New Slant on User Generated Content


Vimo, a comparison shopping site for healthcare, is offering $1USD for every review of a doctor that a contributor makes to the site. Contributors must be in the U.S., and reviews are subjected to editorial scrutiny prior to being accepted.

The trick is, the dollar doesn't go to the person posting, it goes to the United States Marine Reserve Toys For Tots Program. So you're contributing content, and a charity gets a buck.

I'm kind of conflicted on this. On the one hand, it's a grab for cheap content, incentivized by an appeal to holiday goodwill. On the other hand, it is $100K for kids. Sneaky or smart - what do you think?

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Toys For Tots is super, I

Toys For Tots is super, I think it's a nice touch.

Sneaky or smart

Can't it be both? :-)

And "good" at the same time...

Question: What do you call

Question: What do you call the person who graduates last in their class at med school?

Answer: Doctor.

That said, I have a problem with "reviews" of doctors. What are we talking about here - competence, bed side manner, how artistic a plastic surgeon is (I have seen a few results where the doc definitely deserved props), but seriously, how many people are actually qualified to "review" a doctor?

I have doctors who live on either side of me. One had a patient who got 2nd opinions from 4 different docs and he was still sure that everyone was wrong.

I hope the money gets forwarded to Toys 4 Tots upon receipt, because the serious coin is going to go to the lawyers who get in on the defamation lawsuits.

Reviews are to be taken with

Reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt (as is everything in life). At the same time reviews are extremely helpful if you search for the patterns in reviews. If a doctor is truly concerned with their reputation they will encourage their patients to submit reviews. Perhaps tell patients they will make a $10 dollar donation to Toys For Tots (or Doctors Without Borders ) per review posted.

Great job to Vimo for coming up with a socially responsible marketing plan! Imagine what could happen if more companies thought that way.

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