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Open Office 2.0 Beta

Thread Title: Open Office 2.0 beta arrives Thread Url: Thread Description:

As a linux guy, im relatively excited to learn that OO2 is on it's way, you can read NewsForge review here and download here.

What i'd be interested to know is, just how many Windoze users prefer OO over M$ Office - and what your experiences are? For me, it's a non-decision - im on linux and that's the best office software available, but then i hardly ever have to use it so it matter little.

If you use office software a lot, let us know what you think...

How to use Gmail as a Personal File Server

Thread Title: HOW-TO: Use your Gmail account as a personal file server Thread Url: Thread Description:

From enGadget comes this neat looking way of using your Gmail account as a personal file server:

This is a fairly simple and useful trick to score yourself a gigabyte’s worth of free online file storage. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use it as a central file server that is accessible from anywhere you can access Gmail.

but wait! I guess enGadget, Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc is just beginning to realize how tenuous his "relationship" with G$ is:

Be advised that this trick is completely unsupported by the Google folk and so may cease functioning at any time — particularly following upgrades to the Gmail service. As far as we know this isn’t illegal (we actually read the EULA for you — that’s love, people), but we can’t guarantee Google won’t go all RIAA on us and crack down on this app, either, so use at your own risk.

Yep, i'll give it till Friday.. hehe!

Thanks Roscoe!

Dougal Evil Toolbar V3 BETA

Thread Title: Dougal Evil Toolbar V3 BETA Thread Url: Thread Description:

Ok, I've been sitting on this a couple of days while the developer messed around getting it just right: Dougal Evil Toolbar Version 3 BETA

It's not me :) If i'd been able to code that, i'd have put my whois on it, we've already been loud enough about the Google Autolink Toolbar so what harm one more? The Threadwatch member who wrote it runs an SEO business with clients to worry about though.

So, in fear of his rankings, he wants to remain anonymous.

Things to see and do... You need to run it in Explorer - just like the real thing! Try it on the Google Blog Remember to hit "AutoThink" when you've reached the page Check out all the RED LINKS Then check out all the links at the top right of the page They're quite amusing :) Pass it on, it's fun, and non-profit :)

Thanks Agent X - very, very funny heh...

Sony Ericsson Walkmans

Thread Title: Sony Ericsson’s W800c and W800i Walkman cellphones Thread Url: Thread Description:

Well, i've been talking about mobile killing the iPod for a long time, though im hardly the only one. Now we see Sony Ericsson launching two "Walkman phones" - not the iPod killer i think, but pretty cool nonetheless...

Engadget has all the details of course:

Sony Ericsson announced the first two Walkman cellphones, the W800i and the W800c. Both are tri-band GSM/GPRS phones that come with built-in music playback software, dedicated control buttons, 38MB of internal memory

Yahoo Search Developer Network

Thread Title: Announcing the Yahoo! Search Developer Network and Search Web Services Thread Url: Thread Description:

The Yahoo! team's Jeremy Zawodny announces the new Yahoo! Search Developer Network.

This has certainly been a long time coming and i know im just itching to find some time to play around with it. Google has long had an API, but it's very limited. The Yahoo! offering, whilst still limited (why?) looks to be a step forward...

The YSDN is a full fledged community including:

Documentation FAQ's Mailing Lists Wiki Blog SDK Application List 5000 Queries a Day!

This is great news for developers, the Google API only allows 1000 and as such is very limiting.

You can use your 5000 queries a day to interact with:

Web Search News Search Local Search Image Search Video Search

Of particular interest to me is the ability to query Yahoo News. This presumably means that adding current news items relating to a page should be very easy - very nice indeed!

mobiles which hold your hand....

Thread Title: The touchy-feely side of telecoms Thread Url: Thread Description:

mobile phones will be launched in March which use haptics to offer the force-feedback experience in a phone call

Not only will it be able to send images and streaming video, but the phone can vibrate in such a way that you can add the sensation of a playful tickle to your text message, or make the person on the other end of the phone feel as if their handset has slapped them across the face.

Practical Virtual reality has to be the next massive step forward for the internet - it's been building for so long and at some point someone's going to find a commercially viable way of doing it and it's going to be HUGE.

Oh - and in case you want to remotely hold hands

student at MIT has built a phone that can transmit a squeeze of varying strength. Accelerometers in the phone measure the strength and speed of the squeeze and reproduce the effect at the other end of the line, making it feel a bit like holding hands. Much of the technology needed to achieve such effects already exists

Skype to offer SMS

Thread Title: Nick h8s txting Thread Url:,39020345,39189310,00.htm Thread Description:

Zdnet and others are reporting that Connectotel have partned with Skype to offer Skype messaging to phones via SMS.

