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Can Microsoft release AntiSpyware free?

Thread Title: Can Microsoft release AntiSpyware free? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Joel Spolsky raises a good point, can Microsoft release their antispyware product for free and not feel the wrath of the courts? I know I want them to (although I personally would probably get it free with MSDN subscription, my parents would not). I will let him say it better than I can

I wonder if Microsoft can run an antispyware product without huge conflicts of interest. For example, will they block all the spyware that Real installs on your system? While Real is suing them? Especially when blocking spyware from Real will just give Real more ammunition to use against Microsoft in court? And the next time Microsoft needs a DRM favor from your friendly neighborhood media conglomerate, will the media conglomerate demand exemption from Antispyware removal for their adware in exchange for supporting Windows Media 37.0, with the new brain-zapping feature that prevents you from humming any song unless you bought the performance rights? (A sheet of tinfoil wrapped tightly around your skull is effective against this zapper, I understand.)

SHA Encryption Algo Broken

Thread Title: All your technology belong to us Thread Url: Thread Description:

The Secure Hash Algorithm has been proven breakable using today's modern computers.

The Register goes into a lot more detail than I can comprehend at present, but in theory this means that your data communications aren't as secure as they might have been before. The likelyhood of someone breaking and implementing a faked SSL certificate for example is slim, although it is now possible.

IE7 - It ain't about Firefox, it's about Search!

Thread Title: And You Thought Microsoft Was Going to Sit Out the Browser Wars.... Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jupiters David Card points out the patently obvious (though it does need saying) about IE7 - it's got very little to do with Firefox, it's all about Search:

Make no mistake though, this move ain't about Firefox. Well not much. Rather, it's an attempted preemptive strike at Google and, maybe, Yahoo. (And AOL, of course.) It's about sticky apps that blend in desktop search and link to preferred search engines. Personally, I'm not sold on integrating desktop search with Web search for consumers, but that doesn't matter. The competitors all are.

Whether it's a beta or not, IE 7 is about Microsoft getting a new browser into consumer hands - XP users anyway - at least a year before the first one starts using Longhorn. Finally, Microsoft has acknowledged it can't afford to have a sub-par application in users' faces every day because its dev cycle is in lockstep with that of an OS.

2005 was already shaping up to be a hot year in Search and with IE7 on it's way it's set to get hotter...

Threadwatch to Build Killer Link Analysis Tool, Give it Away Free

UPDATE: Due to comments made by Google and many, many warnings from 3rd parties, our major sponsor has decided to pull out rather than risk repercussions from the Search Engines - We are in talks with other companies, and are working to find a way to build the tool whilst remaining within Google TOS - See GoogleGuy's comments pointing out the TOS for more details.

At present, we are in a state of indecision: Some questions need to answered:

Can a link analysis tool be built within Google TOS and still be useful? If we do get to build it, and it's within TOS, will our sponsor, and Threadwatch (and any other sites i build) be free from repercussions?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Threadwatch, thanks to major sponsorship from Unspecified will be building the link analysis tool to end all link analysis tools.

Here's how it works:

Unspecified pay for the initial development JasonD and DaveN provide the programming and technical expertise respectively We ask you what features you want in a dream link analysis tool We build it, based on your input We give it away for FREE

Follow the title link for more...

Wordpress 1.5 Out Now

Thread Title: the inside scoop Thread Url: Thread Description:

WordPress 1.5 is finally out, you can find a neat interview with the devs here.

NoFollow support is built in, but im not certain whether it's enabled by default. Thanks to DianeV and Brad Hill for the links...

[there goes my last reasonable excuse for not having put up Robyn's blog yet...]

Pocket Technology - What are you carrying?

Thread Title: T-Mobile bets on 'pocket office' Thread Url: Thread Description:

The BBC are running a piece on T-Mobiles pocket office. This thing comes close to what im looking for but still doesn't quite make the grade.

It reflects the push by mobile firms for devices that are like mini laptops.

