SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems

Time Tracking & Billing Software for SEOs

Thread Title: Time Tracking and Billing Software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Nice discussion from the mods over at cr8 on billing and time tracking programs. Funny how it's only the mods and a few hardcore members that post over the weekend on many fora - guess that's why they mod, they dont take a break! heh..

Featured in the discussion are: BillQuick, MyOB and Quick Books.

Blocking Trolls - A useful way to keep bothersome posters off a forum.

Thread Title: Blocking IP of anonymizers - Foiling Trolls Thread Url: Thread Description:

This isn't a highly technical description of how to do this, but then again, I'm not a highly technical guy. It's nice to have some good ideas to PASS to the technical guys when problem users arise. Those really annoying trolls can be a real pain, so it's nice when you can make it difficult for them to be difficult. keyplyr suggests a nice simple way to keep away some of those difficult users in one fell swoop.

Killer Toolbar or Vamped up Gimmick?

Thread Title: One toolbar to rule them all! Thread Url: Thread Description:

Not even having a copy of Windows in the house, let alone on a wilson critical machine I have no idea what this is worth im afraid:

Anyone care to tell me what im missing?

Good Directory Scripts

Thread Title: Best Directory Script - Revisited Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here is a brace of threads about directory scripts and contain some good leads and information for anyone looking to start a directory.

The first is in the topic title at V7 forum the second is Good Directory Scripts? at SearchGuild.

It's all low tech but way more fun than PPC spreadsheets. And there seems to be a lot of interest in directories these days.

Nick W:The threadlink we have covered once but since then it has grown enormously, hence the revisit.

Affiliate Tracking Systems for Merchants

Thread Title: affiliate tracking system accounting for recurring sales Thread Url: Thread Description:

This thread is a mental self promo fest and that's no bad thing at all when the orignial poster, kidmercury is asking for recommendations on affiliate tracking systems. It'd be kinda lame if you didnt hear from the developers themselves right?

Well, and are both in there giving their best pitches and provided you take that into account, it's an interesting read for anyone considering opening an aff. program.

Would be nice if a few customers of these programs turned up though, i'd love to hear a less biased account of both programs...

Shopping Carts - Time to Take Another Look?

Thread Title: 3rd party shopping carts Thread Url: Thread Description:

These "recommend a cart" threads crop up from time to time on all boards, it's worth revisiting them every once in a while though if only to see what progress various carts have made and if opinions on said carts have changed any.

WPN member radiosale starts out with this:

Im using paypal as my shopping cart but I need to have an accurate shipping cost and would like to offer discounts from time to time. does anyone have an opinion on zonacart or ezcart? I would like a simple one that will be easy to convert my paypal shopping cart to an new one. I would like to keep paypal as my payment choice.

Auto Generating Content - A Contentious Issue at Best

Thread Title: Beta Testers wanted for Text Content Development Tool Thread Url: Thread Description:

There are few tools floating around the web that will generate seemingly natural language text for you. Often such tools are found on academic sites in the context of language research, and others are passed around under the table by SEO's of a darker nature.

Typically used to generate KW rich pages by the thousand and (if the creator of such a site is smart) cloaked against prying competitors eyes. I've seen this used for adsense in particular and for redirecting human SE referals directly to affiliate merchants.

Geo IP Redirection - Redirecting Based on Language/Geo Prefs.

Thread Title: Geo redirect / ip detection Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some good links to commercial solutions for Geo/IP detection and redirection and a great php example of how to redirect based on the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header sent with browsers.

I've never looked into it very closely but there are problems with both methods I think:

IP redirection can be quite inaccurate as I understand it and people like me who live abroad but do not speak the native language well hate being redirected..

Tools for Yahoo Rank Measurement

Thread Title: Anyone know of a GOOD Yahoo SERPS tool? Thread Url: Thread Description:

A small thread as yet but some interesting toys to play with on the subject of Yahoo rankings. I think the one presented by SEOGuy member vivekar is the best: :-)

SE Friendly Commercial Forum Scripts

Thread Title: Best forum product - advice needed Thread Url: Thread Description:

DP Forum members discuss the pros, cons and major features of mostly commercial forum scripts. vBulletin takes center stage with some nice tips and links relevant to all forum softwarre.

DP memeber Patient opens with this:

I am planning for the long term and don't mind spending a few quid. I guess my priorities would be:

PR Prowler - Tool Discussion and Reviews

Thread Title: Pr Prowler? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Once you get past the quite amusing observations that PR Prowler has a toolbar PR of 4! You can find some nice honest sounding member reviews of the product.

The thread started a couple of months ago and is still active, if your looking for a PR tool to find link partners I hear it's not bad, but do check out the thread..

This, from SEOChat member keitht

I second that motion. Worth my hard earned bucks, it basically does what it says. My only beef is that it seems to freeze when you try and give it much higher than the stock 1000 URL's to retrieve. I can't say this for sure is a bug as I haven't tried on any other machines, but given the simplicity of the program i'd be shocked if it was actually choking because of my system. It basically just runs halfway up the process bar and won't retrieve any more URL's in numbers like 20,000.

Advanced Yahoo News Searches & RSS Feeds

Thread Title: Search Tricks #2: News Search Thread Url: Thread Description:

Jacob Rosenberg of Yahoo! blogs about some very cool advanced searches you can do on

These include searching for news by location, source and category amongst many others. Full details on advanced searches at Y! news can be found here.

