Quick & Dirty Backlink Anchor Text Checks

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Jim has another tool launch to tell you about. It's the Neat-O-Backlink Tool *groan*, what is it with him and names! hehe...

Google Office - Told ya so....

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Unsurprisingly, it looks very much like Google will indeed be launching a "Google Office" - check out Schmidt and McNealy to make announcement tomorrow and this story surmising the same thing - StarOffice = Google Office.

Skanky Spyware Site Forces GOOG Toolbar Download

Source Title: Google Toolbar Whacking- Developing Story Source Url: Story Text:

This one's a little hard to follow, but i'll do my best to make it simple despite not being sure if i have the right of it myself heh.. A spyware site is forcing downloads of the Google Toolbar. It's not clear why, but a good guess might be that it makes it look like it's legit, while other more harmful apps are being installed.

170Mbps Broadband Through Electrical Socket

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We've talked about broadband through electric a few times at Threadwatch and it's an area that i find quite facinating. With that in mind, you might appreciate that a Japanese firm just demonstrated 170Mbps through an electrical socket at a trade show. Pretty fast huh?

User Created Google Skin

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I'm a little hesitant to publish this here for fear of someone from the borg legal department shutting it down, but seeing how it's been on the popular list for two days I figure it's just a matter of time. Someone named anildigital has reskinned google and tied all of the searches and google services into a UI thats pretty darn spiffy IMHO, check it out here at Total Google. Hey Google how 'bout instead of just crushing him under your superior legal power, you chuck him a few bucks and buy the design from him and actually use it somewhere.

The $100 PC to Unveil in November

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Remember back in January we mentioned MIT, AMD, GOOG and Samsung were working on a sub $100 laptop? Well, the BBC are reporting that the prototype will be unveiled in November this year.