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Year of the Time Shift, 2005
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Threadwatch member Earle Flynn posts an uncharacteristically prophetic piece at his blog, threadlinked above that explains the concept of time shifting and predicts that 2005 will be it's year.

He's not alone of course, there are some good links in the post to the CES 2005 press and coverage that echo's his statements. Im just glad someone finally put it into words a simple chap like me can understand, thanks Earle :)

This year will be all about time shifting, or for those who find the term time shifting too sci-fi, Multi-task 2.0. Time shifting is the idea that you can be in one location while another process is running on your behalf in another location performing a task that will benefit you, like save time, keep you informed, or both at the same time.

If you have telephone voice mail at your home residence then you have experienced time shifting but may have not realized that you had time shifted. Consider this common scenario, you leave your home. Your home phone receives a phone call. Since you are not home to receive the call your voice mail picks up the call on your behalf. A pre-recorded message is played to the caller and the caller leaves their voice message. When you return home, you are alerted to a waiting voice message by a flashing red light, at which point you listen to your voice message, presto, time shifting.