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Revealed: How eBay sellers fix auctions

The The Sunday Times is running a major piece about crooked eBay auctions.

Quote: CUSTOMERS of the internet auction site eBay are being defrauded by unscrupulous dealers who secretly bid up the price of items on sale to boost profits.

Virtual Worlds a social networking site for World of Warcraft characters just launched last week. While I avoid MMORPGs, I did download Second Life after noticing Linden Labs GPL'd their client.

Battelle just posted about World Economic forum buzz about Second Life and the rumors Google will launch their own virtual world.

Googlebombs Are No More!

Google just announced that they will do something about Googlebombs. Googlebombs have become a problem ever since more and more people were attacked. Google has now decided to hand code a new algorithm just to minimize the affects of a Googlebomb. But why now after a dozen of people have been attacked? Why didn’t they do something about it from the beginning?

Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0?

The title isn't mine, it was from a 16 year-old kid that belongs to the wireless generation. His entire quote was,

“Web 2.0, dude, who cares, where’s Phone 2.0? The web is for old people and losers”.

Google's Gamekeepers turn Poachers - Serious Spam Time!

In today's issue of New Media Age magazine a small unobtrusive little snippet of news is included on page 5.

Googlers become spammers

SEMPO actually does something...

SEMPO have released a survey aimed at European search marketers

Information from Elemental Comms

Further Personnel Changes at Performancing

It is turning into a bit of a saga over at Performancing:

Yahoo to change the way they rank PPC ads

Yahoo to change the way they rank ads - Cut and paste of notification below

Google forget to renew domain

From Techcrunch we see that Google forgot to renew their German domain name and someone grabbed it for a short period of time, before Google regained it.

Wordpress V. 2.1 or Ella is Out!

On behalf of the community of commiters, contributers, and volunteers, I’m very proud to announce the immediate availability of WordPress 2.1 “Ella”, named for jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald.

Blogger Claims that Google could save the world '3,000 Megawatts a Year' by using black instead of white

Blogger mistakenly feels that Google could save the world '3,000 Megawatts a Year' by using black instead of white as the background color

Controversial Google library project grows

Controversial Google library project grows in essance ticking off publishers worldwide.

Google to spend over 1/2 a billion for Datacenter in North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. - Search engine giant Google Inc. plans to spend $600 million to build a data center in North Carolina, state officials and the company said Friday.

YouTube Killer?

Quote: Joost users will be able to download the software for free to watch the ad-supported television shows. In addition, Joost will let users rewind or fast forward within a show, much like DVRs can do with standard television. And how will it all work? Joost will use the kind of file-sharing architecture that powers Skype. for wikipedia

New Wiki Search Engine, Wikiseek.Com has launched. It claims to be a better way to search Wikipedia. It's filled with Adsense ads....

Wordpress Exploit Nails Big Name Seo Bloggers

Right now when I goto I am getting a 200 response to

Edit: 17:08:00

I now see the guy has targeted tons of seo sites and as you can read below in comments has already started owning some of them.

Nick Wilson resigns from Performancing

Quote: I came to the realization that I'm simply not the best person to lead Performancing in 2007.

more from Nick's blog

AOL Offers To Buy European Online Marketing Firm TradeDoubler For $900 Million

AOL is making a 900$ million offer for the Swedish a Sweden-based European provider of online marketing and sales solutions. Of course the deal is under consideration by the shareholders but Arctic Ventures, the 20 percent owner has approved!

New PayPal key to help thwart phishers

The PayPal Security Key is actually a small electronic device, designed to clip on to a keychain, that calculates a new numeric password every 30 seconds. PayPal users who sign up to use the device will need to enter their regular passwords as well as the number displayed on the key whenever they log in to the online payment service.

Security Flaw in Google Accounts exposed

Phillip Lessen from GoogleBlogscoped talks about a security flaw with Google Accounts

Google Security Hole Allows Account Hijacking