SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems

Find Unique Domains Linking to You - And their IP's

Thread Title: We Build Pages Tool # 9 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Threadwatch member jimsthoughts pm'd me this little tool sometime today. As im not generally keen on linking to ranking/link check tools (cos everyone and his dog has one) it took me a little time to get round to looking at it (been a busy day :-)

It's a cracker though, really nice work. It'll find all the unique domains that link to you and then grab their IPs - now, if it could sort those IP's by unique C-blocks jim...

You can find some discussion of the tool over at the SEW post threadlinked above.

...and Speaking of Browsers: Penn State Tells Students to Ditch IE

Thread Title: Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Chuck IE Thread Url: Thread Description:

Penn State University on Wednesday issued an alert to students and staff recommending that they dump IE and use a different browser.

The university's Information Technology Services (ITS) gave the advice "because the threats are real and alternatives exist to mitigate Web browser vulnerabilities," ITS said in a statement. It cited the security problems in IE that have been the focus of both media reports and recommendations from such organizations as the US-CERT, the federally-funded computer response team housed at Carnegie Mellon University.


FireFox Secrets - How to Hack FireFox

Thread Title: Secrets of Firefox 1.0 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Many of you probably know this but here's a nice detailed post on getting deeper into the Firefox preferences that the normal menu will allow. The one i've been fond of for a while is turning off the referer headers :)

via geek news central

Measuring and Monetizing RSS with Syndicate IQ

Thread Title: New entrant Syndicate IQ heightens the need for RSS measurement Thread Url: Thread Description:

A new site launched this week with the goal of managing, measuring and monetizing your syndicated feeds.

Forresters Charlene Li takes a look at Syndicate IQ in the threadlink above as does John Battelle in this post

The system is able to accurately track the dailey circulation of an article by inserting a unique identifier in the feed url and tracking IP and browser type. Like Pheedo and RSSAds SyndicateIQ will be launching an ad network shortly.

From their monetization page:

Syndicate IQ leverages the unique characteristics of syndication while enabling the sophisticated targeting, customization, and optimization found in other marketing solutions such as ad serving and email delivery services. Our Trigon Engine allows content publishers to monetize syndicated content intelligently while deepening their relationships with their subscribers and growing their subscriber base.

That would seem to me to be a great next step for the monetization of feeds and the standardization of useful metrics for publishers - will be watching with interest for more from them...

A Keyword Stock Market

Thread Title: Market Simulation for Keywords Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jupiter analyst Gary Stein points to Media Mammon's new Keyword Stock Simulation - grab the details from Gary's post threadlinked above and get the XML here.

Frame Busting - Breaking out of Malicious Framesets

Thread Title: What's the best frame-breaker? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Threadwatch member encyclo asks for the best way to break out of a mailicious frameset (where another site frames your pages) over at the wmw forums.

A technical discussion of the various javascript snippets that can do this follow and it makes for damn good reading!

Bloglines vs NewsGator

Thread Title: NewsGator rakes in VC money, Bloglines stays cool Thread Url: Thread Description:

I practically live on a diet of Bloglines these days and they still havn't accpeted any VC funding despite many offers.

Newsgator on the other hand, a desktop app rather than web based have just taken their 2nd round of VC $$$'s

The news story linked is a poor excuse for me to open this question up: Have you gone RSS yet?

Personally speaking, it has to be an absolutely stunning site for me to bother with it if it doesnt have a feed these days...

Reinventing CRM - Top 10 Revolutionary Technologies

Thread Title: 10 Technologies That Are Reinventing the CRM Industry Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice article over at with good write ups on each of the following tech.

VoIP Web Services and Services Oriented Architecture Speech Applications Outsourced Application Delivery Social Networking Wireless Connectivity and Applications Presence Technologies (RFID, POS) Open Source CRM Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence Queue Management

Nice shortened list lifted from Dana's Blog

Functionality of the Ultimate Link Development Tool

Thread Title: Link Development in a Box: What do you want in Link Dev Software? Thread Url: Thread Description:

I'm sure a lot of the uber link development tools are not going to be available to the general population anytime soon, but if you are developing your own software in house it is nice to have a little inspiration on what functionality would be best to build in. Had the pleasure of meeting neuron in Vegas, and as this thread illustrates, he was definitely born to link. There's a few nice suggestions in here already, and hopefully some folks will contribute some other gems for when you go to build your ultimate link development tool.

Hosting: Pre-Built Control Panels vs Roll Your Own

Thread Title: Your take on control panels! Thread Url: Thread Description:

Outstanding debate on the various pros and cons of using a pre-built solution for hosting control panels like:

Plesk cPanel Helm

versus rolling your own to suit.

This, from the original poster Ashish:

the reasoning behind going ahead with a customised panel was that, many hosting companies that use third party panels like CPanel, Helm, plesk etc. etc. and as these panels are basically as is, they do not really fit hand in glove to the services offered by a hosting company, you basically have to work around it and try and modify your services according to the control panel you use. Many times hosting companies are not able to answer questions regarding control panels as they do not have in depth knowledge of these CP's. They know only what came in the manual.

And if you are not able to solve a customer problem then you are as good as gone.

by the way, has been running a couple of months but is still active - man i need to check the damn dates on these things heh!

Linux server sales top $1 billion in Q3

Thread Title: Linux server sales top $1 billion in Q3 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Quarterly sales of servers running the Linux operating system topped $1 billion for the first time during the third quarter of 2004, analyst company IDC reported Wednesday. With year-over-year revenue from Linux server sales up 42.6 percent, Linux accounted for more than 9 percent of the $11.5 billion in servers sold worldwide during the quarter, which ended Sept. 30, the research firm said.

Nice. Anyone that knows anything about server software wouldnt touch an M$ setup unless their life hung on it, and bearing in mind that your biz might indeed hang on a robust, server setup....