Adgooroo - Adwords Competitive Intelligence Tool

Thread Title: Google AdWords Competitive Intelligence Thread Url: Thread Description:

Added: Dont miss the first comment on this post. Adgooroo have kindly offered a discount to Threadwatch readers on top of the free month's trial.

You'll have to be the judge of this one, i know very little of adwords. The feature list looks rather impressive...

AdGooroo can answer a variety of strategic marketing questions, such as:

* Where, when, and how much are my competitors advertising? * What new competitors are entering my industry? * What new campaigns have my clients, prospects, or competitors launched in the past week? * What keywords are my competitors targeting? * How am I positioned relative to my competitors on my most profitable keywords? * Are any of my competitors making unauthorized use of my trademarks? * How have my competitors changed their ad copy over time? * How does my campaign compare to my top competitor’s?

Specific features include:

* Historical archive of competitors' ads * Trademark infringement search * Industry map * Detailed Keyword map * Detailed analysis of competitors' campaigns * Compare two campaigns in a side-by-side fashion * Diagnose "unhealthy" keywords and get recommendations on how to correct them.

Wiki's - Unchartered SEO Waters

Thread Title: Anyone using Wiki's Here? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Publishing technologies are fun. I like to use them, play with them and find good uses for them for SEO/publishing.

So what about the Wiki? - I asked about this over at V7N and although it's not a huge thread, it's starting to produce some nice links and information.

I do have a nice Wiki given to me by rcjordan who waxed lyrical on the virtues of Wiki's and personal work space recently but i've yet to have mustered jp the good manners or time to install the damn thing lol!

So, are there any threadwatch seo's using wikis to good advantage or is it just me looking at this?

PHP PR Check Script

Thread Title: Php Pagerank checker Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's a fun little code snippet, just download this script and edit the top bit to point to your url and then rename it to pr.php - Plonk it in a live webserver and point your browser at it. Thanks to SEOChat member LiGhTen for providing the script. If he makes it available online I'll point the download url to it..

Arelis - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Thread Title: arelis link building SEO software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Not using Arelis? - Me niether, but i have often thought about it. This thread has been going for about a month and is still going strong - Plenty of chit chat to wade through but if you're thinking of pulling out your credit card anytime soon it's well worth a look.

Here's a quote from seo-guy member seokid to give you a feel for it:

I'd say that about 50% of the sites are worth emailing if you set the keyword search to something vague like pharmacy or investing. But when you can have it find you 500 sites in about 20 mintues, I'll take the wading anyday. Total time is about 45 minutes from start to finish to find 500 sites and end up emailing about 200 - 250 of them. For that 45 minutes I'll get about 10 - 15 good link partners sometimes a bit more, has not been less than 10 yet. Those are not just reponses either but 10 - 15 sites that I would love to have a link from. On the other hand when I do a search for something like software, you get a lot of crap that you have to weed through.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Scripts

Thread Title: Blogs and SEO Thread Url: Thread Description:

That ole blog bandwagon just keeps on a rollin'...

If you're looking for an SE friendly blog then this thread has some awesome tips from SEOChat mod Pheonix on customizing Movable Type, some tips on working with and a recommendation from yours truly: bBlog.

Bulk Checking Link Partners for Dupe Class C's

Thread Title: Links Directly to the Tool Thread Url: Thread Description:

As this post will almost certainly be deleted or edited beyond use at wmw (breaks their TOS) i've linked directly to the tool.

Essentially, you can put a bunch of domains in it, either through a form or from uploading a text file and it will flag dupe class C's in the list. - Proper!

Spam Bot Proofing Your SItes - Serious Measures for a Serious Problem

Thread Title: Protect Against Invaders by SPAM-Proofing Your Website Thread Url: Thread Description:

If, like me, you've never really had the time to get to grips with spamproofing your sites against the dirty little bots that come fetch your email addresses then take a peek at this article on SEO Chat by Benjamin Pfeiffer.

The thread is 5mts old! but has just been bumped by fryman with the addition of this interesting tool that encodes email links. Clearly a subject worth bending the threadwatch rules a little for eh? ;-)

Calculate Your Deep Link Ratio

Thread Title: Calculating Deep Link Ratio Using Yahoo Thread Url: Thread Description:

I just found this at researchbuzz (credited with the threadlink above) The article was written in Sept but apparently slipped most folks by, shame! - It's an absolute cracker of an seo tool devised by Roger Smolski of Text Link Ads that should add just one more nice tool to the seo essentials. At the time of writing i've only played around with it a little but my gut feeling is that it'll be damn useful in scoping out the competion at the very least.

Calculating Your Deep Link Ratio

"The DLR is defined as the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of a sites internal pages inbound links to the total inbound links."

The above link contains a step by step explanation of how to calculate this metric and some explanation of it's possible uses, here's a short excerpt:

It is based on the assumption that (in general), site wide text links placed on sites with extensive deep linking produce higher click-through ratios than those placed on sites with few or no deep links. This is our experience but like so many other factors in off-page optimisation virtually impossible to prove. As is another intuitively correct and similar premise that search engine algorithms show a preference for sites with extensive deep linking.

Interesting stuff...