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Google Analytics Has Cost Me £500 Today

So maybe I'm the bigger idiot for using Google's site analytics on an important site but I did. This morning revenue was down so I loaded up my site and ... well it took about 5 minutes to load. Why???

Stamp Out Spam

BBC report about a M$ gizmo to literably stamp out spam. It is a floor pad with 6 sensors, and it acts like an extra mouse. Looks like fun and a good idea, not sure that I am ready to buy one yet though. Anybody for a dance?

Google Page Creator

Hey, a new Beta at Google Labs - Google Page Creator. You'll need to log in for a test drive.

Microsoft Exec Says IE7 and Vista Are Complete (Almost)

Microsoft employee and blogger Alex Barnett points to a BetaNews interview with Gary Schare, Director of IE Product Management, where Microsoft's plans for IE 7 and Vista are explored. Below are some key quotes from the interview.

Office Live is, um, Live

Richard MacManus at Web 2.0 Explorer announces that Microsoft Office Live is being released in beta today. MacManus points to Jupiter analyst Joe Wilcox's commentary on this, which comes just a day after the NDA on Office Live was lifted. Wilcox writes:

Yahoo! User Interface Library

I am not much of the web developer type, but Jeremy pointed at Yahoo!'s User Interface Library and Design Pattern Library.

Google Information Transfer Services

A couple newspapers have reports on Google using their Desktop software to make it easy to transfer data between PCs:

Gmail for Domains

Garett Rogers found some code in Gmail which hints that Google may be looking to turn Gmail into a global mail server:

Their next big move will likely be GMail for domains — a powerful way for anybody who owns a domain to utilize GMail as a mail server, not just a client.

Microsoft Security: Conflict of Interests?

Microsoft is to take on Symantec and McAfee, offering a subscription based security service aimed at fixing holes in their broken operating system.

Opera With BitTorrent

Opera 9 will include BitTorrent:

Opera Software is moving forward with plans to add BitTorrent file-sharing technology to the next major release of its browser, Opera 9.0.

6 Things that Suck about Firefox

I use Firefox, but sometimes it just feels like it falls short. The version 1.5 release has been a brutal experience for me. Here are a few things Firefox could fix if they don't want to lose market share to IE7:

Future Gazing

I am not a great admirer of BT (British Telecom) and I doubt that they could predict what happened yesterday, let alone in 25 or 50 years time. However this article tells us that they see the following ....

Warm Toilet Seats - Send One To A Friend

I am not quite sure why, but this article , on state of the art toilet seats, made me think that it might be useful to some TW contributors. If you could gift one of these, who would you send it to?

Ask Andrei Broder a Question

Andrei Broder, a name well recognized by old school SEOs was recently hired by Yahoo!. Now Yahoo! is giving you the opportunity to ask him a question via their blog:

Overture View Bid Tool Died?

Can you get the Overture view bid tool to work? I get the following:

An error has occurred. Please try again.

Dependency Based Word Similarity Tool

While the name may be something only a college professor could love, this one is actually pretty neat. Try plugging in words like [auto] and [laptop]. I found the results for [health] and [hat] curiously intriguing, so go ahead try it out

Google Study Web Page Design

Quote: This has to be the most fascinating review of page design to come along in years. Google analyzed 1,000,000,000 documents crawled in December 2005. They break down the data into easy-to-read sections and drop a few confirming remarks about which elements and attributes Web site designers should and should not be using, both for search engines and compliance with future standards-strict clients (including browsers).

Google AdWords Desktop (Beta)

Gary spotted news of a private beta test of a new desktop Google AdWords editor. You need a password to login and try it out.

Ass Traffic!!!

I never would have known my other site ranks at #7 in Yahoo! for ass traffic without the help of Rankcount, a tool that shows you where you rank in Yahoo! and MSN for various search queries...

Another 'no' from Google - Telecoms, this time

Nothing very new here - premium charges for selected content delivery have already been discussed on TW - Bellsouth proposes internet fast-track - and this thread from BT on WMW is already a few days old, but there's an interesting 'sod off' to bandwidth providers from Google that I don't recall seeing mentioned on TW: