Jason Calacanis on Dell/Google Bundling And The Google OS


Boldy leaping where few have gone before, Jason Calacanis takes a new Dell box with Google Apps out-of-the-box, squints a bit, and manufactures a Google OS for 2007 and the death of Microsoft a year or so later. Sort of.

GooglePC with GoogleOS

Think about being Dell or Gateway and being offered a) a free OS and b) 1-5% of the revenue from Adsense on the computer? How can you turn that down when it's going to be double or triple your margin on a PC?!


Boldy leaping where few have gone before

I don't know where Captian Kirk has been... LOL

Seriously though virtually everyone knew that Google was building an OS, the rumor mill even says it's 'Goobuntu' GoogleOS or something like that.

Here is an Article from The Register from nearly a year ago regarding it:


Google are doing what we

Google don't want a consumer PC OS. It's so 90's. And it's direct Microsoft turf and they can't compete there.

Google are no more going to launch an operating system anymore than Microsoft build PC's. Simply because they don;t need to. It's all remote data storage now, where it can be more easily processed, not local.

A partnership here, a sponsorship there, and Google can ensure that, whatever the OS, Google apps are on there, as the gateway to the real Google OS - the internet.

The Real Google OS

ok ... you are 100% right... but sort of missed something. The reason isn't to 'make a ton of money' the reason is to take a 'ton of money away from Microsoft'

Let's say it costs Google 100 dollars over the next 5 years to build this OS, and get it to market at the expense of Vista, it takes way 10,000 dollars from Microsoft.

It's a win for Google... because this takes away resources from Microsoft to allocate to battling Google for Search.

Disclaimer : dollars used are just for example purposes.


Jason said 'SEO was bullshit' and he should know because he appears to be full of it himself and can't think through simple problems.

The internet isn't the only use of a computer and most of the world uses their computer for other things in their daily jobs, with applications beyond just an office suite like call center software, etc., which doesn't even run in Linux or whatever fantasy OS he's mentally masturbating about.

People won't use an OS if they can't run their apps and access their legacy data as the legacy data is typically worth way more than whatever you might spend on Vista.

I'm not sure about what part of planet Loony Toons Jason lives on, but I'll bet he's friends with Marvin the Martian.

After that comment about SEO being BS

I can't be the only TWer who wants a Jason Calacanis free ThreadWatch.. or at least a link condom for all his spew.


He's wrong. They won't do an OS.

They'll do an application layer that looks and performs like an OS. They don't need to talk to the hardware layer, but they'll certainly want to talk to everything, and everyone, else....

They'll do an application

They'll do an application layer that looks and performs like an OS

Yeah... just - like - windows


Ray Ozzie had, and still has, the right idea when it comes to knowing which layer is important.

Mind you...if Microsoft wish to commit suicide with their DRM fantasies, then that leaves a gaping hole in the market for a user-focused OS. "The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute the longest suicide note in history".


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