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It's Search Spock, but not as we know it...

Thread Title: Will search be different on mobile? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Peter Davanzo points out an article submitted by a searchengineblog reader that hits the nail right on the head for me. Mobile search will change everything.. - See the full article threadlinked above.

The author, Scott Schaffer points out that at some point in the not to distant future, mobile net activity will surpass the regular PC net we know now. And more to the point, the throat will be ripped out of online advertising as PPC advertisers struggle to adapt to a very different set of stats for net usage and a mobile consumer landscape with a very different model for information retrieval.

He goes on to hypothesis about scanning barcodes to get information rather than laboriously typing in phrases into a search engine and how who holds a trademark will count far more than who has the highest ranking on Google.

It's a damn good read, and although there is still infinate room for the mobile web to shape itself in any manner of direction I think he paints a plausible picture. Go have a look and tell me what you think...

Ads Move in on Mobile - Viral is the way Forward

Thread Title: Ads on your mobile: Believe it or not, you may welcome them Thread Url:,2000061791,39172387,00.htm Thread Description:

James Pearce takes an interesting look at how inovative telcos and ad firms will very likely begin to advertise to your mobile in an opt-in viral way. The main problem with mobile ads is the fact that the new-gen mobiles, capable of receiving streaming video are infinately configurable and models to deliver ads via your cell are in their infancy.

One line of thought is the classic viral ad. The system talked about in the article would require users to enter a short code to have your ad streamed to them and one way to encourage participation is viral ad marketing.

It's an interesting read if you're following this sector and a good primer on what the various options for mobile advertising are now, and may be in the future.

Yahoo Aims to Move Beyond PC

Thread Title: Yahoo Aims to Move Beyond PC Thread Url:,0,7496426.story?coll=la-headlines-technology Thread Description:

Yahoo is coming to your mobile in a big way !

Yahoo said Monday that it had acquired WUF Networks Inc., a small start-up whose technology aims to let consumers move their songs, photos and other digital content from their computers to devices such as mobile phones.

The deal underscores Yahoo's strategy of trying to make its dozens of services — including digital music, instant messaging and streaming video — more widely available not just on personal computers but also on any device connected to the Internet.

The Lure of the Mobile Virtual Network

Thread Title: Rise Of Virtual Wireless Firms Thread Url: Thread Description:

Paidcontent point to the investor article threadlinked above and have this to say on the lure of the mobile virtual network:

The announcement that ESPN is starting a mobile phone service put the increasingly popular business strategy in the spotlight. Virgin (with co-partner Sprint), supermarket chain Tesco, Carphone Warehouse and 7-Eleven are already in the business; Investors Business Daily speculates that Wal-Mart and pro sports franchises will follow. But, Dan Schulman, CEO of Virgin Mobile USA,cautions, "It's a lot harder to make an MVNO work than one might assume on the surface." A good overview with one jarring note in the risk category: "Some studies show cell phone use could cause tumors."

Playboy goes Mobile in 2005

Thread Title: Playboy aims to sex up U.S. mobile phones Thread Url: Thread Description:

CNet are reporting Playboys plans to hook up US phones with adult games, tones and other stuff in 2005:

The deal, announced Thursday, calls for Dwango to develop and deliver Playboy-theme games, images, video clips, voice clips and ring tones. The wireless-entertainment firm has similar arrangements with ESPN and Rolling Stone, and distributes that content to subscribers through agreements with major wireless carriers such as Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile and Verizon.

The deal to distribute this content involves a company called Dwango who also have a deal with Beliefnet, a religious site that broadcasts daily prayers :-)

Top Level Mobile Domains .MP - Now Available!

Thread Title: Dot MP Up and Running Thread Url: Thread Description:

Domains speculaters, get your CC's out and start buying!

What is .mp? What you get How it works

I got for $50 and im afraid i knee jerked and bought for $300 (commercial) without having a clue what to do with it... maybe i'll sell it :-)

Casino, betting, pills etc - all gone, but it's VERY early days...

Have fun...

Nokia Making a Play to Dominate Mobile Content

Thread Title: Nokia makes play for mobile content Thread Url: Thread Description:

Those finnish chaps are clever buggers...