Link courtesy of IT Garage

Forum Software Duke Out - phpBB vs vBulletin

Thread Title: vBulletin vs. phpBB Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread at v7n takes a few posts to get going but has some nice views on phpBB vs vBulletin with a very neat list of links at msg12 - ive messed with both and have to vote vBulletin... - Making Waves Already...

Thread Title: Was Obviously Needed? Thread Url: Thread Description:

The beginnings of a nice thread about the new directory list site from Anthony Parsens - It's a killer site already and im betting it'll be an enormous success with all the directory whores among the seo crowd...

nandini says:

But the best part I like was the downloadble Excel file.

Of course it would be terribly bad form for me to say that i gave him that download idea so i wont.. heh! :-)

Optilink and Other Link Analysis Tools

Thread Title: optilink Thread Url: Thread Description:

Over at digitalpoint there is a small discussion going on about the virtues of Optilink a standalone desktop backlink and ranking analysis tool from Leslie Rohde.

There's not a great deal in the thread other than me giving it the thumbs up but just this morning Cyclops mentioned a very similar competitor tool called T.O.P - Really, i think at best that tool just looks frightening because of the way over the top sales pitch and the fact that the owners photo looks like prison mugshot hehe.. hope he doesnt wanna come beat me up now...

I'd highly recommend optilink, it's a good tool and Leslie was more than happy to personally help me out when i had a few install probs on my linux box - and no, that is not an aff. link up there :-)

So, discounting the online stuff (there's so much of it..) talk to me about link analysis tools that dont phone home

What are you using, and why?

RSS Aggregators - What are You Using?

Thread Title: Wow, look at the view from here! Thread Url: Thread Description:

bwelford has discovered bloglines and the bloglines FireFox extension - my personal favorite for RSS Speed Reading:

What has really done the job is using Bloglines for harvesting all the RSS newsfeeds I'm interested in. There is an extension for Firefox that gives me a small indicator at the bottom right of my screen when any of my newsfeeds has a new item. Bloglines checks all the newsfeeds it monitors every hour. I only show in Bloglines the newsfeeds that have New Items. So when I check out the Bloglines website, all I see are those Newsfeeds with the number of New Items in each. So I've now cancelled all my e-mail advices and rely on these RSS Newsfeeds. I even do this for Cre8asite.

..and im pretty sure he picked it up from this SEW thread: Feed Aggregators - What do you Use?

Both threads are fantastic, so do check them out :)

Now, what I want to know is: What Aggregator Are You Using to View Threadwatch Feeds?

Running Ads on your Site? - Take a Look at PHPAdsNew

Thread Title: has anyone worked with PhpAds? Thread Url: Thread Description:

PHPAdsNew is put through it's paces and given a jolly good grilling by the V7N boys and girls. The software is an open source banner rotation system - though that's selling it extremely short. Take a look at the features list.

digitman kicks the thread off and there are varying opinions of the package with a reasonable consensus being reached that for small sites it's overkill but for larger ones it rocks. Here's a couple of quotes from the thread:


I use the script and have installed it for a few others. I love it. The script has so many features that you could use if you wanted to like geolocating and serving ads based upon the visitors geolocation. You can schedule when ads display as well as limit how frequently they display.

I use it because I sell sponsorship and guarintee a specific number of impressions per month. Most ad scripts just display the banner and maybe give you some stats as to # of views and clicks but phpadsnew will allow you to set how many times you want a banner to appear over a given period and then will automaticly adjust the banner display % based upon the # of impressions left and the timeframe to get those impressions in.


It's not that clear on the site, but is it possible to install and run and use phpadsnew from one site, and use it as a "homebase" to distribute ads to other sites. For example, I set up and install phpadsnew on site A, which is really just an unused domain name (that I own and have hosting for), and serve ads to site B, C & D? - the one line answer that followed was "Yes"

I must say it looks good. The thread started about a month ago and is still going and provides a fair account of the ups and downs of the system from what I can see. Well worth a peek if you're looking at ad management programs.

FireFox Extensions for Search Geeks & Web Dev's

Thread Title: Firefox plugins...what do you use? Thread Url: Thread Description:

grnidone at SEW asks about FireFox extensions. Search and Web Dev boys and girls are listing their favorites.

Some i knew about like the excellent Switchproxy and UserAgent Switcher but there are a few in there that are new to me. A young thread as yet but already useful. Cheers guys!

Author/Designer Tools of the Trade

Thread Title: Dream weaver or any thing else? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Whether you touch code or not you at least use some kind of text editor in your work right? This cre8 thread covers all manner of programs from WYSIWYG editors like DreamWeaver to hardcore text editors such as Vim

Some great discussion on the various pros and cons of the tools avaiable from the cre8 boys and girls...

The First RSS Ad Server Is Here....

Thread Title: Pheedo Debuts RSS/Atom Ad Server Thread Url: Thread Description:

Feed and blog ad firm Pheedo has launched an ad management tool that will let publishers insert paid ads into their RSS or Atom content feeds, and track the resulting activity.

The Web-based ad server, called SimpleAd Feed Management and Server, monitors feed activity to determine how often an ad should be inserted, according to Pheedo. It also serves ads tailored to the characteristics of each news reader, the company said

I just took a brief look at their website, looks pretty neat at first glance but I do wonder how I would feel to have my news and blog feeds interspersed with advertsing... i cant say the prospect fills me with joy.

Carry FireFox on Your Keychain

Thread Title: Portable Firefox Thread Url: Thread Description:

Ever visited a client wishing you had your favorite browser and all your bookmarks handy? - check out portable FireFox from John Haller - I cant try it, as you need a usb mem device (like a keychain stick) and windows, but im betting it's cool :-)