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I realize we have a diverse group of members here at Threadwatch, but most of our loved ones probably do not read Threadwatch. What cool present ideas do you see as must buys this year?



A really good headset w/ mike for Skype conversations ... a full-size model for use in the home office, and something mini for the travel kit.

For men the Sony M600i

For men the Sony M600i mobile phone

For young kids the TMX Elmo

Older kids the Dareway [not a segway]

For the ladies maybe a new iron or hoover .

ReviewMe Gift Certificates

Drats, not available:.(

Seriously, I could see some of the Threadwatch readership giving these as gifts.


An anchor tag for Andy.

But I really need one of these.

Scored a WII


WTF do you hunt, DG?

Paper Tigers

From a mile away. ;)

For the ladies

For the ladies maybe a new iron or hoover


A Christmas Story

C'mon Kid you'll shoot you're eye out (sorry couldn't reist)

>> WTF do you hunt,

>> WTF do you hunt, DG?

Haven't you ever seen Tremors 2? They sense infra-red you know...

Just be careful of your engine blocks, they's delicate, and if you crack them, you have to run like a Goddamn bastard... excuse my French

Personally, I'd like the new Star Trek : Tactical Assualt game on PSP. Not sure about the Wii yet


Kevlar Suit for NFFC. ;)

Pure Digital camcorder

Pure Digital camcorder

Bought one for the kids (4 and 7) and they love it. Simple to use, rugged and well worth the price (under $100.00 US$) AND uses AA batteries.


And I have to buy another PS2 just so I can play Bully. Err, so the kids can play Bully. I'm nearly finished, (after months) with Oblivion for the 360. Kids want a Wii. I'll settle for a wee shot or two before visiting the in-laws.

Careful with the Picco Z Mini Helicopter !

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my nephew, and decided to buy one for myself while I was at it. Of course I didn't wait for Christmas to open mine. After 5 flights & recharge cycles, the small motor that powers the tail rotor stopped working. Instead of flying, the little bugger is now only capable of flopping around the floor like a wounded bird.

I eventually took it apart and afixed the main rotor and remote receiver to a little car I built from my daughter's Lego blocks. Building a propeller-powered Lego car was fun (albeit very slow-moving), but not what I had intended with this purchase at all.

Hope my nephew's Picco makes it past 5 flights....

Computer controlled LED Hula Hoop

My wife's really into hula hooping (it's a W.Coast Burning Man so I got her a custom made LED hula hoop from Yep it sounds strange, and it is, but check out the videos on the site - these things are amazing looking.

For good gag gifts

anything from As Seen On TV or Trailer Trash Dolls always makes great gifts- I kid you not!


For the ladies maybe a new iron or hoover.

- I take it you like 'em bare foot and preggers, eh? How about just getting the womenfolk in your life a mop.

Same as Andy

I picked up the same Picco Z helicopter for my Son. And also an Xbox 360.

I think Wii will come next year.

I'm hoping I get a hot blonde under my tree.

For those who love to bake:

I picked up one of these for my sis.
It is really solid feeling, and I am interested to see how it performs.

> First... An anchor tag for

> First... An anchor tag for Andy.

Trying to break designs with ridiculously long URLs as anchor text is my old pastime.

this is a pretty cool chair

check it out the swopper

these light orbs are pretty sweet too

I expect

Aftershave and socks :(

One word in jewelry: Boucheron

If you want to make the woman in your life *think* you broke the bank getting her a piece of jewelry, check IMO, the most beautiful, unique jewelry in the world, yet they have great pieces for ~US$2-3K and which look like millions.

women prefer jewelry to guns?

Check out Dalia Koss unique jewelry. Big sale right now plus free shipping for the holidays.

Glad to see I'm in similiar company

I want the SAME chopper as Andy and like DigitalGhost I also want some fire power.

I would like a Mossberg 590 with a SureFire light and a load of buckshot. I wanna be ready when the next Katrina hits Raleigh. :). P.S. Santan - I don't think I need the bayonet attachment.

Funny video of this military approved shotgun with nice reference to DukeNukem:

Err... Freudian slip. That

Err... Freudian slip. That should have read "P.S. Santa" not "P.S. Santan"

I take it you like 'em bare

I take it you like 'em bare foot and preggers, eh?

no normally bent over the kitchen sink washing a plate whilst holding the iron in the other hand, when they are happy in their work it gives them less to moan about :)

and the cleaner brings her own mop

I'm pretty sure

the women getting irons for x-mas, and busy washing dishes (while holding said irons) have "less to moan about." ;). Thanks for the laughs today fellas, I needed that.

werty, awesome idea on

werty, awesome idea on Baker's edge. Getting one now.

If you have computer-illiterate parents/grandparents, I like the digital photo frames. Load them up with an SD card so they only have to plug it in, and they'll love it. And don't be cheap and use your AdSense frame. :)

In the U.S. for cell phone gadget hounds, the VX9900 is awesome. turns photos into woven blankets. I don't think you can work directly with them. The Discovery store lets you buy a certificate and then you can go to the website and upload a photo. I think it's too late for Xmas delivery though.

Saw this

on digg. USB airsoft Gun Step away from the desk!

gifts for tin foil hatters

while true tin foil hatters will most likely already have this matter taken care of, if you know a recent convert to tin foil hat-ism consider getting them

1. firearms, the ultimate in must-have for tin foil hatters
2. emergency survival kits -- has some good options

A 25% CTR

on a mesothelioma page.

oh. and almost anything from woot.

Gourmet Food

Awww, C'mon guys, didn't you know that the way to please someone in this business is with gourmet food?

OOPS! I forgot, some people are lazy and are trying to lose weight.

A gaming PC and Xbox for my

A gaming PC and Xbox for my son so when he is away at school I can play Quake and blow sh*t up!

BTW...I will throw this one

BTW...I will throw this one out there for gourmet food

Santa Already Delivered

something to our family. A lovely 50" plasma tv. But he hasn't delivered the new receiver or sound system yet, so we're not enjoying it's full hd glory.

Re: hot blonde under my tree

Hey! That's what I'm getting my husband. (he'd better not get me an iron or anything domestic)

Unexpected Present: I'll be at Elite Retreat next week!


And for Matt Cutts ...

... a list of sites due for hand review in January :)

portrait weavers

super cool - i'm scared to ask "how much" though.


Screw the plasma, a TV for $5.

I'd like a digital picture

I'd like a digital picture frame with a high-contrast and wide view-angle LCD (most of them I see are not the greatest displays), with built in WiFi or EVDO, IP-addressable like a netcam (netframe?). Haven't seen one yet, but I suppose I could just mount a tablet PC on the wall, eh?

Forget the Portrait Weaver

Forget the portrait weaver and digital picture frames, I'd like a pillow made from my beloved dog Fido who died suddenly last month (sniff, sniff, whimper whimper).

Please freeze your pet

Please freeze your pet immediately upon passing to
insure there will be no hair slippage. Double bag to
insure no freezerburn

*shudder* I'm with you, Gimpy...

City Folk ; )

I love my dogs but have no desire to have a pillow made from any of them.

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