Google's Relevancy is Fucked


In Why Perverts Love My Blog a friend pointed out how using just a little French can spice up your referral logs. SEO Black Hat wonders where all the porn has gone.

I have ranked in Google for things like handjobs, hand jobs, fucking dolls, ass traffic, dirty whore, and lots of other interesting stuff...all without trying. If Google ranks sites where they are irrelevant is it unethical for us to do anything but redirect that traffic to a higher value and more on target result to help improve Google's user experience? (Isn't that what good SEOs do, anyway?)

Why must Google display irrelevant results for anything remotely shady in nature? Any guess for how many adult related phrases this page will rank for? How should we monetize that, Matt? ;)



I like "zane3021" point from the SEOBlackHat blog, even though he cant spell:

"I am new to the site,
it looks a major fltering update,
search for: personal computer
serach for: laptop

none of the sites in the first will be a retailer… google is forcing them use paid links"

Hmmm - sort of like this


We have a new client who has that word in the name of his business - the business is involved in beach equipment hire - jet ski tours and quite normal stuff like that in a well-known tourist and backpacker hot spot.

God knows what that sort of traffic that word will bring when it appears on his website.

it looks a major fltering update

none of the sites in the first will be a retailer… google is forcing them use paid links

Yep. They keep moving the chains.
(how this works - documented case: The IDcide Affair)

i noticed a traffic spike

i noticed a traffic spike at a client site awhile ago for a britney spears related search ... not a search from young fans, let me tell you. probably not relevant since the site's dedicated to cooking. reminds me of the "one of these things is not like the other" image search for "rolex watches" (too bad - it's gone now).

maybe perverts are just so prolific that the ripple runs wide (that sounded like porn talk)

Quite Clever

Actually forcing them out of organic serps is quite clever. Most of them will have a hard time keeping from getting price jacked in PPC considering "domain trust" is a factor in the adwords quality score.

Who uses Google search anyway for pr0n?

Obviously if you like your pr0n, Google Image Search is the place to be. I suppose those people that are obviously not too clued up would still use the search engine itself.

If I was an adult webmaster the way I would draw money to my affiliates would obviously be through serving up free TGP content through Image Search and hoping people like, then click through and buy. Any takers on Google Image Optimization?

Well my issue is that if

Well my issue is that if Google willfully allows themselves to be irrelevant on that large of a market on their core product, teaches publishers to blend ads in content, is secretive with their ad payout AND ad pricing on many levels, and even does secret deals with public libraries I think they are becoming far different than the ideals I once was foolish enough to believe they believed in.


... Google willfully allows themselves to be irrelevant on that large of a market ...

When you sell clicks - it pays to be irrelevant.

There's No Regulation

So Google can do whatever the hell they want. Need a slight increase to get there quarterly statements on par so there stock holders are happy? "We'll just take the cream off the top for a day on publishers, they will just think it's smartpricing." :-) Pull the other one.

Power corrupts

... and absolute power corrupts absolutely whether their spokespersons are nice and friendly or not.

ok, it probably isn't giving the users what they really want

but isn't this an indication that Google are actually doing good? I mean Google want to provide relevant sites but not spammy ones. So if they get rid of the spam successfully then we all accept most porn sites will dissapear? Just because.

And then if you get rid of the sites which are actually about the search subject but are spam so are being penalised, what do you return in their place? Perhaps sites with the keywords on the page which does pretty much indicate the page is about that subject in some way?

Perhaps the searchers should learn to search better - specify 'porn' for example (or switch safe search off!)

I rank for some really wierd stuff, but if I have the words on the page, especially as a phrase, then why shouldn't the site be returned for it? If its an indication that anchor text is becoming less relevant then the WH wearing part of me is welcoming that with open arms.

Please don't ever make me defend Google again. I feel all queasy now.

but if I have the words on

but if I have the words on the page, especially as a phrase, then why shouldn't the site be returned for it?

Well... ah, nevermind.

That is a strike

That is a strike Gurtie...actually, maybe 2 on one pitch. ;)

Maybe hot donuts and beer will make things better!

When I read the SEO Black

When I read the SEO Black Hat entry earlier, I actually thought it was a good idea to move porn out from generic single keyword searches.

Didn't see it as a spam or relevancy issue - as much as just pushing the adult content aside from mainstream content.

As he said, users who want porn simply refined their search.

Have I misunderstood, or do I simply get a strike out for that? :)

sorry but

I think if you have a page titled 'having sex on a bicycle' its not unreasonable for Google to consider your page about having sex. I don't (personally) think many porn websites are about having sex but about watching people do more specific sexual acts or about buying porn. So which has better relevance?

Google are crap at many things but last time I checked 'mind reading searchers intent' wasn't part of their job description. What do you want them to do? Direct all searches containing the word sex to world-of-porn?

porn relevancy, who cares?

I am not really even worried about the lack of porn content or porn relevancy for porn based keywords. I am more worried about regular keywords like "laptop" and "personal computer" not having any online retailers showing up. I am sure their are many, many more out there and it will continue to grow.

not sure if that's wrong either

I think it highlights the drawbacks in an algo based ststem, but if I search 'chicken' does it follow I want to buy one? so if I search 'laptop' should be it obvious I want to buy one?

Two out of ten results for laptop for me show retailers. I'd be interested to know if thats representative of the number of sites available about laptops. If I search 'buy laptops' 8 out of 10 are retailers plus pledgebank (about buying laptops) and a laptop review site.

Clusty is one solution. Searching smarter is another. Setting the balance for every search individually is a third (remember the MSN slider option?) I don't necessarily agree with the direction in which Google are moving but I do think that its not an issue of relevancy, its an issue of what type of search you want - presumably (although not certainly) they're drawing on what people appear to have wanted from their search history to supply the results most likely wanted for that query and laptop without buy is information gathering not shopping?


Good point about "searching smarter". This is a key point and I think even the lay person is doing a better job describing what they are looking for better. Getting ranked for a 1 keyword phrase is great, but as your examples point out the longer tail produces "smarter" results.

It is just strange that in those two examples Google has decided that I was not looking to buy a "laptop" or "personal computer" and I just needed info on one.


It's the annual holiday update. It will be fixed in January like it is every year.

>last time I checked 'mind

>last time I checked 'mind reading searchers intent' wasn't part of their job description

why do they joke about being able to create Google as a memex tied into the brain then?

SEOBlackhat & Adult

Since it wasn't covered in the last thread about this, it's worth noting why the adult results are so crazy in Google (and it's not because they have some hidden agenda).

99% of the adult websites on the web are most likely affiliate sites. There is no mainstream industry that can mirror what is done in adult. Although an industry like mortgage may have a lot of spam, they also have a lot of legitimate sites to balance out the linking neighborhoods.

So what you get is this huge percentage of sites that are essentially fighting for the same dollars. There is no benefit to them to link out to other sites, and the primary form of linking is done through recips. Many times those recips are done through tracking scripts as well. Nonetheless, as Google has moved to devalue those links and sites that have their linking neighborhood primarily based around it, the results have become largely irrelevant.

To create relevant results in adult, they'd have to determine a site and search is adult, and then treat it with a different ranking formula. The current one will simply not work for it.

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