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New York Times : I don't know if we will be printing Newspapers in 5 years

NY Times publisher: Our goal is to manage the transition from print to internet

What percentage of 1995 Internet startups are still around?

I'm being interviewed (offline article) and was just asked a great question --and I can't answer it authoritatively. I'm going to guess, just for those here at TW, that it's 1% or less, if you're talking about the basic business model of the startup and not just the continuation of the domain in one form or another.

my bricks are fading

When I started my online ventures, I iron-fist mandated that there would be no physical presence, no phones, no employees, and no inventory. Many times, this was a hard line to hold. For some things, ad sales as an example, it was even (initially) counterproductive to not follow the conventional business model. But the mandate has held for more than a decade now and during that time it has forced me to find workarounds, automation, expert systems, alternative policies & procedures, write explanatory web pages, etc. Many of them were trial-and-error, required considerable tweaking and adjustments --but when one finally worked and settled in, it became just one more level of separation from the bricks.

RegisterFly Loses Reseller Status from Enom

I'm not sure if anyone is still using RegisterFly these days, but they've finally been given the heave ho from Enom for all the complaints.

RegisterFly Reseller Termination FAQ

Apple : Don't upgrade to Vista , could damage your IPOD

IPods could be damaged by Microsoft’s new computer operating system, the company behind the popular digital music players has warned.

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23 year old sued by RIAA for downloading 5 songs

23 year old sued by RIAA for downloading 5 songs.Full Story

Wait! Here's a reason for putting Design over SEO

So I'm helping a small, poor regional tourism group who've been screwed by their 'media production' guy ...he's apparently retained copyright on everything he's developed for them over the last 3 years. That's pretty much every graphic, every word of content, every brochure produced, and -you guessed it- he owns the domain and is admin. This is a client-hostage horror story like you wouldn't believe.

Mobile giants plot secret rival to Google

Europe's biggest telecoms groups are aiming to create a mobile phone search engine that could challenge Yahoo! and Google, the US giants.

Alexa Toolbar Losing Users

Alexa Toolbar use in the US has decline from 36.91% last year to 14.28% as of now. In fact according to the Alexa Blog it’s losing users in just about every country except Taiwan. The reasons range from users getting Firefox and using the Search Status Toolbar to it’s privacy concerns.

Overture Keyword Tool Is Back Online

After launching the blogosphere in a crazy frenzy to find a replacement the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool is back online.

According to Yahoo this was just a temporally down time in order to upgrade the tool to a better version. High traffic had been taking the tool on and offline for the past couple of weeks.

Adsense - do what you want (if you have enough volume)

I ran across this adsense feed: Presto page manager - notice a few differences in the ad format that us grunts don't get? Differences, might I suggest, that tread on the edge of techniques explicitly disallowed to the common publisher?

Digg Removing Top Diggers List

Kevin Rose just announced via the digg blog that the top diggers list is to be removed. This is going to anger a lot of digg users but will help save digg from accusations by the media for taking money for diggs. The latest scandal being from Payola.

Google Groups On Google Homepage

Google is featuring a link to it’s Google Groups service. This comes right after Google Groups came out of beta with a surprising amount of new features. Here is a screenshot:

Cheating Wives, Upskirt Videos, and Randfish

Mozzers everywhere were treated to a video by Rand and associates with a suprise ending. Lyndoman noticed that after all the discussion about Wikipedia ( bleh, boring ) you are offered the several tasty follow up videos.

MSN loses 10% market share - now on par with AOL

Google Search 3,035,617 22.6% 50.8% Yahoo! Search 1,412,904 30.1% 23.6% MSN/Windows Live Search 499,946 -9.7% 8.4% AOL Search (Google Reseller) 362,140 7.8% 6.1%

Google Q4 Profit Nearly Triples

Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) fourth-quarter profit nearly tripled amid another burst of breathtaking growth that enabled the online search leader to sprint past analyst expectations -- a habit that has helped propel its stock price above US$500.

Suggestions for external backup?

I had a 250G external drive go bad yesterday. Not too much lost, maybe a day or two. So far, no big deal. But it got me thinking. I want MORE. I want TRANSPARENT. I want K.I.S.S. I want not just one backup copy, I want TWO, running in parallel. I want it built from standard, off-the-cart stuff.

Theatrics surround Windows Vista debut

Acrobatics, blaring music and plenty of hype accompanied Microsoft Corp.'s long-delayed debut of its new Windows Vista operating system. CEO Steve Ballmer told one audience that, as in the past, most consumers will switch to Vista only when they buy new computers. (perhaps because it takes 1300% more system resources to run than XP)

PDF to become an open, ISO standard

Quote: Adobe says it has released the full PDF 1.7 spec to the Association for Information and Image Management, which will convert it into an ISO standard. Interestingly, Adobe's announcement precedes the public release of both Vista and Office 2007 -- both of which implement XPM, the so-called "PDF killer"

YouTube to Share Revenue With Users

Looks Like YouTube is out to do a revenue share with publishers.