The device has a display that can be swivelled and angled so it can be used like a small computer, or as a conventional clamshell phone.

The Microsoft Mobile phone, with two cameras and a Qwerty keyboard, reflects the design of similar all-in-one models released this year, such as Motorola's MPx.

"One in five European workers are already mobile - meaning they spend significant time travelling and out of the office," Rene Obermann, T-Mobile's chief executive, told a press conference at the 3GSM trade show in Cannes.

Apart from this piece being worthy of a look i wanted to find out what everyone else was either using, thought cool, or would like to have... [including 3G phones of course, of which im also not quite there yet, but maybe...]

So, tell us! And pop in links and pics if you can...

IE7 Beta - New Explorer coming in Summer

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So, it comes...

According to the IE Blog Internet Explorer 7 will be out for testing in the summer and the final product will be "ready when it's ready". The blog piece itself is notable only as an example of how to say absolutely nothing in eight paragraphs.

This was announced in Gates' RSA Keynote Speach

One for the Toolbox -

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This nice tool: TurboScout comes in via SEL - Essentially it's a way of comparing results across multiple Search Engines very quickly and neatly.

Im not big on these kinds of things usually but this seems more than useful to me - I also note that the inventor, William Chee, has been over to cre8asite to spam er.. i mean, promote the tool there :)

Browster - A Threat to Search Engines and Ecommerce

Thread Title: Google falls as shares unlock Thread Url: Thread Description:

There's an interesting sidestory in yet another dull Google financial piece today about a very new startup called Browster. Despite the unfortunate name it's something both search engines, and perhaps more importantly, wed developers may well have cause to be concerned about.

Browster is browsing aid that plugs into Explorer, and apparently soon Firefox - this from the Browster FAQ

Browster is the quickest way to browse through search results and other lists of links. It is a free browser plugin that automatically prefetches links and provides a fast preview window to view a page quickly before committing to go there. Browster’s preloading and previewing capability can cut the time required to go through search results and other links by as much as 50%. This helps internet users achieve more effective searches in less time. Browster is available today for Internet Explorer™ and soon for Firefox™

So Where's the Threat?

Well, assuming the stupid name and history of limited reach for plugin applications don't stop Browster from achieving world domination, it's this:

There will be embedded ads in the prievew pane The user will NOT be on your page if previewed

So, you could be shopping for kangaroo costume and mouse over a link and get a whole bunch of contextual ads to other sites and not get paid for users that exit your site via them. This of course is where the SE's, namely Google would not be best pleased either im thinking.

I've not tried it, we're a linux only household here at W Towers but im presuming that you would also not be able to do much work with the user if he/she is viewing your page via a preview pane.

Demo Conference 2005 - Arizona

Thread Title: DEMO Thread Url: Thread Description:

Until recently i'd never heard of the DEMO conference organized by IDG but it looks fantastic, so, what im going to do is start a list of good coverage from around the web in one place to make it easy to follow for anyone with an interest in emerging technology much as we did with CES. First, a little introduction courtesy of the homepage:

DEMO@15! is the event that gives you a wealth of opportunities to reap the rewards of innovation. You'll touch and see 70 of the world's most promising technologies before anyone else. You'll exchange ideas and opportunities with decision-makers and entrepreneurs from established and emerging companies. You'll learn from 15 World-Class Innovators who took to the DEMO stage to transform business and technology.

From what i read, companies get 6 minutes onstage to demonstrate their new tech to the audience and if you're looking for emerging trends then DEMO will be where it's at.

List of Good General Coverage for DEMO

See the comments for specific quotes and commentary.

