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Trouble Ahead, Security Flaw Found in Zlib

Source Title: Zlib Security Flaw Could Cause Widespread Trouble Source Url: Story Text:

Slashdot are reporting that a buffer overflow flaw has been found in Zlib, an open source compression library. This could be really bad, as a lot of applications use Zlib in some way, and the flaw could be exploited by just directing people towards a PNG image.

Add Google Results to

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Earlier I went off on one over Jeremy Zawodny's add GOOG results to Yahoo's MyWeb2.0 - but wait, there's more: Thomas Korte has modified the script to add GOOG results to

Google FF Toolbar: Rude Rude Rude! hehe!

Source Title: Google says if you read source code you are a scammer Source Url: Story Text:

Oooooh...... Chris noticed that the new Firefox toolbar from Google, that was amusingly launched under a veil of ahem... secrecy (muppets..) contains some interesting comments in the code...

Audio: Google's Chris DiBona Talks Open Source, Betas, More...

Source Title: Chris DiBona on Google Code at Where 2.0 (On Location) Source Url: Story Text:

Chris Pirillo interviews Google's Chris DiBona, the lead at GOOG's Open Source division (even though he says there's only a couple of them heh..) - Interesting piece, with talk of Summer of code, the unending Betas ("that's just our way") and a whole bunch of other stuff...

Awsome Interface Design -

Source Title: Don't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDon't Click ItDo Source Url: Story Text:

This is really, really stunning interface design - I shouldn't expect to be using it on an ecom site anytime in the near future, but man, that really is some piece of work!

Google & Co. Throw $100M at Broadband over Electric

Source Title: Reuters Google, partners to back broadband venture -WSJ Source Url: Story Text:

Google, Goldman Sachs and Hearst are chucking $100M at a startup called Current Communications involved with broadband over electric wires

Opera to get BitTorrent Support

Source Title: Opera adds support for Bit Torrent Source Url: Story Text:

The next minor version of Opera will have native support for BitTorrent - There, isn't that nice? No whiny griping about the competition, no silly non-news - just a nice announcement about a cool upcoming feature. Good on ya Opera...

Microsoft ships Xbox 360 beta kits

Source Title: MS distribute beta kits Source Url: Story Text:

Updated versions of the development hardware for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console have begun shipping to studios at last, replacing the Apple PowerMac G5 based systems which were used to demonstrate games at E3 in May.

If Your PHP CMS Uses XML-RPC, Turn it Off, Now

Source Title: PHP Blogging Apps Vulnerable to XML-RPC Exploits Source Url: Story Text:

A word of warning for those of you using Drupal, WordPress and other Blog/CMS systems utilizing XML-RPC. There's a vulnerability been found that could leave your server open to attack.

Put on Your RSS Thinking Caps

Source Title: Put on Your RSS Thinking Caps Source Url: Story Text:

Think RSS is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Need some interesting ideas of how to use it and what to do with it? Visit the Things You Can Do with RSS Wiki. Hat tip to Library Stuff

Firefox to get Official Google Toolbar

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For those stupid enough not to realize the significance of having a Google/Yahoo etc toolbar on their browser, you'll finally get an official Google Toolbar for Firefox on July 7th. Don't forget Yahoo! and ASK while you're in the mood for spyware either! :)

KDE & Google Announce 24 Summer of Code Projects

Source Title: dot.KDE: KDE Announces the 24 Google Projects Source Url: Story Text:

KDE, the K Desktop Environment for Linux have 24 projects for the Google Summer of Code - KDE is my preferred desktop system so im looking forward to seeing what they come up with! The developers will get $120,000 if they complete their projects within the alloted 2 months.

Rebuild the Internet!

Source Title: Lets start again... Source Url:,1377,68004,00.html Story Text:

I've often thought it'd be fun if some accidentally "reset" or "wiped" the internet, i'm sure most sites of any worth would be back up in a round a day or so. Sites that aren't updated would drift off into history and those that have adequate backups would be ok. But what if we completely changed the internet infrastructure?

Oh No! More Bloody Maps!

Source Title: A9 Maps Source Url: Story Text:

Sheesh, you can't move for sodding map announcements eh? A9 have released their own mapping technology now. According to Greg though (first link) it's pretty good...

More Tit for Tat, Yahoo Maps API

Source Title: Yahoo! Local to offer free Yahoo! Maps API Source Url: Story Text:

This is getting ridiculous. Whereas there's no harm, and every reason for Yahoo! to offer a maps API, when the announcement comes the day after Google releasing thiers it just highlights how utterly silly this little war is becoming...

Google Maps API, May Show Ads

Source Title: The world is your JavaScript-enabled oyster Source Url: Story Text:

Google have announced the release of a Maps API - Now we see why they were so keen to stop people simply scraping their maps.

AMD Goes to War with Intel, Again...

Source Title: AMD Hauls Intel Back to Court Source Url: Story Text:

BW is reporting that AMD have filed suit against Intel over antitrust violations aimed at destroying the smaller player.

Google Earth Download Free

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Google Earth is now available for free download. Thanks to Ruben for the tip.

I'll be checking that out this morning, sounds like fun...

Microsoft Making it's RSS Move

Source Title: Microsoft Making Significant RSS Move ... Finally Source Url: Story Text:

Microsoft is finally making a significant RSS move according to RSS inventor Dave Winer. He visited the "RSS team" at MS last year, and tells us that IE7 getting support for the syndication format is "only the tip of the iceberg". Microsoft are expected to make an announcement at the Gnomedex gig today.

Major Browsers hit with Pop Up Phishing Flaw

Source Title: Pop-up phishing flaw found in major browsers Source Url:,39020330,39205039,00.htm Story Text:

ZDNet UK report on a pop up phishing flaw found in all major browsers including IE and Moz based browsers.