France And Germany To Kill Google Individually


Citing musical differences, France and Germany have split up and will now both produce a Google-killer: Germany pulls out of euro search engine.

Earlier this week, Hartmut Schauerte, state secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, told an auditorium full of high-ranking political officials and chief executives that the government would end its involvement in the Quaero consortium. It will instead focus on a national programme, called Theseus, to develop search technologies for next-generation internet.

Dumb move. kwareeeyo was such a great name. Theseus now, no danger of a typo there, no sirree.

Hope you like our new direction.


What's in a name

He he he he, so a good name is defined by whether you can typosquat it? Jeez...

Well No

I would have though that the definition of a good name is one that (a) can be remembered from a conversation and (b) has a hope in hell of being correctly entered into a browser or SE when someone is minded to go and find out about it.

I assume France will try to

I assume France will try to concentrate their development(money) on Exalead?

One of the Theseus projects will be a semantical search engine. The aim seems not to develop a google competitor, instead it is an investment into search engine knowledge.

So what is "Live" in German?

So what is "Live" in German? heh

A lot of this is about nationalism - if you are understandably nervous about another nation having too much influence on search then it probably does not matter who it is, USA or France. Some things you just have to do for yourself.

Eyes rolling

I haven't met a French person yet who thinks the government will a) produce anything; or b) get people using it.

Not a chance in h%$(l. On the other hand, I'm impressed with the recent quality of French internet startups, so perhaps there's an SE startup lurking in Paris who'll surprise people with something new and different.

>>Exalead I think Exalead


I think Exalead has some good potential. I hope they continue to develop it.

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