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The SEOBook Link Analysis Software (Beta)

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Aaron's out done himself this time. This is a piece of software that could easily fetch a pretty penny from those of us who appreciate the value of this information. The functionality/ feature list is extraordinary. Give it a look for yourself.

Hacking Google Adwords

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At the Las Vegas Defcon hacking conference a few weeks ago some 'hacker' apparently created and presented a powerpoint presentation on 'hacking google adwords'. Here is an article and this is the actual presentation.

Y!Q Makes it to the Toolbar

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Yahoo! have integrated thier Y!Q contextual search into the toolbar aswell as Y! Messenger. I've not used Y!Q in ages, but i remember really liking it - perhaps someone could make a Firefox extension to put that in the context menu? Would be a whole lot better than having to install a <shudder> toolbar...

Adsense Addicts get Firefox Extension

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If you've contantly got a tab open on your Adsense earnings, then you might like to check out the Adsense Notifier extension for Firefox. As Philipp point out though, you do have to give up your username/password - so make sure you trust it!

Yahoo! Shoots Down Safa Rashtchy over VoIP Rumour

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Dean seems dissapointed that Yahoo! have shot down rumours of a big VoIP push in the near future. So am I. Safa, behave yerself, or i'll have to come over there...

Microsoft Patents the "Phantom Car"

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New Scientist reports on a very cool sounding invention/patent registered by Microsoft: The Phantom Car

Microsoft to Duke it Out with LAMP

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Microsoft are to go head to head with the LAMP stack according to the Register this morning. Unveiling a lightweight alternatives to LAMP in november, Martin Taylor, Microsoft's platform strategy general manager said "We will have LAMP-like capability to quickly build a web site".

Blogger for Word, Plus Toolbar

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I cannot really see the point as Blogger is very easy to use, but this add-on enables the user to use Word to publish to Blogger

A9 Release Maps, Again?

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Ok, so the Search blogs are buzzing with the "release" of A9 Maps this morning. But hold on a minute dammit, didn't we do this back in june?

Improved Backlinks Spreadsheet Released

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On Friday, we brought you news of the Google API Backlinks Spreadsheet tool. In that post, i asked if anyone had the time to try and use the Yahoo! API for backlink checks as Google's data is next to useless (quite on purpose) - Claus, one of the TW regulars, and quite the Windows expert, has released an improved backlink spreadsheet tool that uses both API's to form a more comprehensive tool.

Running IE7 Alongside IE6

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Here's a neat tip for those that want to run both IE7 and IE6 on the same machine. Just a simple matter of deleting one file, and creating another...

Google API Keyword Spreadsheet

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Tara spots an interesting tool for retrieving keyword/backlink data from Google and plonking into Excel. Now, we know the Google backlink data is close to useless, so how about someone technically minded have a bash at porting that to the Yahoo! API? (arguably equally useless since the index upgrade, but hey, still better than Google..)

Ingenio to Debut PPCall API Monday

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Ingenio, probably the best known PPCall tech provider, powering both AOL and Miva with Pay Per Call ad systems, will announce the release of an API for Search Marketing firms and agencies on Monday.

The BitTorrent Business

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Om details the big business side of bitTorrent, everyones favorite p2p tech. Talking of Ashwin Navin, BT's COO he says..

Opera has all the Answers (.com)

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Opera have partnered with to integrate Answers into their browser.

Why Google is Built on Linux

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Some interesting, but not surprising snippets from Google's Open Source Programs Mgr Chris DiBona on why Google is built on Linux

Yahoo! Partners with Kowabunga for Affiliate Program

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According to Jeff, Yahoo! have partnered with Kowabunga and will be using MyAP to power their Search Affiliate Program. Shunning affiliate giant Commision Junction, this looks like a vindication of MyAP's contraversial, and collosal price hike last month, and may herald a significant step toward indipendence from the big 3 networks for merchants.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

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Gary informs us that Yahoo! will shortly be launching a new tool for webmasters called Site Explorer (not yet live) that will allow you to eplore linkage and indexing data via web or api.

Google Toolbar Freezing Browsers

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After the last involuntary autoupdate that upgraded my toolbar, I noticed that my browser freezes everytime I try and view a cached copy of a page. It will even freeze when I go directly to google and type in the cache: command. Has anyone else noticed this? There is a discussion here about it. It's kind of erie as it appears google is collecting some sort of user data...

Apple Lose Ipod Interface Battle - To Microsoft

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According to Engadget, Apple have lost the iPod Interface Battle to a prior patent (5mths) by a Microsoft Employee - Ooops...