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Trovando is a framing website that links through to dozens of SEs, metasearches, image services, blogdexes, tag repositories, etc with new sources added almost daily.

WinFS Beta 1

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Tom Rizzo has just posted that the fabled WinFS file system is out in beta for MSDN subscribers. It also has a new blog to accompany it.

Keyword Phrase Permutations Generator

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Barry has released a lovely tool for Keyword Phrase Permutations that will not only knock out keywords for Adwords broadmatch, phrasematch and exactmatch, but will also provide YSM plain list format. There's even something in their for the spammers - get a whole bunch of title tags thrown out aswell...

The Google OS is Already Here

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Untill recently, i've been a little undecided on the whole "Google OS" meme that's been buzzing around for some months. A couple of recent posts though, have given me chance to rethink the concept.

FeedShare Opens Affliate Data Feeds to All

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Previously, you could only get to use Feedshare if you were one of the bigger players - now any merchant running an affiliate program can utilize their data feed production service and offer their affilates up to date product feeds according to the press release on Shawns site.

Add to Javascript Snippet

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I don't often think much about Search engines when doing Threadwatch, but i've wanted to put a link (so people can easily ad posts) on each post for a while. The problem is, it's just one more useless link, in terms of SE's, on the page - and there are loads already. Fortunately, Graywolf has just posted this little Javascript snippet that solves that problem :)

MovableType 3.2 Announced

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Earlier in the week we mentioned that the new MovableType 3.2 would have an unlimited weblogs license, even for free users. Well, MovableType 3.2 is now out, includes the enhanced license and of course a whole bunch of other goodies:

Audiolicious: Turn Any RSS Feed Into A Podcast

Source Title: Audiolicious: Turn Any RSS Feed Into A Podcast, Using Text-To-Speech Source Url: Story Text:

Audiolicious is a Windows program that lets you turn any RSS feed into a podcast. It uses text-to-speech to convert the feed's webpages into MP3 files... ... Audiolicious works especially well with RSS feeds created using the bookmarking website -- just tag a web page using to add it to the Audiolicious job queue.

One Tool to Rule Them All?

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…"Now it's starting to happen. Wi-Fi has redefined how consumers consume mobile media. Combine Wi-Fi with cell phones and satellite radio, and you can create an unbelievable social device." ~ Wired on Amp'd Mobile

Over 2 Million People are Customizing Google

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Over 2.25M people have downloaded the Customize Google Firefox extension since its launch in May this year, and still no comment from Google...

AJAX Without the Buzz

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Changing times in web development. Not for everyone of course, but slowly and surely AJAX is becoming more mainstream. Of course, you can't move for blogpuppies jumping up and down and wetting themselves with excitement every time you mention the word, and most of them couldn't write a single line of even html so it's nice to see an unvarnished commentary on the AJAX technologies from K5 member k8f8

Skype Launch Open Source IM Tools

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With impeccable timing Skype have announced "it's opening up its platform to anyone who wants to integrate Skype Instant Messaging--a lesser-known feature of Skype--with most other versions of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software."

Google Talk is Now Live

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As rumoured is a voice enabled IM client. It's live, but try as i might, it will NOT connect to the server...

Yahoo! Verizon Team up for Broadband

Source Title: Verizon, Yahoo To Offer Cut-Rate DSL Source Url: Story Text:

I love the differences between Yahoo! and Google, the business models, and the moves they make facinate me. Whereas we have countless rumours of Google as ISP, starting from scratch, in typical GOOG style, we see Yahoo! (obviously) doing similar thing, but making strategic partnerships rather than go it alone.

Mr Ploppy Does Affiliate Tools

Source Title: Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List - Volume XXII - Affiliate Marketing Tools Source Url: Story Text:

That wiley tool bandit Mr Ploppy has been up to no good with a stack of affiliate tools for your delight and pleasure. Some clean, some downright dirty, but the list is, as usual, comprehensive and worthy of a bookmark.

Google Desktop Sidebar Released

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Further to all the rumours from yesterday and this morning, the Google Desktop Sidebar is now available for download. It looks rather neat, but these things just scare the crap out of me...

Hooray! Cre8asite Forums Get New Server

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If you visit the Cre8asite forums at all, you'll know that it has been a somewhat painful experience for some time now. Thankfully, they've just moved to a faster server which makes me, and and other members very happy :)

MovableType 3.2 - Unlimited Weblogs License Announced

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Untill now, MovableType only gave unpaid users license for up to 3 weblogs - with MovableType 3.2 comes a new licensing structure as pointed out by Niall that allows even unpaid users unlimited sites.

War of the Worms

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This story caught my eye. In a step up in the virus arms race worms now hijack infected machines from each other, presumably to build the biggest network of zombie machines through which junk mail is sent.

Get OS X on Your x86 PC

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Woohoo! Instructions have been posted on how to get OS X on a standard x86. It's a little complex, but not overly so, the major requirement being that you need a whole HD to run it, a partition won't do.