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Mexico Tells Yahoo to shove laser where sun don't shine

Yahoo said on Wednesday it dropped plans to use Mexico's Teotihuacan archaeological site for its much-hyped "time capsule" project after Mexico pretty much told Yahoo! to take a hike.

Best paid linking opportunites

Screw that crap of linking for traffic. I buy paid links for organic placement, end of story. I don't give a rat's patootie if I get a visitor from paid links as long as the link gets me to the top of google. I don't want your 10 'quality' visitors a month, I want 10K visitors a month from Google.

Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts

From the story: A Florida woman has been awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana woman who posted messages on the Internet accusing her of being a "crook," a "con artist" and a "fraud."

AOL UK bought by Carphone Warehouse

Not wishing to be left out of the buying hype, Carphone Warehouse today announced it's acquisition of AOL UK.

CW beat off competition from BSkyB to win the bid, which significantly expands their ADSL user base, raising them to the 3rd place player in the UK market.

Adsense for your YouTube Videos

Those who upload clips will get a slice of advertising revenue on the pages containing their videos (IE: Adsense)

From a source inside YouTube...

GOOG is looking at Facebook at a 2.3bil price. This could be a total joke on their part, but the source is solid.

Google Buys YouTube for $1.65 BILLION

Just got this IM from an analyst at RBC Capital:

Quote: [16:14] Analyst: ITS OFFICIAL [16:14] Analyst: GOOG BUYS YOUTUBE FOR $1.65 BILLION [16:16] skore3757: it happened? [16:16] Analyst: yes [16:16] Analyst: just announced

Washington Post : Our largest driver of traffic is Matt Drudge

Washington Post : Our largest driver of traffic is Matt Drudge

3 steps to great search engine knowledge

1- kill some trees

2- treat them with hefty doses of chemicals and inks

3- age articles 3 months or more

Voila! You have Search Marketing Standard.

Dumb money: Extended warranties

"Neither Circuit City nor Best Buy discloses how much of its bottom line comes from extended warranty sales. But analysts have estimated that at least 50 percent and in some lean years 100 percent of profits at the electronics retailers come from extended warranty sales."

My Space Looks at Scalp and Finds More Gray Hair than Previously Thought...

Apparently the AP put out this news based on a Media Matrix study: "Half of the site's users are 35 or older, according to comScore Media Metrix's analysis of its U.S."

Actually not necessarily half but more like 41% of Myspace is 35-54. That is a huge age range to factor into one group in order to make a point. But ok... As one of my collegues says ' Myspace is for predators'. Right. I think of it as a great place to find old college/secondary school friends from years ago, a place to post a few links to sites of mine. A central, semi-legal place to place links to video/music that I like that they host rather than me (yay... no RIAA comming after me). My wife can keep in touch with her employees through there, i.e. semi-private time sheet, employee photo sharing, etc. And a great place to hear music from new bands in a very central place.

Google Rumored to Buy YouTube for 1.6 bn

Michael Arrington reports on rumors of Google buying YouTube for a price of 1.6 billion USD.

I got an email tonight about a possible Google acquisition of YouTube that may be in the final stages before closing. Rumored price is $1.6 billion. A quick phone call to a VC confirmed that the rumor is circulating (he also confirmed the price), but that is far from confirmation that this deal is happening. I’m digging for more but the source on this one is very good.

I'm Feeling Lucky

Google executives have long known that almost no one uses it, but yet they refuse to remove it. Because they feel their will be 'Mass Protests'....

Ploppy's how to revamp a site.. complete with tool list

Mr. Ploppy, posting under the nom de guerre of Todd, posted a very exhaustive list of tools and question to consider when rebuilding a site. Its a great overview and reference for everyone.

Google outlines plans at Manhattan opening

Google today held the grand opening for their massive 300,000 sq. ft offices in NYC at 111 Eighth Ave. Today they denied rumors that they were also building a big datacenter here: New York Engineering Director Craig Nevill-Manning firmly stating, "We have no plans to build a data center here."

QChex Your Way from Rags to Riches

Basically, QChex allows users to send printed checks from bank account(s) onlt that QCHex was never verifying the account used was indeed the sender's account. Unbelievable.

W3C selling links leads to noindex tags and Matt Cutts Interviews

Google has addressed recent complaints over the W3C selling links on its website. Matt Cutts, told John Battelle in an interview that a controversial page that allows webmasters to pay for listings on the W3C site now had a “noindex” meta-tag applied.

Dragon lady "innovates"

Found via Swindon Advertiser.

TV DRAGON Rachel Elnaugh is facing a public bust-up after being accused of launching a "rip-off" version of a successful website.

Google Expand Property Empire

Google have puchased a small slice of internet history by purchasing the 1st formal home they had.

The Inquirer says this about the property.

Online Gaming On Congressional Hit List

I'm not into online gambling myself but I haven't seen this getting coverage anywhere yet Congress approves Internet gambling ban