SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems Launches

Source Title: Keyword Discovery Offers Search Competitive Analysis Source Url: Story Text:

First on the case with a new Keyword tool for competitive analysis is Aaron, who's states a few dislikes for the new tool including, their odd pricing system (only $65 per domain, but no packages) and the limited range of data.

Skype via Your Land Line

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This lot are selling a black box to convert your normal phone to a Skype phone. Instead of using a special Skype phone. It looks like a good idea (I have no connection to this company), has anyone tried this approach? I bought a cordless Skype phone, and that worked well. This gizmo looks even better at first glance.

Could RSSPing Give Realtime Updates for Search?

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Here's an interesting bit of tech being launched by David Galbraith and Matt Mulenweg (wists,wordpress) that promises to pave the way for real-time updates for Search indexing. RSSPing is an extension to the existing ping standard that adds metadata about what exactly was updated, and where.

Google Firefox Toolbar Link Hijacking is a Bug

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Yesterday i mentioned that the Google Firefox toolbar was overwriting existing links (which should never happen according to Google) - I've just had an email from Matt telling me this is a bug, and it will be fixed before it leaves Beta if not sooner.

At Last! Google News does RSS

Source Title: Google News all Feedy Like Source Url: Story Text:

Google's Chris DiBona just announced that Google News finally has RSS feeds - In Atom and RSS2 format, you can get both categories and custom searches.

Google Buys Location Aware IM System [Lies! Lies!]

Source Title: Report: Google To Acquire IM Social Networker Meetroduction Source Url: Story Text:

UPDATE: According to John Battelle, this rumour is bollocks

Further to its aquisition of Dodgeball in May this year, Google will announce this week, it's purchase of Meetroduction. Meetro is a geo-aware IM services that let's users find other users with similar interests within specific localities - or proximity. It's one more step to the "clearly coming" Google IM service, and as PC says "The company needs to be stickier and that's one way of doing it."

SearchPublisher - Personal Search for Publishers

Source Title: Eurekster Announces SearchPublisher Source Url: Story Text:

Eurekster have launched an interesting vertical search tool for publishers called "SearchPublisher". It's pretty much your standard search box for sites, but has the the spin of "personal search" and "behavioral targeting" attached that make it rather intriguing. (not to mention a cut of the paid listings revenue..)

Cache Checking Tool

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Jim at WeBuildPages pinged me about their new Google cache tool over the weekend. I just got a chance to try it and it's pretty neat. Threadwatch

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If you take a look at the right hand menu, you'll see a bunch of links. Anyone with a account can post to that list, just tag the bookmarks you think should go there as "threadwatch".

PHP on the Way Out?

Source Title: Is the web's love affair with PHP over? Source Url: Story Text:

The Register reports on some market research that shows PHP, along with scripting cousins Perl and Python, is seeing drastically reduced adoption among developers.

Mobile Device Database Launches

Source Title: Mobile Research Launches First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Device Data Service Source Url: Story Text:

UPDATE: Alfie informs me that there is indeed an Open Source mobile Device DB available Wonder what the point of MobileResearch is when there's already a free alternative?

Apple Discovers the Two Button Mouse

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Rich C emailed me yesterday to point out that Apple have discovered the two button mouse! There is also an AP Story on Apple's "MightyMouse"

Hijacks and Redirects - Fixing the Issues

Source Title: Revisiting Hijacking & Redirects: Moving To A Solution Source Url: Story Text:

The long running problems of the "Google 302 Hijack" have been well documented over the last year at Threadwatch, yet the problem remains. Whilst Yahoo! have fixed the issue, it's still childsplay to hijack a websites listing in Google. Why are they dragging their heels? What can be done about it? -- Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Strategies - San Jose next week will host the 2nd Indexing Summit, where redirection issues (yes, including meta-refresh) will be addressed.

IE7 and CSS - Impressive, very Impressive

Source Title: Standards and CSS in IE Source Url: Story Text:

As someone that at one point, not so long ago, lived and breathed CSS, you've no idea what pleasure it gives me to say that IE7 will finally bring IE up to speed with CSS2 - It's not complete by any means, but it really is very good news for web devs - well done the IE team!

MyJeeves 1.2 Fuses Tags with Folders

Source Title: MyJeeves 1.2: To Tag Or Not To Tag… Source Url: Story Text:

In quite an intuitive, clever twist on the whole tagging phenomenon, ASK's MyJeeves 1.2 have created "virtual folders" with tag like properties

A9 Release "Site Info" as Open Standard for Toolbars

Source Title: A9 SiteInfo page Source Url: Story Text:

I've been fascinated with A9's toolbar for a while and have found it interesting how they offer so many end-user AND Webmaster customization options.

They just pushed a new toolbar version out today and it includes a "SiteInfo" feature, whereby Webmasters can post an xml file that details the content hierarchy of their site, and that full list will be included under the "Site Info" menu on the A9 Toolbar when people visit their site.

IE7 Has Integrated Search Box - No, not what you think...

Source Title: IE7 to Feature Customizable Search Box Source Url: Story Text:

This one surprised me a little, IE7 will have an integrated search box, but users will decide what Search engine it defaults too...

Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" Cracked

Source Title: Microsoft "Genuine Advantage" cracked Source Url: Story Text:

BoingBoing reports that a simple one line hack gets pirated M$ Windows past their verification system.

Shadow Walker Root Kit Eats Anti-Virus for Breakfast

Source Title: 'Shadow Walker' Pushes Envelope for Stealth Rootkits Source Url:,1895,1841266,00.asp Story Text:

A revolutionary stealth root kit dubbed "Shadow Walker" that was demonstrated at the BLACK HAT security conference in Vegas this week, can waltz right in to you PC under the noses of even the most sophisticated anti-virus software.

IE7 Leaks to Web

Source Title: Windows Vista, IE7 Betas Leak to Web Source Url: Story Text:

It appears that less than 24hrs after the limited (MSDN subscribers only) release of IE7 beta 1, MS have already sprung a leak - the Vista download is about 2.5GB and apparently comes accompanied by a crack in the activation code - heh..