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Is Google Panda Going Soft?

So, Google has claimed that the current Panda update is a "softening" of the general algorithm and is more "finely targeted".

This Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting

Sometimes I wonder how long it would take for large company to hire or buy out a newcomer?

confirmation from Matt Cutts: disavows can help penguin

Just quoted in a tweet, Matt Cutts confirmed that disavows will help penguin saying "disavows can help for Penguin."

What are your Thoughts on Inbound Marketing? Is this Just a Buzz Word?

What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing? I'm hearing a lot of things about Inbound Marketing recently. Is this just a buzz word?

do the followers of 'inbound marketing' often do the opposite of what they preach ? ... this are article does a great job of calling out a bunch of the inbound marketing hype..

Yahoo Shutting Down Email Classic: Compulsory subjection to ad targeting through email scanning with new version

I realize that Google already does this w/its adwords in scanning Gmail content - but this move by Yahoo seems so overtly user-hostile...and Brave New World icky:

Tools to Enhance a Pinterest Account

I was playing with Pinterest when it first came out, but I got bored of it.

Google Penguin Top Losers via @Searchmetrics

While everyone is busy checking stats and making theories today..

How Google created zero-sum marketing

Ok, I won't steal Ian's title that is supposed to drive many people to his article :)

Adobe move to Subscription Model

How Google Ranks Google Plus Profiles

Since Google changed the URL and PR flow within Google Plus, there has been lots of rumor on how Google must have killed PR and started from his

Hedging Bets: Affiliates and the Unregulated Markets

Rachel Hirsch writes about the opportunities for affiliate marketers in profitable, but risky areas like online trading.

Another One Bites The Dust: Google Shuts Down Affiliate Netowrk

And just like that, with no preamble, real explanation, or even an ending date, Google shutters another product that is used by just not enough people to make Google happy. 

Google will NOT have to change the algorithm Europe (Agreement reached!)

After a two-year inquiry, the

Sizing your new Google+ header image

Google's uploader crop tool seems to be kinda broken, so Dave put together a short video on a workaround so you don't have to have a massive header image eating up most of your monitor http://www.y

35 reasons why Google Glass is evil

Here are the 35 arguments:

Google Wants To Control Which Products You Are Allowed To Sell

The recently blogged about how their Google Adwords account was shut down for supposedly violating Adwords TOS.

Eric Schmidt confirms Google+ content is given search priority

Google: needs a braincell

Here's another great idea from Google:

1. Create a slew of broken results through a cocked-up algo update,

Monthly Google Dance Returns!

Remember the good old days of SEO, when everyone would wait with baited breath for the monthly Google Dance?