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MyAP Raise Prices - From $50 - $2000 Monthly

Source Title: MyAP Raises the Stakes in the Affiliate Network Game Source Url: Story Text:

If you're using MyAP's affiliate tracking software you're safe. Prices remain at $50 per month after your $1000 setup fee. As of this week though, new customers of MyAP will have no setup fee, and $2000 a month to fork out.

IE7 Beta 1 Released

Source Title: Internet Explorer 7 beta 1 released to dev crowd... Source Url: Story Text:

Going against public opinion, Microsoft have released IE7 Beta 1 to MSDN subscribers only, saying it will not be publically available for download.

Mind the rush - Y! Firefox Toolbar Out of Beta

Source Title: Firefox toolbar: Beta no more! Source Url: Story Text:

Story from Y! search blog yesterday. Direct link to the toolbar here.

AOL Takes RSS Mainstream with MyAOL

Source Title: AOL launches MyAOL beta, Feedster to do RSS search Source Url: Story Text:

Last night we brought you the rumour that AOL would work with Feedster to provide RSS Search, now that seems to have been borne out. MyAOL beta now brings a fully fledged RSS reader straight to the SCREAMING; ALLCAPS HORDES of AOL'ers and "promises" a world class RSS Search shortly.

Visions of Vista

Source Title: First views of Windows Vista Source Url: Story Text:

Want to see what the new Windows Vista looks like? Sure you do, go have a peep...

Sony PSP Update 2.0 - Web Browser Patch Arrives

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PSPUpdates tells us that the PSP Patch that incorporates a web browser into Sony's Play Station Portable is out. We mentioned this last week, apparently you had to buy "Wipeout" to get anything close to a browser on your PSP, but now those of you lucky enough to own one (it's on my wishlist :) can browse to your hearts content.

Yahoo taking to the skies with Boeing

Source Title: Yahoo & Boeing team up for in-flight service Source Url: Story Text:

Search company Yahoo and Connexion by Boeing will announce on Wednesday a multiyear distribution agreement under which Yahoo's search engine will be used on Boeing's in-flight Internet service. Connexion by Boeing provides wireless high-speed Internet services to passengers using their laptops on more than 100 routes daily worldwide. Yahoo will power the Web search beginning later this year.

The MSN Search Screenaver

Source Title: MSN Screensaver with Search & RSS Source Url: Story Text:

MSN's new screensaver that incorporates MSN Search and RSS among other goodies is being spun as "cool for the user". Yeah yeah, rah rah rah. However you look at it, it's little things like this, not to mention some of the enorrmous things that MS can/will do with MSN Search that must have Google and Yahoo! very nervous indeed.

Suggest Something

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I've been using more and more lately for storing general intrest stuff. I noticed today they have added 'recomended tags' when you add something, and there are also predictive tagging suggestions going on. Seems to be limited to the tags you've used in the past, so YMMV.

Vista Details Revealed in Privacy Policies

Source Title: Microsoft Reveals More Vista, IE 7.0 Beta 1 Features Source Url:,1995,1840839,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535 Story Text:

Windows Vista, which is rumoured to be released as Beta 1 tomorrow, is already haemorrhaging secrets with postings of the Windows Vista and IE7.0 privacy policies. Mary Jo has sifted through, and has some nice tidbits of information posted.

Third Party Cookie Risks

Source Title: Ok, we get it, third-party cookies are a problem Source Url: Story Text:

Jupiters Eric Peterson updates his cookie risk chart to incorporate new data from WebTrends. It's obvious, but the specifics are quite interesting.

Get BlogPulse Profiles as RSS!

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Remember we mentioned the new blogpulse feature, profiles? Well, it was a bit buggy when i tried it at the time, but if your into vanity stuff for your sites then it's kind of fun. Jason Baumer has created an RSS tool that mines those profiles and pulls your stats up for you, and it's very neat...

VoIP: Stop "them" Listening to Your Calls

Source Title: Privacy Guru Locks Down VoIP Source Url:,1282,68306,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2 Story Text:

Wired reports that Phil Zimmermann, creator of Pretty Good Privacy e-mail encryption program, is bringing out a new system to protect VOiP calls. He will apparently announce it at the "BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas" tomorrow (I seem to have missed out on an invite to that one). Phil likens the internet to a "crime ridden slum", so he knows what he is talking about.

RSS Feed Metrics - Tuesdays are HOT!

Source Title: Pheedo Reports RSS Metrics, Trends Source Url: Story Text:

Pheedo have released RSS Feed Metrics and Trends that provide some interesting reading. Tuesdays are the busiest days for RSS publishers it seems.

Yahoo! Widgets

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Following their purchase of Konfabulator, Michel informs us that has just launched.

Link Development Tools

Source Title: Mr. Ploppy's Monday Morning Tool List Volume XIX - Link Development Tools Revisited Source Url: Story Text:

Mr Ploppy does it again with a great list of link development tools - If he's missed any, let's have them posted here :)

MSN Virtual Earth Goes Live

Source Title: MSN Releases Beta Version of Virtual Earth Source Url: Story Text:

MSN's answer to Google Earth goes live today with Virtual Earth though Chris Sherman says it's lacking what was promised

Link Value calculation tool

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Run your site through Link Value Tool and it will tell you what a link is worth on your site. LinkValue for TW: 94.74 $

Dealing with Arsewipe Trackback Spammers

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Like everyone else on the web that has, or in my case, used to have trackback enabled on their sites, im being hit with a barrage of trackback spam on a minute by minute basis. Some months ago, i had to disable trackback, and for me, it was a really sad day. Now i want payback...

Mozilla Firefox 1.1 Delayed, Renamed to 1.5

Source Title: Mozilla Firefox 1.1 Delayed, Renamed to 1.5 Source Url: Story Text:

One of those stories that I am not quite sure whether it is significant or not. Mozilla Foundation have announced that next major release of Mozilla Firefox has been delayed and will now be known as Firefox 1.5 rather than 1.1. The upgrade is now set for a September release.