SEO tools and technologies - typical subject matter would include RSS and CMS systems

Pssst, Want a SE Friendly CMS?

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Okay, so Nick does not like promoing threads he starts, but having used a CMS that I liked but didn't spider worth a darn, I found this list of CMS scripts that will spider well very useful.

Stop Competitors Probing Your Network

Thread Title: Some very mild blackhat magic Thread Url: Thread Description:

A very nice tip from *nix expert littleman. Heres what it does:

It is just a way of turning off the ping response, but it is an essential step if you want to keep your *task* server hidden. Doing such a thing on a public web server would be nearly meaningless because all one would have to do is make requests to standard ports and see if anything happened.

Google Desktop Search

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Includes a link to DS's article on same.

Wikis and Personal Workspace - Uses for Wiki Software

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Like many of you I suspect, although I consider myself a seasoned pro with the CMS im a bit lost if asked the question "What could I do with a Wiki?".

Cr8 member Brad kicks the thread off with this question:

I'm sort of having trouble brainstorming possible uses for wikis, does anyone have any ideas?

Some insightful and intelligent suggestions and personal experiences from some of cre8asite's best CMS guys.

This gem from rcjordan:

For those who move between machines, I heartily recommend setting up a wiki as your workspace. I'm always accessing mine to get info or to pass a project from one machine to another. Within the coming weeks/months you're going to see a number of services to help an individual catalog the web (some similar to the bookmark engines of '99-'00), but if you have server access wouldn't you rather roll your own?

Software to Manage Links - Great List of Tools

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DP member Ajeet asks for links and recommendations on link management software.

It's a young thread but there's a fantastic list of tools provided by Will Spencer at msg5 Thanks Will!

Spiderable Directory Script Roundup

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If like me, you've ever spent time searching for a good spiderable directory script you'll know it's total pain in the arse. You will have to wade through the chatter in this thread but there are some good links, good suggestions and decent commentary on the various scripts available to SEO's.

Member nandini starts out with these requirements:

1. Multi-level category system 2. Search engine friendly pages. Can generate plain HTML or atleast staic URL pages . 3. Apache search engine friendly URL rewriting. No .php extensions catgories should be like "" like DMOZ listing. 4. Integration with Paypal or 2checkout. (although not a very important point) 5. A good control panel (This is one thing, on ething which is common in all scripts). 6. Cross-references. 7. No tracking of clicks on links. like which is done in . All link should be static in nature. 8. Not too expensive

Personally? - Gossamer, great script, bit pricey, but great.

Sidenote: I do hope that's her real pic, cute eh?

RSS 101 - Get with the Program!

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If you're not using RSS in your SEO efforts my question to you is: What is wrong with you?.

Member dlinger asks:

1.) How would I make an RSS from my site, so others could use my info.

2.) How do I set it up so I can have live feeds from select sites to mine.

3.) I am looking for good RSS feeds... for my site... outdoor sports news, and Christian news. I have not found any good RSS feed directories.

which are all answered and more...

There's no black magic voodoo to RSS, it's absolute childs play with all the tools and programs available these days. There are links to some truly fantastic resources in this thread so head on over and get yourself up to speed.

Related: XML - RSS & SEO

Worried About Plagiarism? - Try Copyscape!

Thread Title: Plagiarism Software In Copywriting, Looking for cheap software Thread Url: Thread Description:

Most of this thread consists of thankyous and congratulations for the find for member chrishirst, and rightly so. Copyscape is a website plagiarism tool that's not only free, but damn good too. Try it...


Thread Title: XML Feeds Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some useful links to XML/RSS feeds and tools and an interesting new product called Feed for All makes a promo in the thread (not that there's anything wrong with that..)

I've asked Sharon Housley of Notepage Inc to stop by and give some details...

Alexa Beta Their New API

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Ahhh... nice to finally post someting from Cre8asite - Now, i've learnt how to use the Spamazon API, im pretty good with the Google API, what fun and mayhem will we find here i wonder? Seriously, if you can just learn a little PHP then you can do some amazing things with the first two, now there's a new toy in the cupboard...

Online Privacy - Proxy Discussion

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In the future, i wont be publishing threads i've personally started but it's early days. If you're concerned or interested in online privacy, here's a good primer on proxies, and what to look for in a proxy service. littleman and ppg add some strong points to the discussion.