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Audio: Intelligent Reaction over Intelligent Design

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Google's Adam Bosworth has recorded a talk he did at on "Intelligent Reaction". Forget intelligent design, 5yr plans and grand designs when building software and services, learn to react intelligently.

Advanced Open Source Search Engine Launched

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Search geeks that like to tinker, might want to check out Sentensa, an "Industrial strength Open Source Search Engine" that has just been launched.

What's On Your USB Key?

Source Title: Source Url: Story Text: has a good list of software you should be carrying around in your pocket at all times. I personally use my usbKey a lot and when I don't have it, I am pretty much always called short.

Yahoo Updates Desktop Search

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Desktop search isn't my thing, in fact the idea of letting any of the search engines crawl around and index the contents of my files is very creepy. However I guess the John and Jane Q Publics of the world like destop search, so Yahoo has brought desktop search out of beta and made some improvements.

24Mbps Broadband Goes Live in London

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Be 24Mbps Broadband goes live today in the London area. They currently offer no download caps, no 12 month contract, a free modem (with 2 VoIP ports), 24/7 tech support, up to 24meg download and 1.3meg upload all for £24 a month. Looks like we might be seeing the start of a BB revolution?

Google Experiment with "Remove Result" Feature

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You've played with the voting buttons in the Google toolbar? If so, you'll be interested in this new experiment reported on the SEW blog:

GSA & RIAA Implications & GTalk Searchable Conversations

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There are a couple of interesting bits out there today about Google Secure Access and Google Talk. Firstly, Damien Mulley talks about RIAA issues:

Google's Firefox Toolbar Leaves Beta

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Insane marketers and webmasters will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that the Google Firefox Toolbar is now out of beta. There are a couple of new bells and whistles, most notably the integration of Google Suggest, more on the Google blog link above.

Findory Launch Bloglines Rival

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Findory's Greg Linden tells us that they've launched an RSS Reader. Not only that though, they've gone out of their way to make it quick to switch from Bloglines to the new reader, and claim it's FAST. Well Greg, of course it's fast, nobody's using it yet right?

Get Yahoo! Finance Msg Boards as RSS

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Alexander over at Mobile Read has created a very neat tool to track Y!Finanance message board postings via RSS. Have a look at the following examples, and just edit the ticker symbol at the end of the url to find more.

Best Firefox Extension for Bloggers, Ever

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I've spent the last hour customizing CopyURL+, a fantastic extension for firefox i found over at Brian Cantoni's site this morning. It will save me hours and hours as i post at TW and other places, and if you post more than once or twice a day, you're gonna like it, a LOT.

Its Opera, but Free!

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So the world is abuzz with news that Opera is now free. Good news, though it largely defeats the point of the free keys they gave away last month (if one exempts the free PR).

Type-In Domain Name Finder

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A neat little tool from Scott, aka webprofessor that i got the chance to play with a little last night: Domain Hunter. It queries the Overture KW suggestion tool and some WHOIS service to come up with .com domains available for your keywords.

Google Secure Access - All of Your Traffic is Belong to Us!

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Oh boy, you thought Web Accelerator was scary? Get a load of Google Secure Access, a new program to secure your wifi connection for you.

Nokia 770 - Meeow!

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Oooooh! Remember i said i wanted one of these back in the spring? Well they're out, and they're hot! I like it, i like it, i LIKE it - and so does Howard Chui apparently, who's written a great review of the 770 for your delight and pleasure.

RSS 2 Adwords?

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Our friends at SearchViews, aka Reprise Media have launched a tool that takes publisher feeds and turns them into SEM campaigns. It's called FeedCast, and I presume you have to be a client of theirs to use it, which is a neat hook in and of itself, but does make it a little less interesting to most. Still, it's a pretty neat sounding technology eh?

IE Web Dev Toolbar Rivals Firefox Version

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For those that use IE, firstly, WHY? heh.. secondly, you might like to check out the IE Web Dev Toolbar that has a lot of the functionality i've been enjoying with the FF extension for Web Dev's.

MS goes AJAX with Atlas and Gadgets

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September 15, Microsoft opened up a new version of, This version looks like the standard, but it has one added feature: The ability to add "Gadgets".


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If you've not heard already, Sparkle is a new MS product being unveiled at PDC '05 that closely resembles Flash. Scoble says it's not a Flash killer, but from what im reading, i'm not so sure

Microsoft to bring Feeds to the Great Unwashed

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Dana Gardner talks about Microsofts many feed related announcements at PDC '05. The upshot is, MS will be using feeds in everything throughout Vista and will truly open the doors to the great unwashed on RSS.