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IIS 7.0 Follows Apache, Goes Modular

Source Title: IIS 7.0 Learns a Few Tricks from Apache Source Url: Story Text:

Clearly fed up with the "poor relative" reputation that's dogged IIS for years, MS's Bob Muglia has revealed that the often ridiculed Microsoft file server will follow apache by announcing a new modular architecture for version 7 according to BetaNews.

Wanted: World Class Programming Team

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Hiring programmers is not something I have very much experience in. I currently have a need to hire a team of world class programmers to work on a project immediately. What Im not sure about is, just how do you go about finding such a proven team?

Cornell Project Puts Thousands of Pages into Supplemental Results

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There's an odd project going on at Cornell's PlanetLab Project that's throwing thousands of copied web pages into the Google supplemental (trash) results. Try a search for threadwatch for example. msgraph, who kindly pointed this out to me tells me they're 301'ing thier pages, but i can't connect to them at all...

Goddamit! Pop Ups In Firefox, What's the Deal Here?

Source Title: Popup Ads are Back Source Url: Story Text:

Dan brings up a subject that's been pissing me off for a while now, pop ups that break the pop up blocker in Firefox. How the hell is that done anyway? Im guessing it's a CSS/DHTML thing rather than the traditional JS thing?

Should Shopping Carts Mimic Real Life Better?

Source Title: Request for the e-commerce shopping cart makers of the world Source Url: Story Text:

There's a good point being raised over that the 37Signals blog about product shots in shopping carts. Not many of the solutions out there have a picture right where you check out and pay, whereas in real life, at the moment of no turning back you can still see (and fondle if you wish) your prize.

More API's than you could wave a stick at...

Source Title: Try WSFinder To Find Web Services & APIs Source Url: Story Text:

There's been a lot of stuff here and around about API's recently. Danny points us to, a wiki for web services and API's - they already have close to 100 API's listed and it's gotta be a wise bookmark if you're looking to just mix and match a little content for a site, or build a new service from scratch.

eBay + Skype Official

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Mikkel lets us know that the Skype/eBay deal is now official: "Over time, we intend to make voice communications a part of the eBay marketplace – a huge step forward in making transactions faster and easier, as well as bringing even more interactivity and humanity to the eBay Community."

Put a smart mouse on your desk

Source Title: Logitech Unveils World´s First Smart Mouse Source Url:,contentid=10961,crid=34 Story Text:

Logitech launches a Smart Mouse . I use the Logitech MX700 at the moment, and very good it is too. I am not sure that this two way mouse with "sophisticated on-board microprocessor" to make it "smart" necessarily gives it a great improvement, but launching in October with a $60 tag, I guess I'll try it next time I buy a new mouse (I'm a sucker for gadgets)

Apple Launch iPhone, iTunes 5 & iPod Nano

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Busy day for big job Steve Jobs at Apple. They've launched a whole bunch of expected goodies, including the fabled iPhone. I've put together some of the better coverage for your technofrenzied pleasure below.

Ooooh Yeah! Open Source Skype Alternative in the Works

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Oh Skype, what have you done? We talked about how Skype should go Open Source a while back, and whilst their platform bid is a step in the right direction, it may not be enough.

Getting Bundled Up

Source Title: High-tech households are seeing the advantages of bundling, and many want to incorporate more services into one bill, according Source Url: Story Text:

According this study by Telephia, A high-tech household has expressed an intent to purchase quadruple play packages of TV, Internet, landline and wireless services.

Unlocking the Google Mini

Source Title: Anandtech Search goes Google Source Url: Story Text:

Hardware review site Anandtech recently migrated their site search over to a Google Mini rackmount box. In true techie style, they couldn't resist taking it apart first

Web 2.0 API Reference

Source Title: Web 2.0 API Reference Source Url: Story Text:

There's a very nice list been put together (and recently updated) over at Programmableweb for Web 2.0 API's. One day, im really going to have to set some time aside to sit down and play with that list, you can build all sorts of things from nothing with a little programming skill and a bunch of api's...

Google VoIP Options Explained

Source Title: What lies behind the Google chatter? Source Url:,,20411-1749986,00.html Story Text:

The Times "Diary of a former teenaged millionaire" written by Benjamin Cohen investigates the various options available with VoIP, and is good background if you haven't quite got your brain round what is going on with VoIP. And just to show that its not just TW readers (don't know, maybe Mr Cohen is a reader here) that are cynical/sceptical about G and privacy, his final paragraph is Out of Beta

Source Title: Microsoft Unveils New Source Url: Story Text:

Whilst still a "preview" release, Microsofts', a customizable feed friendly personal portal, has finally dropped the obfuscation and puzzles and can now be viewed and used by the public - it also works in Firefox :)

Creative's win of UI Patent Threatens iPod

Source Title: Creative wins MP3 player patent Source Url: Story Text:

So far Creative have not flexed their new found muscles given by the win of a patent detailing the iPod UI, but they could at any time.

Microsoft buys into VOIP

Source Title: Scoble Source Url: Story Text:

Microsoft has bought into the VOIP market with the purchase of Teleo which already comes prepackaged with its own Microsoft certified "we're in beta" stamp, voice out with 2c calls to most places, and interactivity with the SIP network, the same service Google's promising to deliver with its "Talk" to anyone else as long as they've got gmail service.

Everything you need to know about Google Sitemaps

Source Title: How to Make Use of Google SiteMaps Source Url: Story Text:

Sebastian takes us on a *definitive* guide, and tutorial on Google's Sitemaps. It's one hell of a post, and is well worth the bookmark.

Get Opera without Ads for Free - One Day Only

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If you want a version of Opera fully registered without the annoying ads, for free, then according to all you need to do is send Opera an email today.

Firefox Extensions for SEO's & Web Devs

Source Title: Pimp Your Firefox - SEO Extensions Edition Source Url: Story Text:

Dustin Frelich has put together a nice list of Firefox SEO extensions. Some i know, some i don't want to know, but some are great, and brand new to me. Most noticeably: SEOpen which apparently provides a whole bunch of contextual menu items such as cache's, link checkers, headers and more...