Nick has previously said how he loves Skype but hates SMS so I have no idea what he'll think of this but I have to take my hat off to the boys at Skype at delivering this and beating the major instant messenger companies.

On a side issue I used to love Skype, it was (and still is) efficient, cheap, effective and quite simply all things brilliant. The one area where I have found they now suck is in customer support. It is because of this that I have now dumped them and am testing alternatives. Please don't take this as a knock on the product or the company ,as I still think it is quite brilliant, I just wonder how they will handle the extra support issues SMS will raise as they don't do too great a job at present.

Google's Statements on Toolbar Autolink

Thread Title: Google Toolbar's AutoLink & The Need For Opt-Out Thread Url: Thread Description:

Danny Sullivan rounds up the issues raised over the last week on the Google Autolink functionality in the new Toolbar. It seems he got a little private press release from Google's Marissa Mayer also, i think you'll find them interesting:

"With AutoLink versus Smart Tags, the toolbar is different is that its only installed by users [as opposed to automatically being part of the browser] and is by no means a majority,"

"Are we really taking traffic away from them? Think about what they've [users] have done. They've been looking at the page. They've decided there's a piece of information on the page. They had to get the idea that they wanted to get more information some way. They clicked a toolbar button, and then they clicked a link. That's a pretty determined series of user actions. It seems to me that that user is going elsewhere anyway,"

"Obviously Amazon is a partner of ours, but there was no monetary exchanges as part of this development. We picked out what we thought was the best user experience for things we linked to

on turning other words into links...

"That goes a little too far. We aren't interested in turning an entire page into hyperlinks. That's not particularly helpful to the user,"

On providing an opt-in or opt-out...

"If you had opt-in or opt-out, that's overall a lot less useful," Mayer said. "If the links sometimes won't show because there's a publisher opting-out, that's bad for the user experience."

"It's an interesting balance to strike, but we're going to weigh more heavily on the user side," Mayer said. "We think we struck the initial balance in a reasonable way. The publisher's page is seen as intended in the browser. It's a user-elected action that changes things. Beyond that, we aren't driving all traffic to Google."

On having the tables turned, like a tool that messed with Googles pages "in the interests of the user"

Google AutoLink: Server and Client Side Solutions

Thread Title: Code for Killing Google AutoLink Thread Url: Thread Description:

We've updated the Autolink killer page to include some very good client side and server side solutions. Please use that thread to comment, or add your fix to the Autolink problem...

Custom Branded RSS Newsreader Trend Continues

We had the Guardian, CNet and now VNU has partnered with NewsGator for distribution of it's newsreader in seven countries throughout Europe including a local language co-branded RSS subscription service for the web and MSFT Outlook - UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Spain are covered.

More info here.

Google Maps Pushing the Boundaries of Web Development

Thread Title: Google Maps pushes the envelope Thread Url: Thread Description:

For the more technically inclined, John Udell has a nice introduction to the technology used to create Google Maps - he suggests that Google have pushed the standard, W3C or no W3C out beyond currently accepted boundaries and predicts great things to follow:

The W3C can bless this approach or not, but with Google Suggest and now Google Maps, Google has thrown down the gauntlet. The modern browser is an XML-aware client. Savvy Web developers have known about these features for a while, but now Google has legitimized them and pushed them squarely into the mainstream. My guess is that we’ll see an explosion of pent-up creativity as more Web developers discover, and begin to exploit, the full power available to them.

But wait, there’s more. If you append the term “output=xml” to any Google Maps URL, the server will send back an XML packet. APIs? We don’t need no stinking APIs. In 20 minutes I was able to build a proof-of-concept app -- made from snippets of HTML, JavaScript, and XSLT -- that accepts city names or ZIP codes and displays information about local businesses. (Unfortunately, the XML feature has since been disabled.)

Winer says Google's AutoLink is Adware

Thread Title: Google's toolbar and content modification Thread Url: Thread Description:

Dave Winer, who im not usually a huge fan of, has a wonderful summation of the arguments against Googles ham fisted attempted to resurrect Smart Tags - among many other great points he says it's adware. I agree.

It's adware

Even when they link to their map site it's promoting a Google service, which may not, at this time, contain ads, but certainly will at some point in the future. And the map service leads to other Google services that do have ads. So they are using other people's content to make money, money they don't share with the authors or publishers.

When they link from an ISBN to a book page on Amazon, the commercial adware connection is even more obvious.

thanks blogoscoped

Microsoft Spam Tech to Fight HIV

Thread Title: Microsoft Anti-Spam Tech to Fight HIV Thread Url: Thread Description:

Quite amazing really, but fairly obvious when you hear it explained:

Microsoft Researchers have found another use for the anti-spam technology that keeps inboxes junk-free: developing vaccines for HIV.

