Corker of an IE vulnerability

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Extremely High-Level IE6 Vulnerability Found.
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Check out this IE vulnerability allowing you to run commands on the victims PC

Some people have said their AV catches this, it worked on my machine even though I am running NAV



Norton Anti Virus?

Not being a windows guy im not familiar with the terms :)

Thanks Chris, nicely spotted..

So is there a patch for this yet?

forget the patch

Ditch IE

It's never going to be anything but a liability! Apart from one of the worst browsers on the market!!! Why would anyone bother?


Ditch the patch?

I ditched the whole shoddy OS 3yrs ago :)


The worlds corporate IT bods have not yet fully grasped how poo IE is (just check your own web server logs) .. expect lots of script kiddie exploits from this doing all sorts of nastyness that will cause the rest of us no end of troubles unless MS sort this out quicksmart :O(

The M$ patch blocks AdSense

The microsoft patch sets security level to high

Security level for the Internet zone is set to High. This setting disables scripts, ActiveX controls, Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM), HTML content, and file downloads.

this, among other things blocks AdSense. Jenstar reports in this WMW thread

I just tried it myself, and setting the Internet security setting to HIGH does block AdSense. It completely blocks it, and the space the ad would normally occupy vanishes.

There is a patch on

There is now a patch available on now that will fix the hole. I just applied it and if fixes the problem.

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