8 SEO Tips for eCommerce Companies Looking to Grow Their Online Presence

Which ecommerce platform you use can make a huge difference in traffic and sales.

Brands buying their way to the top of Google SERPs

There's an interesting post at WebmasterWorld about a "loophole" which may be giving brands the opportunity to buy their way to the top of Google's SERPs.

Are Monthly SEO Contracts a Scam?

People can be skeptical of a lot of SEO practices. Is the method of payment one of them?

A Separate Mobile Search Index Is Still Coming

Now that more than 50% of all searches happen on mobile devices, Google's Gary Illyes says that it makes sense to have a separate, mobile-only index.

Keyword Planner Now Shows Search Variants Instead of Individual Keyword Traffic

That means keywords are grouped together and that we aren't able to look at traffic for specific, individual phrases and words. It's really a narrowing down of the tool's focus.

Color Me Surprised: Links Are Still *Incredibly Important*

Despite all the predictions that links will get less and less important for rankings, there's no proof it's actually going to happen any time soon.

Remember When There Was a Local 6-Pack? Me Too...

Looks like for some users, the 3-pack (once a 6-pack) has become a 2-pack!

Separate mobile index coming within "months," to be treated a primary Google index

Google has been teasing a mobile index, separate from their desktop index, for some time now.

Google: The Machines Will Probably Not Take Over

At PubCon last week, Gary Illyes said that there will probably always be a place for humans in Google's search algorithm.

If Google Wants to Keep Up, They Need to Fix Their Direct Answers

Google's direct answer system is riddled with errors. It's a disaster on mobile devices and will be an even bigger problem for Google Home.