CRN - Startups Bet On Wikis, Blogs, Next-Gen Tools InfoWorld - Demo@15 highlights unique new products Forbes - Diary of a Demo Blogging Demo DEMOletter - Product descriptions Wired - Six Minutes to Stand Out NetworkWorld - Demo@15 spotlights security Unbound Spiral - Teleo Tallyho List of News and Blog posts for DEMO Scoble - Looking for the next small thing at Demo BetaNews - Low Cost VOIP Debuts at DEMO@15 A Sabre Geek - Live blogging Junk in the Blog - Live blogging Venture Chronicles - Live blogging Voce @ Demo Om Malik - DEMO: Features, Products, But No Markets Business2 Blog - DEMO: Lots of Features, Some Products, No Markets SiliconBeat - Xfire, and others, impress at DEMO Engadget - Motorola demonstrates iRadio at DEMO Fred Wilson talks about his lost passion for Demo Mena Trot - On the road to DEMO Face-to-Face (Jambo's blog) D-Day Begins Today! SVW - Notes from DEMO: Old faces, little hype. Voce Nation - Mullet days at Demo Techdirt - Deja Demo

If you find good links, please add them...

PDA's pre-loaded with Skype hit the shops

Thread Title: Skype, PDA Maker Ready Cell/VoWLAN Device Thread Url: Thread Description:

Peer-to-peer Internet-phoning company Skype Technologies is teaming up with a PDA manufacturer to introduce a device that will offer users a combination of wireless-calling options, including Wi-Fi, GSM, and GPRS. In many applications, users will be able to make free calls to anywhere in the world.

the PDAs are scheduled to be introduced in the U.S., Europe, and Asia in March

makes it worth starting to look for those wi-fi hotspots doesn't it?

To what Open Source softwares to you donate?

Google was in the news a while for having open source greed and not donating back to the open source softwares on which they have built much of their software.

I cannot say I have ever donated to open source before, but after having the easiest setup of WordPress blogging software, I am going to actually donate money to their cause.

So I am what open source softwares do y'all donate? (either time or money)

Jeeves to build ASKBrowser based on Firefox

Thread Title: Mozilla's On Fire Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jeeves have been talking to Mozilla about Firefox, AJ DTS, open source and.... wait for it...... ASKBrowser! hehe..

Bit of a mix eh?

The neat thing is that they appear to be both courting Firefox, ala Google and considering AJ DTS going open source - getting into bed with the OS dev community would be a smart move on top of their recent trendy aquisition of Bloglines im thinking. And quite frankly, it's the most exciting stuff to come from the Butler in a very long time.

We went on to discuss three subjects: 1) AJ Desktop Search 2) AJ Leveraging Firefox Browser 3) XUL platform.

We discussed Ask Jeeves desktop search and the notion of open-sourcing it. We're open at two levels. Contributing just the core desktop indexing technology or possibly the entire desktop search application. They discussed how/what they would evaluate before accepting a major piece of code/product contribution: code size, internationalization, etc. Whether or not we partner with Mozilla on this effort, Chris and team thought it was a good idea for us to pursue overall.

ASK to build Browser

Im not so sure on this one. It doesn't fill me with enthusiasm or confidence, my first thought is bad move...

We shared AJ view and support for open source standard, especially on the desktop, and their efforts on Firefox and Thunderbird, both of which I'm impressed with. I shared that Mozilla browser didn't do it for me but Firefox certainly converted many of AJ engnineering (including myself) over exclusively to Firefox. We explained that we want to support and leverage Firefox by building extensions to and plug-ins within Firefox. We discussed the fact that it doesn't make sense for us to build a browser from scratch, but we think building Ask specific functionalities on top of Firefox to build an AJ-branded or co-branded browser could make sense in 2005.

Backups and Balls Ups - Dealing with Data Loss

A very recent paraphrased conversation:

Me: So when did you last do a back up Them: When it stopped working Me: When was that Them: About a year ago Me: WTF, why in the name of Christ did you not tell me before Them: Don’t know. Me: But the break in we just had last night where one of the main machines was stolen and all the data liberated so the machine can be sold for £100 down the boozer was the reason we had the backup in the first place. Now we don’t have a box or the freaking data etc etc etc

So based on the above what can I put in place to get it all automated. I need simple solutions that don’t require massive outlay. I am after recommendations please. :-). A 3 machine network.


