HP Preaching Digital Democracy - Power to the People!

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More power to the people says HP
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It's been interesting to watch Hewlett Packard move into the digital lifestyle area, they seem to be taking to it well and im impressed with the fact that their new media hub is based on Linux! :)

The BBC has a nice summary of Carly Fiorina's, HP's top dog of tech, speech at CES this year. Here are some of the more notable quotes:

"The digital revolution is about the democratisation of technology and the experiences it makes possible, Revolution has always been about giving power to the people."

Part of giving people more control has been about the freeing up of content, such as images, video and music.

Crucial to this has been the effort to make devices that speak to each other better so that content can be more easily transferred from one device, such as a digital camera, to others, such as portable media players.

There's a whole bunch of good stuff in there so do check it out. Could HP be an exciting company? - I've always thought of them as rather stuffy, but some of the things they have coming out now are really quite cool...