With the same software techniques traditionally used to analyze databases and track spam, medical researchers can find hidden patterns in millions of HIV strains and create improved vaccine designs. The genetic patterns are necessary to train a patient's immune system to fight the deadly virus.

Microsoft scientists David Heckerman and Nebojsa Jojic were the first to pioneer the medical uses of anti-spam software. They have joined up with doctors and scientists from the University of Washington and Australia's Royal Perth Hospital to build more potent vaccines based on the data gathered by Microsoft's technologies.

With all the M$ bashing that seems so unavoidable these days (and im regularly to blame :-) It's nice to see Microsoft doing something worthy of a little positive news for a change...

IPTV - Microsoft and Alcatel in Global Deal

Thread Title: Microsoft, Alcatel in Internet TV pact Thread Url: Thread Description:

And as if you needed any more convincing that M$ wants to own your home :)

As part of their joints efforts, the companies will develop and customize new applications for various markets around the world and enhance network reliability for large-scale deployments of the technology, they said.

The collaboration pairs Paris-based Alcatel, which provides telecom equipment for voice, data and video, with the world's largest software company, based in Redmond, Wash.

Alcatel will be Microsoft's preferred network access and systems integration partner, while Microsoft TV will be Alcatel's preferred software partner for the Internet-television efforts, globally.

Personally, sooner rather than later please - i dont care who makes it possible, i just want it - im sick of Danish TV heh..

Code Validation of the Big boys

Why dont they do it?

I am just baffled, it is not they they dont know how, is it a case of "cant be arsed"?

No need for me to post others, but why dont these people even try?

Code for Killing Google AutoLink [updated]

Thread Title: Confirmation: Google's AutoLink created by Smart Tag Inventor Thread Url: Thread Description:

The following downloads will stop the Google Autolink functionality. They will stop the Google Toolbar from altering your webpages and placing links to it's chosen partners.

Javascript Solutions

Thanks to Chris and Gurtie at Search Guild you can insert this script according to the instructions on your webpages to stop the Google Autolink functionality.

Autoblink download 05/03 original javascript now updated to encorporate speed enhancement and option to rewrite Google links to include your own Amazon affiliate number rather than break them. Autoblink Plus Disables the dropdown on the toolbar also - first version is recommended. KillAutoLink.js Colin Faulkingham tells me this is a little different from the solutions above in Javascript Server Side Solutions

Thanks to JasonD of Strange Logic you can also kill the Autolink functionality with both a Perl and PHP solution and thanks to ChrisGarrett and Edition3 for the ASP solutions.

PHP Solution Perl Solution ASP Solution ASP .NET Server Control Solution Other Solutions Dreamweaver Extention to Kill Autolink

Thanks to spiderfood and Brad for the find!

Top 100 Gadgets of all Time

Thread Title: Top 100 Gadgets of all TIme Thread Url: Thread Description:

Mobile PC Mag have a wonderful article detailing the top 100 gadgets of all time, on a slow news day it's a treat - do check out the threadlink above.

Among my favorites:

80 - The Fisher Space Pen, 1967 (i have one :-) 60 - Abacus, 190 A.D. 20 - Swiss Army Knife, 1891 (lethermans suck)

Some really funny stuff in there, great article :-)

Voice enabled TV courtesy of Opera

Thread Title: Opera Software’s voice-controlled electronic program guide Thread Url: Thread Description:

Check out further Opera diversification and furtherance of their voice tech shown in the recent Opera 8 browser.

Can't say i fancy it myself, but it's pretty cool tech by the look of it. Engadget says:

Their latest is a voice-enabled electronic program guide (EPG) that lets you control your TV without the need of a remote (it’s such an effort, you know?). The voice technology, which is based on IBM’s Embedded ViaVoice, will also make it’s way into Opera’s new web browser (which should be available in a few weeks). No word on when the voice-enabled EPG will be available.

Firefox spyware coming

Thread Title: Experts predict Firefox spyware will show up this year Thread Url: Thread Description:

One of the main reasons for the Firefox browser's successful seizure of market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the desire to escape the inundation of PC-slowing spyware. However, spyware experts indicate that with its increased popularity, Firefox itself will become a target for spyware creators, who are already poking at the open source browser alternative.

Seems like common sense to me that once a browser has enough users that the spyware folks have to target it to keep their businesses alive?

Widen your Firefox Search Box

The small Firefox seach box has niggled me for months, and I never got round to seeing how to widen it

Darrell Nortons blog has a link to a chromedit extension that enables an idiot like me to widen the box