How to Make Your WordPress Site Google Faster and AMP Compatible

A few years ago, Google made site speed a ranking factor and later it also introduced AMP as the way to make the web even faster.

E.U. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Discussion for Webmasters

There's an interesting discussion on the E.U.'s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into full force in May 2018.

Yes, more Google updates and SERP changes in March 2018 - No surprise, but

More Google updates in March, of course, as would be expected. However, the added fun is the roll out of Google's Mobile First Indexing.

Google extends multifaceted featured snippets to more nuanced queries

Google's featured snippets are extended with multifaceted featured snippets on Google to much more nuanced queries. No doubt in line with Google's program of serving voice search.

Google will use Page Speed as Metric in Mobile Search Ranking

We probably all knew this was coming: Google has said it'll use page speed as a metric in mobile search from July 2018.

Are your mobile pages ready?

Serious CPU Vulnerabilities Named Meltdown and Spectre affecting PCs, mobile devices, and in the cloud

A password theft bug that was originally reported to affect Intel processors appears to have a wider reach.

Google's latest SERPs updates for December 2017

Google's latest SERPs update and report for December 2017 shows, as usual, November is a busy month, and December quietens down.

U.S. Net Neutrality Under Threat

Buried in the US holiday period, the discussion about net neutrality might be losing some attention, but, really, it shouldn't. People should take notice.

Google Country-Specific Search Now Only in Your Local Country

Google has changed the way you search so that a local country is all users can search, and Google says this is because it wants to provide better localization.

Google: Content Within Tabs, SEO Advice for Mobile First Index Updated by John Mueller

We're all thinking about the Mobile First index at Google and welcome information such as this from Google's John Mueller.

Google's Danny Sullivan Hopes to Bring Public Info From "Ranking Fair."

Google's Danny Sullivan attended an internal "Ranking Fair" the other day.

How Effective is Linking for Google, and What are the Other Top Ranking Factors

At the State of Search Conference this week, Jen Slegg was interviewing Google's Gary Illyes, and one of the main topics was about the top ranking factors and the effectiveness of linking.

Windows Store Rebranded to Microsoft Store

Microsoft has decided to re-brand the Windows Store to become the Microsoft Store, so don't be surprised to see the new name.

New Findings Show Google Organic Clicks Shifting to Paid

"Over the last two years, the total share of

Yes, Competitors Can Edit Your Listing on Google My Business EVEN IF YOU CLAIMED IT!

"Merchants are&nbs

Google announces new adwords daily budget overspend limit

Google announced that Adwords can now overspend double the daily budget but Google will credit back any overdelivery over the monthly budget.

Yahoo's data breach of 1 billion, upped by Verizon to 3 billion accounts

Now that Verizon has get its feet well under the desk, the audit to the data breach of 1 billion accounts at Yahoo has now been upped to 3 billion accounts, and some of that data included birth dat

Google Removing First Click Free Requirement For Publishers

In a recent webmaster blog post, Google announced that it is removing the first click free requirement for publishers, stating that it will be replacing it with a model called 'flexible sampling'

Twitter tests 280 character tweets

Twitter has said it's testing 280 character tweets with a limited number of users.

Is it going to help, or will we all just want more and more?

Apple ditches Bing for Google in Siri web search

Apple has switched out Bing from Siri web search and replaced it with Google organic results.