Nokia's new Preminet solution to the JAVA/Brew mishmash fisaco in moblie content could sit them right in the driving seat permenantly.

Java has suffered as a mobile content platform, compared to Qualcomm Brew, by having a fragmented channel and a confused economic proposition for developers. Nokia aims to change that with its new Preminet aggregation, download and billing framework. Although operators can brand the service themselves, reflecting the shift away from handset branding, in the longer term Nokia could sideline them by accelerating the creation of open IP portals. Nokia aims to stay out of the battle of content branding and ensure that it controls the underlying software and relationships, giving it the critical position whatever trends drive mobile applications in future.

Worlds first Fastap Phone

Thread Title: Telus introducing world’s first cellphone with Fastap keyboard Thread Url: Thread Description:

Engadget are running a small post on Telus's new Fastap mobile phone - Fastap is a new keyboard layout that kind of sits over/around the normal phone keys you're used to. Follow the threadlink above there's a pretty picture for you :)

If you like to txt this might be just the ticket if it catches on...

The 3G FAQ

Thread Title: 3G and UMTS Frequently Asked Questions Thread Url: Thread Description:

Excellent for those starting to take an interest in the mobile web - a must read in fact...

Perversely, i had to skim it as i have less time to actually read properly these days hehe..

Streaming Mobile Video hits UK 3G Scene

Thread Title: Video on Demand on 3G Launch Thread Url: Thread Description:

MXTelecom are to provide a Video Gateway for 3G phone services in the UK - Russell over at the mobile weblog linked above has some interesting thoughts regarding video delivery and what it might mean to adult content providers.

Essentially, what if the phone sex you call for has a great voice but looks like a bag of sick? or vice versa - quite funny but a damn good point too.

Mobile Marketing Primer

Thread Title: Mobile Marketing = Interactive Branding Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're wondering why Threadwatch has recently opened this section: Mobile Marketing this little article over at Commpiled may well give you the answer. It'll also tickle you a bit im sure as there are some striking parallels to be spotted between the way agencies (read clients) view MM and the way we all know many of our clients (and the public in general) view web marketing. Enjoy...

Mobile marketing in 2004 suffers from being understood mainly by technical people. Instead of presenting mobile marketing as an additional conduit between brands and consumers, industry experts still talk in telecommunications jargon. Even the relatively straightforward acronym SMS (short message service) is not something consumers or brand managers relate to. When SMS is presented as "a way for a brand to develop a one to one interactive dialog with consumers via their mobile phones," that is put in a language understood by marketers, suddenly it is not a technology but a solution.

The Next Step in Mobile Marketing and Location Based Services

Thread Title: Are you local? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Facinating read over at netimperitive about the failure of LBS (Location Based Services) and where the way forward might be. In essense: Social Networking mixed with LBS mixed with higher ticket items.

Mobile marketing for higher value items, on the other hand, can make a lot of sense. This is especially applicable for entertainment venues (such cinema, theatres and sports events), restaurants, fashion and music.

So, what might work? As usual, the true innovation in this sector is happening outside the operators’ influence and that’s where the clues to future successes might be.

The key seems to be less obvious applications that bring the real world and the digital one closer together to form the seamless new reality.

via moconews

WSJ goes Mobile in 2005

Thread Title: The Wall Street Journal Mobile Thread Url: Thread Description:

WSJ have teamed up with Summus to knock out content to your mobile in 2005 - $4 a month subscriptions will get you a whole bunch of WSJ content direct to your phone. You can try a demo on the summus homepage

"The Wall Street Journal Mobile" will be available widely via most major U.S. wireless carriers beginning in early 2005 for a monthly subscription price of $3.99, billed by the carrier.

Update: very few more details but pamela parker now has some words on this also

TV Meets Mobile

Thread Title: Is That a Television in Your Pocket? Thread Url: http:// Thread Description:

And why not? It's gotta be better than chasing a bloody snake around the screen while you sit on the train eh?

According to the principal analyst of semiconductor research at ABI Research, Alan Varghese, “Initially there was a lot of hesitation, especially from the cellular operators regarding television in the cellphone: they could see little value in broadcasting TV to the handset, since it did not raise their ARPU. They also felt that watching TV would drain batteries and prevent the user from making more revenue-generating voice and data calls."

