Jeremy Zawodny PWNS Google For Copying Yahoo


Jeremy Zawodny totally nails Google for copying Yahoo

Was some product marketing person so uninspired that he or she decided it was "good enough" to just copy us?

Seriously, click those images and look at the full-sized versions. They're remarkably similar. And I've checked with our PR group to make sure that this wasn't just a template that Microsoft gave to all partners. It's not.

Yikes. Even the toolbar in the Google version of the picture has bits of Yahoo still in it.


that is totally evil



Microsoft is up to the same thing

It looks like MS is up to the same thing - they are copying directly from Apple:

I ghad first saw it!

lol when I found the new IE7 pages I noticed it too.

I thought it was jsut a microsoft required template for the IE7 toolbar.

Thank You

Looks like

Jeremy should have kept his mouth shut. Matt's rebuttal is more entertaining.

No Remorse from Google.

>>Matt's rebuttal is more entertaining.

Perhaps entertaining, but it struck me as a sort of playground self-justification: "But he pushed me first!"

Honestly, if the color of the boxes around the Adwords is that special either patent it or copyright it - if you can't do that or didn't enforce it then don't whine. Everybody emulates the leader - it's part of the burden of being number one. And when somebody catches you in the wrong then have the good grace to make the apology at least try sounding sincere.


With every major engine mimicking Google's search interface, I don't think an apology was necessary. I don't recall Google whining about their interface being copied by all the major players.

And I can't think of a taunt that exemplifies a playground taunt better than, 'yer copying me'. Except maybe, 'my dad is bigger than your dad'.


And which of Messrs Cutts and Zawodny will be using the latter taunt?

As Matt correctly says

As Matt correctly says Google did UI testing to design their Ads. Google is a big player in the text ads market and therefore sets viewers expectations of text/sponsored ads to a great degree. Let's be nice to Yahoo and assume they did some UI testing, wouldn't be surprising if their testing worked out the same way. I emphasise that I'm not an expert in UI testing, I'm just applying dumb man's logic. Personally, if Yahoo had skipped the step of actually doing the testing seen as it appears a foregone conclusion then I wouldn't really blame them. "Your car looks a lot my my car", heck you don't say.

Is this in the same league as making a new page about something that is almost entirely the same design as somebody else's new page and therefore worthy of being used in defence. I think the answer is probably something along the lines of "hell no". We'd expect Yahoo and Google to draw the same conclusion on things like ads and sponsored links but we would not expect them to draw the same conclusion on the look of the IE7 pages. Granted it must sometimes suck for Google to have others follow, but a defense for out and out copying it certainly isn't. I do think Yahoo deserve a sincere apology from Google.

Not just copying

they intentionally took the image, blurred out the YHOO logo and removed teh gradient and that was IT.

It was totally deceptive and the worst example of plagiarism.

If you did this on a collegiate level, you would be expelled, it would show on your record, you could never go to a prestige universe even at the state level again, and it would tarnish your job opportunities for the rest of your life.

Gotta disagree with you

Gotta disagree with you DG... what Google did was worse because this was copying overtly whereas they others mimicked what Google was doing. I guess I am partial though because I am reading a 200 page report about SERPs right now which highlights the many differences that still exist.

I was thinking in terms

of time. How long did it take Google to test and refine ad boxes, and their search interface, as compared to slapping up an ad page for IE7?

the Yahoo page had a

the Yahoo page had a copyright notice, the Google SERPs don't, and, as Chris said, while what Yahoo, and others, seem to have taken inspiration from Google for is UI stuff which they should all have almost exactly the same if they're all employing good advisors Google have copied something that hasn't been subjected to loads of analysis and therefore really cant be a co-incidence.

But actually discussions of who's more wrong are irrelevant. The story isn't that Google simply copied something, its that they did it so incredibly obviously and badly. I thought it was an intentional joke when I first read this thread, but the way Google have handled it means it clearly wasn't, so either their QC is severely fecked or they don't have one.

Google SERPs don't

Care to check again? In fact, they also have a patent.

It's not not "fecked"

Try "frack" or similarily "freck" if you're of a Caprican dialect :-)


Funny that Matt used the Adwords comparison. I mean it isn't like Google copied search ads from GoTo/Overture and settled for it or something like that...

aaaah ok - copyright my

aaaah ok - copyright my bad....(I'm pretty sure that wasn't on there last time I looked which was about 18 months ago admittedly) Patent, well it was only granted Monday but it'll be interesting to see if they enforce that.

You made me look.

As often as I see a Google results page, I still had to look for the copyright notice. It's the design patent that bugs me. A list of links with ads at the top and RH side is patentable?

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