Get Yer Free Google Checkout


In an effort to get more people using Google Checkout they are now making it free through the end of the year Official via Google Checkout Blog

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we wanted to do something to say "thank you" to our merchants. To help out during this very busy shopping season, we are processing all of our merchants' Google Checkout sales for free during the holidays. From November 8 through December 31, 2006, Google Checkout merchants will receive free processing for all of their Checkout sales, regardless of whether or not they use AdWords.

This service was previously free for Adwords customers. In the past Levi' dropped them for being pants, and Co-Owner Dave N had some trouble with Google Checkout. Google denies that using Google checkout influences your quality score. However as long as they remain curiously ambiguous about what actually does make up the quality score I'm going to go with my own first hand data that makes me doubt some of the things they say.


What about the UK?

Instead of helping everybody else make more money why can't they just release it in the UK?

I'm sure y'all noticed...

...but PayPal tried to beat them to the punch:

It will be interesting to see how each play out in the earnings calls for each (if you dig down that deep in their financials).


If you can't sell it...

Give it away free and make it up on volume.

Isn't that how the original web bubble exploded?

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