GooglePlex happy-Go-Lucky Atmosphere Changed by IPO

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Google Riches Outed on the Web
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Everyone feels equal when nobody knows how much the other makes. The SEC required Google to file documents on hundreds of employees stating exactly how much they made. This has caused, needless to say, tension.

The whole culture's really strange when there are two people in the same cubicle and one's worth $1 million and the other is worth nothing and they both know it," said one person close to the company. "It's created this asymmetry where some people feel more entitled than others."

Google, brimming with idealism and its seemingly altruistic goal of turning the world into a giant digital library, is now wrestling with the discomforting mixture of instant employee wealth and a little too much information of its own.



That's going to happen under those circumstances for sure, in the Google 60mins farce John Battelle said he thought anyone going out and buying a flash car and lording it around would be drummed out of the company - maybe they're trying to keep a lid on this but i suspect it's not easy..

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