Company Acquired For 1.65 Billion Dollars Continues To Ignore Racism


In the comments section of a video listed on the homepage under Featured Videos of Youtube you'll find more n-bomb drops than a Michael Richards rant.

Here's one: "haha the nigger always runs first" There are many more just do a find.

The above comment is only 3 days old. Let's look at a video that has 670,000 views with a comment such as "STUPID NIGGERS! BURN IN HELL WHERE YOU BELONG! SATAN IS RISING UP AND KILLING J00 ALL!" from 11 months ago.

Now let's move away from the n-word and look at a term that is often used against people of Chinese descent. "WHy the fuck are u chinks being gay...??? u all are the same ". That was from 8 months ago on a video that has over 2 million views.

Just one more from a video that has almost 3 million views. "You stupid fucking chink, learn to label your videos correctly. Porn and Halo? I take it that's the only way you'd ever get views. " That comment is 7 months old.

Expected Response: Our algos are designed not to interfere with comments that people post. You have to understand that we only have 2 people working on the YouTube site and therefore we cannot monitor everything that is posted.

Google.....ho hum




Made a copy mistake on the

I am curious, did you report

I am curious, did you report those links to youtube?

Youtube definitely needs some comment moderation

Great comments can often add to a site's experience, but bad comments can really kill it. I'm a moderate YouTube user (with a pretty open mind) and I'm often shocked at some of the comments (especially when an attractive girl happens to be in video).

Some things are all in good fun, but when you get racial comments, hate comments, rape insinuations, etc. it's just plain inappropriate. They really need some proactive moderation over there.

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