Maybe I'm late to the party, but this morning I noticed one of my sites is showing Adsense - with an image of the Google logo in the "Ads for Google":

The graphic is linked to a landing page which invites people to sign up to AdSense or Adwords.

Sets up a feeling of unease - giving Google credit for the ads is one thing, but now they seem to be testing out how to more aggressively get new publishers and advertisers - and without having to go through the affiliates system they set up previously.

More disturbing, it's inviting viewers to ignore the ads and click through the Google logo.

Would be nice if Google were to respect publishers a little more in this area, and focus more on delivering the ads for the advertiser's benefit, rather than trying to push promoting Google for Google's benefit.

It's not as if AdSense has any serious rival, does it?


I have an old webpage

I have an old webpage somewhere about the dangers of adding external code to your page is an invitation to visitor hjack, etc etc etc.


come tell us how cool this is, how the logo adds credibility and improves CTR etc., ;)

its as cool

as Zune player

to clarify, the brown Zune

to clarify, the brown Zune player.

Brand Cramp

So Vista really has them that scared they have to slap their logo over every made-for-adsense website?

Come to think of it lets talk about Trust and having having the Google logo suddenly very noticeably associated in the public mind with every sleazy scraper site on the web.

Google Army

They are lining up the troops.... buying remenant traffic no doubt.

Not all sites that publish

Not all sites that publish Adsense are MFA, thanks. :)

I've seen this used on a couple of my forums now.

I appreciate that Google want to test things out, but as originally, I don't see adding the logo as adding to either the advertiser or publisher experience.

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