Currently NEC, Nokia, Samsung and Toshiba have phones with built-in tuners that can receive TV broadcasts. Texas Instruments recently announced that they’re developing digital TV on a single chip, which will allow cell phone users to watch live content broadcast from new television infrastructure being deployed for handsets.

Interesting stuff...

link via moconews

As Popular as Porno - Mobile Porn Content

Thread Title: As Popular as Porno Thread Url: Thread Description:

Very interesting read by Russell Beattie on the success of an mobile porn website. Porn, of course, works on the mobile. The question is however what will be the killer app?

Emerging Market - Mobile Device Graphical Content

Thread Title: Emerging market for mobile graphical content Thread Url: Thread Description:

A study by IDC (U.S. Wireless Wallpaper and Graphical Content 2004-2008 Forecast) reveals that graphical content has emerged in 2004 as the fastest-growing mass market for wireless data in the United States. The business, which includes wallpapers, caller ID graphics and screensavers, should grow from just under $150 million this year to over $1.1 billion by 2008.

Want your Content Available on Mobile Phones?

Thread Title: The Mobile Internet Arrives with the Launch of Thread Url: Thread Description:

A new service to enable content providers and ecom companies to utilize the fast growing mobile web has just been launched. Jbag, threadlinked above, provides a "white label" java or WAP solution.

From their "quick facts" page:® is the white label, ready-to-go solution enabling your business to create & deliver branded mobile Java or WAP applications to consumers. just connect to®, select your options and make your service mobile. For any business that can add value to new or existing content or services by offering an ‘anytime anywhere‘ mobile channel to their customers and markets

And by the way, say hi to Threadwatch's new mobile section :)

Website Promotion and the Mobile Phone

Thread Title: Website Promotion and the Mobile Phone Thread Url: Thread Description:

spidermonkey over at webworkshop (wow, been too long since we linke to them eh?) brings up a particularly interesting subject that, as he rightly states, is not discussed enough among pro web devs and search marketers.

With 3G hitting the ground running and the awesome proliferation of the once humble moby why aren't we talking about this?

Dig in, it's a decent start to the thread (bar the WAP red herring) and im hoping somthing good will grow of it. After you've done that... Talk to me about mobile, i wanna know EVERYTHING heh!

Ericsson Enters the Mobile Marketing Fray

Thread Title: Ericsson enters the mobile marketing business Thread Url: Thread Description:

Pay attention at the back! Moblile marketing will be where it's at before too long..

Ericsson and Proximity Worldwide have signed an agreement to jointly promote effective solutions for mobile marketing. Starting in four countries, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and the United States, the mobile infrastructure will be utilized as a marketing communications channel.

Are You Ready for the Mobile Web?

Thread Title: The Mobile Web Thread Url: Thread Description:

As i mentioned yesterday in: this aggregation & SEO thread, the nature of the way search marketers operate is about to change. And in light of that thread and this, it does seem to be time to start thinking and planning ahead for the future.

Russell Beattie posted an interesting essay on the Mobile Web - see the threadlink above - about how, in the not so distant future, accessing content sources via your mobile phone or wireless app will not be the hit and miss affair that it is now. He advocates a move to XHTML Basic as the best move for publishers to ensure that their websites are accessible via the Mobile Web though any XHTML standard would undoubtably work.

Although I agree with his hope that the MW will move towards that goal, as it's clearly the most sensible option for both the MW itself and for publishers such as us, i do fear that there's a large amount of wishful thinking in his prediction. I cant help thinking that we'll see the same kind of proprietory standards mess we had back when the WWW was young.

Here's a snippet to whet your appetite - foward thinkers should be reading this stuff :-)

there's going to be a point in the not so distant horizon, when most people are accessing the internet from their mobile phones, rather than from PCs. it's a fact. Businesses are realizing this and retooling for this new mobile world already. Manufacturers are making efforts to standardize on open specs (XHTML, SVG, etc.) and improve screen resolution (QVGA 320x240 will probably be the sweet spot) and websites are starting to embrace web standards as well. There's this vanishing point in the horizon when all these parallel lines converge, and I think that's where the mobile web is heading.