Search Engine Watch - ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP!!!


Well the community may still be there but doesn't look like anyone will be driving the ship over at SEW. On Search Engine Land comes the announcement of new editors

I said earlier that I, Chris Sherman and Barry Schwartz would be writing here on Search Engine Land when it formally launches on December 11. I'm happy to now add that we'll be working with correspondents: Phil Bradley, Bill Slawski, Jennifer Slegg, Brian Smith, and Greg Sterling. We're glad to have them aboard! They'll be joining us from our launch date and contributing items in their areas of coverage


Busy people...

...only capable of "handling" one blog or forum? Hmmmm, maybe.


Yeah, Gray Hat News had an interesting observation about this as well:

Does that mean they won't

Does that mean they won't mod over at the Search Engine Watch Forums?

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