Ted Leonsis faces Wolf Howl




I'm looking forward to seeing how this one pans out!

Just tell me where you want

Just tell me where you want the link, amigo :)

dumb moment

what am I looking at on page 1?

Wolf-Howl's blog

Wolf's blog... it's page 1 #6 or so for most DC's (my guess not all).

Not seeing it at the moment

Not seeing it at the moment (UK)


Someone really should add Ted's accomplishments with his blog to his wiki page. With proper citation of the story of course ;)

I ran it through the McDar

I ran it through the McDar tool and I am not seeing anything either. Are you guys in the US ?

UK blank here, too. :)

UK blank here, too. :)


I'm at the airport now, but I was #6 when I looked this morning, so it is a bit odd, here's the post in question


"This is regarding this

"This is regarding this inital Threadwatch post"

Seriously, you couldn't have added a little targeted anchor text in that link?

This is regarding this inital Threadwatch Ted Leonsis post

Checked a few Engines for the Ted Leonsis Threadwatch post...

Alright, I did a quick study of Ted Leonsis search results. I checked the first 10 pages of results for mentions of Threadwatch.org, Ted Leonsis, or for the original post on Ted Leonsis at http://www.threadwatch.org/node/10225, but I didn't find a match in Ask, Google, or MSN. I did however find that in Yahoo, Threadwatch was listed for the Ted Leonsis name search at rank 44.

interesting behavior

when i searched [Ted Leonsis] at or around 8:30am PST on 11/17, i saw graywolf's Ted Leonsis post appearing at #6 on the datacenters i was checking. they all returned 1.9M results for Ted Leonsis.

a few hours later, the datacenters i hit were returning between 1.54M and 2.1M results, never 1.9M. and no http://www.wolf-howl.com/seo/ted-leonsis/ in sight.

now, when i run a generic google rank checker through a proxy, it returns 2.1M results, wolf-howl's index page is at 145, and the description shows a snippet of michael's post about the SEO prowess of Ted Leonsis.

michael's got 146 as well. the indented listing is www.wolf-howl.com/category/seo.

TW's index page is sitting at position 181 for the same term Ted Leonsis.

interesting. very interesting.

Blatantly obvious

This whole thread smells of link spam for Ted Leonsis pages. Shameful.

I don't understand

I don't understand why everyone is blogging about Ted Leonsis

Threadwatch on Page 1 now...

...of the UK DC anyhow.

Threadwatch #10

I see threradwatch at #10 on my DC



I'm just glad that when I

I'm just glad that when I reread my original blog post I don't see anything ugly enough to get Ted's attention. Scoreboards picture of Ted Leonsis reminds me of an episode of The Sopranos.


Last time I saw anything that looked like that the paramedics were scraping it off a bus.

Thanks, Bill. The more

Thanks, Bill.

The more offensive comments from others the safer I feel :-)

Better Get On Your Linkbuilding Doggie, Ted...

Ted Leonsis blog no longer owns the top spot for his name on my DC. Dormant reputation + Competition = Ruh Roh

Ruh Roh

Well, some people love when CEO's blog, even though their timely endorsements contribute to the problem.

Paidcontent is covering Ted Leonsis sports activities as well on Nov 14th.

Good Ole Ted

Good Ole Ted Leonsis Sure is a heck of a guy. I wonder if he's searched for his own name lately ;)


As I don't want to run the risk of being "self-important", I've put up $1000 to win or to donate to charity for the highest ranking participating page in the It's A Very Ted Leonsis Christmas challenge.

If Graywolf or I win, St. Jude's Children's Hospital gets the prize money. If participating pages own the entire front page of Ted Leonsis Google SERPs, I'll donate another $500.

Seems like a good way to have fun with this, to get the point across to Ted, and potentially send a check to some kids who could really benefit.

Thanks to Graywolf for the help.

Contest SEO

I am very glad that SEO differs from "Contest SEO". That said, this really is a call for Contest SEO. This might be best placed on DP and IHY and other SEO forums where it will attract participants.

I love Calcanis' mention of

I love Calcanis' mention of the "famous" speech by Ted Leonsis about how "the Internet will be Microsoft's Vietnam". So famous it can't be found anywhere else (except here, hee hee). Since Ted Leonsis will be retiring from AOL in 2007, and ValleyWag cited Jason Calcanis as the next Ted Leonsis.... well now that he's not at AOL, he can retract that post, no?

Humble correction: I found another mention or two of that speech, and it apparently pre-dates much of the web.

And then Ted Leonsis on Oprah Winfrey. Needs more mention, no? I mean, Oprah is huge? LOL

Third most famous attribute seems to be Ted Leonsis speaking engagements. He's appreciated by Superviva and many others for his "highly successful" lifestyle. Those should be listed, no?

Too bad Google has likely locked down the top 3 spots already.

Contest SEO

am very glad that SEO differs from "Contest SEO". That said, this really is a call for Contest SEO. This might be best placed on DP and IHY and other SEO forums where it will attract participants.

I'm too busy doing non-contest SEO to do anything but throw cash at this. I've also tendered an offer to buy a competing NHL team. Suckers are cheap since they only show games on OLN these days! :)

Looks like the lead page

Looks like the lead page from AOL has gone 404. Hey Google, what kind of quality is that? That page needs to be removed a.s.a.p.!

404 code

Is it time for an Urgent URL Removal?

quality team has already

Quality team has already been notified. We don't need 404's in the #1 spot. Makes everybody look bad ;-)

Did you know Ted Leonsis was

Did you know Ted Leonsis was in an airplane crash that changed his life?

Someone else wanted to know about it so they googled it. Now they also know that he has slender thighs.


GreyWolf is at #6

But I really love the google ads for that query...
Somthing about Reputation Management... LOL

I'd like to see an ad up

I'd like to see an ad up there like this:

1st Result is 404
What does that say
about Google Quality?

My blogs on the front page

My blogs on the front page on my DC now.


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