Google got authorship wrong in Google image search!

Well Google have made a move to authorship in image search and quite frankly it looks like they have made a dogs breakfast of it. 

Yay Penguin 2.1 has been released woohoo

Barry has done a write up about it

What is Google Adwords Display Select?

Google adwords has now realised a new type of adwords campaign called "Display Select".

Discussion rank is coming

Mark Traphagen shared some interesting thoughts on what Google's aggressive integration of Google Plus comments (Blogger and Y

Google Hummingbird in action (results for things instead of strings)?

Matt McGee shares a weird example of Google misinterpreting his search intent and showing football-related resul

Yahoo! Selling Off Domain Portfolio

Yahoo! is hoping to get about $4 million for a chunk of domains they've dropped on domain market SEDO.

Google Calls my Site Stupid

There's a fun thread going on Google's products forum: "

Google's Cerf reaches back to the industrial revolution to defend Google's ad targeting policies and Glass

Gregory Ferenstein recently posted "Google's Cerf Says 'Privacy May Be An Anomaly'.

Clean Up 404 Errors Automatically With Chrome?

I just came across this very interesting page on Google Chrome's Privacy Policy.

Google's Knowledge Graph Content Land Grab

It seems that Google announcing a new Knowledge Graph results are becoming more frequent.