Sony Follows Wal Mart's Lead in Online Public Relations


In an attempt to undermine their own brand, Sony hired a PR firm to set up a fake PSP fan site:

Sony just sank to the lowest of the lowest level. Sony hired marketing company Zipatoni to set up a viral marketing scheme, that company did this by registering the domain This website is set up as a PSP fansite where the marketers with Sony’s approval pretend to be kids that want a PSP and posted a rap video titled “All I Want for X-mas Is A PSP”

Via Dean



The video is so bad I feel sick.

My favorite

don't just wear it – pwn it!!1!

Trose Approved

So bad. The PSP was the worst "investment" I have ever made.

I actually quite like my PSP

I actually quite like my PSP (no, I'm not a Sony fanboy, although feel free to throw some of those marketing bucks at me, guys). The non-compatibility of the UMD format sucks quite a lot, but I've got a few games, and they are all quite good really. The charge lasts long enough for me to be able to play a game all the way on the train to London and back (about 3 hours total) without any worries, even if there are delays.

There are a few attempts being made to take advantage of platform differences now as well. The recent Star Trek licences are being released as 3 games, one for Xbox 360 and PC, one for PS2, and one for PSP / Nintendo DS. There's also some interesting cross platform stuff, like games that support both PS2 and PSP players in multiplayer mode, and the SOCOM series, which have "cross-talk" objectives, where completing certain mission objectives on one platform allows you to modify the save game and affect the action in a parallel mission on other platforms.

Being able to load music, images and games onto a single, quite portable device is very handy, I must say. I don't think it replaces a "real" games console / PC, or an MP3 player or a DVD player / media centre, but it's a useful adjunct to all 3.

If only Sony would take the stick out of their ass and allow a 3rd party keyboard add-on (one of the major failings of the PSP - it sucks most of the life out of the Wi-Fi internet access), or even produce one themselves.

that site is terrible

That site is so obviously corporate astroturf. If you are going to put up fake blogs promoting your products, at least make them believable to a minor degree.

It's like Sony hired someone from The Apprentice.

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