Opera to create Platform for Mobile

Thread Title: Opera enters UI business Thread Url: Thread Description:

Opera, who already make a browser for mobile, among many other things, are now set to extend that product into the "Opera Platform":

More impressively the browser will feature 'buttons' that take you to the handset's regular applications such as its addressbook. Opera is calling this technology the Opera platform and its major feature will be able to take advantage of techniques such as WAP Push. So, without the user having to do anything, breaking news or new offers from your service provider will appear in the browser. If you're interested, you simply click on the link.

Opera believes that network operators will go for this approach because it will help to drive up their data traffic. The platform will be highly configurable and will give operators the chance to plaster their brand all over the handset.

Opera platform will be able to run on any handset that can run the Opera browser. Hence the INQ saw it running on various Nokias as well as a Windows Mobile based handset.

Please let it be so...

Yahoo Firefox Toolbar

Thread Title: Yahoo! Toolbar Beta for Mozilla Firefox Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yahoo release their toolbar for Firefox which incorporates the usual stuff like web search etc and one click rss subscriptions. via gary

Atomz snapped up by Web Side Story

Thread Title: WebSideStory Announces Agreement to Acquire Atomz Thread Url: Thread Description:

Atomz, long time mainstay of the cheapo webmaster have just been bought (or will be) by Web Side Story - Shame, bang goes the freebie site search i guess...

Upon completion of the merger, WebSideStory will combine Atomz's hosted site search and web content management applications with WebSideStory's HBX web analytics service to create the industry's first suite of integrated, on-demand digital marketing applications. WebSideStory's Active Marketing Suite will also include a keyword bid management product, scheduled for release this summer. The Active Marketing Suite will offer a single, shared environment in which businesses can more easily optimize their online performance across multiple marketing channels, while greatly reducing their vendor management costs. The Active Marketing Suite will include:

HBX Analytics -- An award winning, on-demand web analytics service that helps enterprises measure their online marketing initiatives -- from search engine marketing to banner campaigns -- and improve overall web site return on investment Bid -- An on-demand keyword bid management product that will enable marketers to both manage and measure their pay-per-click keyword campaigns Search -- An on-demand web site search application that empowers marketers to guide and influence site visitors and customers in finding the information and products they need Content Manager -- An on-demand web content management solution that puts the power of creating and updating web content in the hands of marketers

The Active Marketing Suite will have an open architecture accessible through WebSideStory's STREAM APIs (application programming interfaces), which will enable further integration of products, services and data from strategic partners and end users.

Thrown to the wolves:

Thread Title: Search Engine Tools Thread Url: Thread Description:

Another tool, or in the case, collection of, get's thrown to the wolves - sing it's praises or rip it to shreds: via danny

if you have other stuff like this to suggest - pm me the link...

Forget 64bit - Check out the Super Brain Chip

Thread Title: IBM, Sony, Toshiba to reveal ‘superbrain chip’ Thread Url: Thread Description:

Dont you just love this stuff? Im still running on an Athlon XP - Sheeesh!

Advance reports suggest the chip is significantly more powerful and versatile than the next generation of micro-processors announced by the consortium's competitors, Intel and AMD.

The two leading chipmakers are just moving from 32-bit to 64-bit computing and to dual-core processors essentially two “brains” on a single chip.Cell is understood to have at least four cores and be significantly faster than Intel and AMD chips.

Has anyone gone 64 bit yet? Im planning to for my next PC but with Linux, anythng that new needs a fair bit of research before shelling out a bucket load of $$$'s....

Bulk Checking Overture for Keyword Sets

Thread Title: Overture Keyword Selector Thread Url: Thread Description:

Danny points to a nice home built tool for checking sets of keywords in one go on Overture. I find it hard to believe that this has not been done before though? If you know of any others, put them in the comments...

As always, im a little wary of hosted tools of any sort - particularly SEO hosted tools - but it *is* nice...