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New Backlink & PR Tool Fed to the Wolves

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Ok, so here's something for the dicerning SEO tool experts at Threadwatch: A Backlink & PR Tool that claims to have information you just can't get from Google itself...

The Ultimate SEO Tool?

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A friend of mine asked me today what my dream SEO tool would be. He said to imagine i had no limits on cost, and that a team of PHD's would work on it for me, for as long as it took to build it.

I wasn't sure how to answer, though i did mumble something about "trend analysis and large DB's of SERPS data".

Yahoo Beta Firefox Toolbar

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For toolbar fans out there, you can now get the Yahoo! toolbar for Firefox for all platforms. Personally, i can't work up much enthusiasm for toolbars of any variety - they have to be a bit special to get my interest...

Sony PSP gets a Web Browser

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Oh joy, something else to worry about when building sites. Sony have announced the coming of a free patch to give the PSP web browsing capabilities. The patch will be released next week in Japan.

Windows Vista

Source Title: Longhorn Gets a Name: Windows Vista Source Url: Story Text:

Looks as though longhorn has finally been given a name, Windows Vista. The name was leaked carefully to enthusiast sites late Thursday evening, and acorrding to the BetaNews story MS have registered a whole bunch of related domains earier in the year.

Skype On Video Phones

Source Title: Skype embraces video phones Source Url: Story Text:

Skype's CEO unviels a beta version of Skype video. They do not say when it will be released. And there was me just getting used to my non video VOiP with Skype - and very good that is too. get's RSS & News Search

Source Title: Microsoft RSS search using Source Url: Story Text:

If you'll forgive the pun, is starting to look a little snazzy - it was upgraded yesterday to include News and RSS search - for some reason Niall's not keen on the label but it does look rather good...

Students Combat Click Fraud

Source Title: Getting To The Point: Students' software targets ad fraud Source Url: Story Text:

Interesting story about an adaptive click fraud technology developed by three Boston based students. The system is called ClickFacts and sounds worthy of a little attention.

BitTorrent on your Mobile

Source Title: BitTorrent Goes Mobile Source Url:,1895,1837253,00.asp Story Text:

If you're running Windows Mobile, you can now get a bitTorrent program for it coutesy of Adisasta and $20 after the trial period.

GreaseMonkey Slips on Security

Source Title: Firefox Greasemonkey completely burgered Source Url: Story Text:

After reading about GreaseMonkey and security issues im rather glad i installed my copy the other week. It was crashing Firefox all over the place...

Search Threadwatch from Firefox

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Here's a handy little widget from Graywolf that will allow you to have Threadwatch search in FF - just drop threadwatch.src and threadwatch.png into the searchplugins folder in your FF programs folder and away you go..

Atom 1.0 Released

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Tim Bray is a bit like london busses, you don't see one for hours, then all of a sudden 2 come along at once (see drupal story below).. He's annnounced the release of RSS's major competitor, Atom 1.0

ScrappyGoo Gone?

Source Title: Have Google Axed ScrappyGoo? Source Url: Story Text:

We talked about scrappygoo and figured it would be short lived. Looks like it's gone. Wonder if legal team from Mountain View California had anything to do with it.

The Body as Spam Conduit?

Source Title: Human body is the best computer Source Url:,,20409-1693763,00.html Story Text:

An interesting article in the Times about the use of the human bodies electric field to transmit data. A Japanese firm has invented the Red Tacton system, in which the human body acts as a conduit for information. Wireless networks — often hampered by intermittent service — will eventually be replaced, NTT says, by “human area networks”. Touch an advertising poster or shake hands with someone, and information will flow. When I first read this article, I thought that it was ahead of its time, but it looks to be eminently doable now.

US Gov wants more Power on In-Air Internet

Source Title: Enhanced In-Air Internet Surveillance Sought Source Url: Story Text:

US government agencies are seeking a range of new powers over in-air internet to counter terrorism. I'm sure it will have privacy peeps up in arms, but man, i'd be more than happy with it myself. If i was worried about it, I just wouldn't go online, in-air...

BBC Launch Open Source Site

Source Title: BBC Open Source website launches Source Url: Story Text:

The BBC have just launched a new Open Source section to their main site, it's designed to centralize the many projects the beeb release to the community for free - nice stuff...

Hotmail not working with FireFox

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Just got the following message when logging into Hotmail with FireFox:

Web Browser Software Limitations

Your Current Software May Limit Your Ability to Use Hotmail

You are using a web browser that Hotmail does not support. If you continue to use your current browser software we cannot guarantee that Hotmail will work correctly for you.

DomainKeys, an End to Email Spam?

Source Title: Yahoo!, Cisco Systems Propose Anti-Spam Technology Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo! and Cisco's joint email spam technology initiative, the combination of Yahoo's DomainKeys and Cisco's Identified Mail systems, went one step further this weekend with a submission to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

CustomizeGoogle breaks Half a Million Downloads!

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CustomizeGoogle, by far my favorite Firefox extension has now surpassed half a million downloads! Congratulations to Daniel, the author, and if you've not grabbed it, do so.

Great Cheat Sheets for Web Devs

Source Title: Cheat Sheets From Ilovejackdaniels Source Url: Story Text:

Todd called for a little link love for Dave's web dev cheat sheets, and after a quick browse, i'd say it was a good call :)