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How Google created zero-sum marketing

Ok, I won't steal Ian's title that is supposed to drive many people to his article :)

Adobe move to Subscription Model

How Google Ranks Google Plus Profiles

Since Google changed the URL and PR flow within Google Plus, there has been lots of rumor on how Google must have killed PR and started from his

Hedging Bets: Affiliates and the Unregulated Markets

Rachel Hirsch writes about the opportunities for affiliate marketers in profitable, but risky areas like online trading.

Another One Bites The Dust: Google Shuts Down Affiliate Netowrk

And just like that, with no preamble, real explanation, or even an ending date, Google shutters another product that is used by just not enough people to make Google happy. 

Google will NOT have to change the algorithm Europe (Agreement reached!)

After a two-year inquiry, the

Sizing your new Google+ header image

Google's uploader crop tool seems to be kinda broken, so Dave put together a short video on a workaround so you don't have to have a massive header image eating up most of your monitor http://www.y

35 reasons why Google Glass is evil

Here are the 35 arguments:

Google Wants To Control Which Products You Are Allowed To Sell

The recently blogged about how their Google Adwords account was shut down for supposedly violating Adwords TOS.

Eric Schmidt confirms Google+ content is given search priority

Google: needs a braincell

Here's another great idea from Google:

1. Create a slew of broken results through a cocked-up algo update,

Monthly Google Dance Returns!

Remember the good old days of SEO, when everyone would wait with baited breath for the monthly Google Dance?

Digital Ad Spend Grows and grows and grows

Worldwide, digital ad spending passed the $100-billion mark for the first time last year, according to new eMarketer estimates, and will increase by a further 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion

Is MarketingExperiments Really This Clueless?

I don't even know where to start. MarketingExperiments recent article, "Harnessing Social Media - Web 2.0 Grows Up - Free Internet Traffic," has so many holes and is so off the mark, it makes me wonder if they've been sipping too much of grandpa's cough syrup over there.

Google Launch Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Network Worldwide

Just noticed this in one of my accounts:

Google Adwords Operating in Stealth Mode

If you're running Google adwords you may want to log in and check your accounts as they have done another quality score update overnight.

Google: Please Click Your Own AdSense Ads

Danny Sullivan highlighted that Google is growing careless about publishers clicking their own ads:

Accidents happen from the Google Inside AdSense blog today caught my eye. Apparently, lots of publishers accidentally click on their ads and write in to Google to say sorry. Don't worry, says Google, "chances are we've already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them." Bull.

Seriously, bull. Here's an example. Over on my personal blog Daggle, I have AdSense ads. If I accidentally click on one of those ads, how does Google know that it was me the blog owner that did that and thus automatically issues a credit?

Maybe they are trying to offset for the recent MFA purge.

Via the DoubleClick purchase.. what if Google could re-brand your site?

I love listening to music via whenever I'm not home, don't have an MP3 player, etc. I'm probably behind on when they first started advertising this way... but just noticed that they're rebranding the Pandora site every few times that I click through to refresh. The adverts appear to be Doubleclick URLs.

Email Spam Blocker Launches Distributed Social Spam Network

Collactive, a Seqouia backed company, has created a platform for spamming social bookmarking sites. The same company was originally behind a spam blocking email service.

Best Ad Campaigns Ever

Dean recently pointed at AdAge's article about the top 100 advertising campaigns.