Iran Censors Blogs and other Social Media

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No blogging, no social networking
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Saw this a few days back and thought i'd wait to see if anything else emerged but as i've not heard much else about it im going to assume there's some truth to the rumour that Iran have censored blogs, Orkut, Yahoo Personals and other social media:

Friends in Iran, journalists and technicians, are saying that judiciary officials have ordered all major ISP to filter all blogging services including PersianBlog, BlogSpot, Blogger, BlogSky, and even BlogRolling.

They have also ordered to filter Orkut, Yahoo Personals and some other popular dating and social networking websites.

For ISPs this means a big loss, since much of their recent sales have been because of people writing and reading blogs and surfing Orkut. So the government is effectively eliminating small and private ISPs by bankrupting them, whiteout paying a political price for it.

I see Dan Gilmor is also reporting this today but he doesn't appear to have any additional information other than hoping that proxies and so forth get set up quickly.