2014 the best holiday season in 3 years...

According to the National Retail Federation, 2014 was a good year!

company shares how they made their real estate blog drive 18,000,000 visits/month in two years

Interesting and very detailed article on operationalizing content marketing within an organization for link acquisition


eek a new kind of negative SEO tactic By sending negative CTR signals

In this great post by Bartosz Góralewicz, he lays out how using a bot to search google and not click on the target website can send negative CTR signals to the site...especially in light of all the

Yahoo is finally changing its logo

it is about time ... I think yahoo was overdue for a rebranding :)

Matt Cutts Sez you don't have to worry about duplicate content

found on @seroundtable , Matt Cutts claims, "I wouldn't stress about this unless the content that you have duplicated is spammy or keyword stuffing."

confirmation from Matt Cutts: disavows can help penguin

Just quoted in a tweet, Matt Cutts confirmed that disavows will help penguin saying "disavows can help for Penguin."

BWMT Blogpost Talking Links and Likes

Some cool little nuggets in this Bing article talking about likes , links ,etc.