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TrustRank in Action

It seems that TrustRank is not the PageRank-replacement beast it has been made out to be in some quarters of the internet.

I made a post on DigitalPoint, based on this analysis of a flaw Google's Anti-Phishing Toolbar extension for Firefox:

Top Five Mobiles and Smartphones

The Times runs and article looking at their top 5 mobiles and top 5 smart phones. As many readers here may have their own views, I leave it for your annoyance.

Search Panel Podcast

John Battelle linked to an 83 minute podcast of a search panel done at MIT.

Google and MicroSoft = Research Partners

With receding federal spending university research labs are reaching out to more corporate sponsors. Bizarre to see Google and MicroSoft working together on distributed computing research, but apparently they are.

FF extension from Google - Blogger Web Comments

I'm a blogpleb, so have no idea if this is a new idea/useful/useless, but, here's the link - Blogger Web Comments

Blogger Web

Alexa Suddenly Relevant?

Every week or so I read another post about how various search companies have draconian API policies, with Google going so far as removing features from the AdWords API to render tools based on their API useless.

Alexa flipped the search world on it's head when they announced access to the Alexa Web Search Platform at a price most anyone can afford.

MSN getting into VOIP

Reuters - 'Microsoft, MCI to join computer-to-phone calling market.'

Yahoo again - Six Apart partnership

Reuters story -'Yahoo offers Movable Type for bloggers.'

Regional Yahoo! Search APIs

Via Gary, Yahoo! recently launched international web search services. Supported regions, including US, UK, and Germany are listed here.

AdWords - MySQL and the early years.

A story on the we-used-to-work-for Google blog, Xooglers - ' Let's get a real database' - tells how AdWords started on MySQL, how the AW manager decided that, since it looked like the idea might have legs, it was probably time to buy a big-boy database. So they did, it didn't work, and they (alledgedly) went back to Open Source:

OpenOffice - buggy. Open Source - limiting.

So says a man who worked on OpenOffice in the past. In a Guardian piece entitled 'If this suite's a success, why is it so buggy?', Andrew Brown claims that 'The OpenOffice project vividly illustrates the limitations of open source as a way of producing software.'

Google Toolbar & Writely Incompatibility

Careful when using with the Google Toolbar.

The toolbar allows you to perform spell checks within all text fields on a page, it underlines all the mistakes in red, allows you to click them then to select a correction. BUT, at the same time writely is autosaving, and as Google have actually changed the contents of the field by underlining the the mistakes in red, writley actually saves this formatting! So when you clicked [Stop Checking] on the toolbar, it reverted back to the saved writely version and didn't change!

Yahoo enters VOIP Marketplace

After bowing out of the Skype deal it looks like Yahoo is ready to become a player in VOIP market.

Yahoo - Submitting Site Feeds and other Site Explorer updates

From the Y! search blog, news on their Site Explorer thingy, now accepting submissions in all sorts of formats in order to get into those stubborn little corners of your sites:

Link Context in Classifier-Guided Crawlers

Gary Price mentioned a new search research paper titled Link Context in Classifier-Guided Crawlers [PDF]. The abstract:

Misleading WiFi Speed Claims

Guy Kewney of in El Reg questions why the Netgear class action case only applied to NetGear, given the absurd figures quoted by all WiFi hotspot providers. He gives an understandable idiots guide to WiFi speeds and concludes

Apple's New Cheap Laptop

The Times have a write up on Apple's new cheap laptop. It has been leaked by the guys Apple has sued before, Think Secret, and you will find the tech details on their site.

Next generation photo search

Riya, a company composed of a group of determined face recognition and text recognition researchers and engineers have just gone into their second alpha release.

Their software allows you to tag your photos by training their software to recognize the people in your photos.

Skype 2.0 Beta, now with video.

From their blog - Skype 2.0 beta - free video calling.

Windows and Mac for now.

Free city owned wireless - New Orleans

American news network CBS is reporting that New Orleans is starting the nation's first free wireless Internet network owned and run by a major city, a move aimed at boosting the city's stalled economy.