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Define me a Link Farm
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Here's an interesting one on a couple of different levels. Firstly you have some definitions of "link farm" - nothing really new there but within the the thread there's what appears to me to be a tag team forum promo by two new members of Search Guild - Stretch Dog and nanoreef n'amugabeer.

They're promoting a site called that's essentially (from what i can gather) a database of backlink hunting SEOs - the idea being to gain non-recip backlinks. The product might have legs, i just dont know, but it's pretty interesting to see.

Call me an old cynic, maybe i am, but i've no idea how the Search Guild guys have missed the (to me) obvious tag team setup there, the posters are waaay to similar in there passion for the program and knowledge of the details to be genuine IMO. Make your own mind up.

ADDED :: Same join up date Lol! Amateurs...


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Here they are again, the little darlings are at it over at Check out SEO-Girl, WebWeaver and our old friend nanoreef in this thread.

The first two joined on the 27th of Sept, and nano on the 28th.

A little later on (next page,next day) True Balthazar shows up, apparently the owner of the site.. he says

"Thanks for those of you that were promoting the site! Try not to do it as new members please, I don't want to get accused of SPAMMING Forums"

ROTFLMFAO! i dont buy it for a minute, but i do tip my hat to them ;-)
I must say, they aint too bright but they're certainly doing all right as far as this little marketing venture goes.

Providing it's not a total rip-off, good luck to 'em.

A less Seedy Thread

If you're interested in there's a less seedy thread located over at the seochat forums.


Thanks for clearing that up Chris, i actually said the same thing to my wife, that it was most likely you decided to leave it out of pure interest.

And it was interesting wasnt it?


What if I cannot stop them...

What if I cannot stop them....I try my best right? In fact as proof look at the original post on SEO chat where I am more in depth as a member.


IMO you can turn that into a big success. Check my other comment on the latest thread here...

Nice new site

Yeh, we didn't miss it - we just found the whole thing interesting enough to overlook it. Was a close call though.

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