Google wants Dark Fibre Specialists

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Gimme the bandwidth.....
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Google are advertising for a new employee. A dark fibre telecoms guy or gal.

Could they be launching a mega infrastructure project or possibly looking to enter the telecoms business?



OK, so if they are not planning on buiding a telecom network - and i cant imagine for the life of me why they would want to attempt that...

What else could you do with a dark fibre network?

Cheaper bandwidth?

Could it be they just want to reduce their international bandwidth costs? If they want to expand then more local sites/services/datacenters would be a way of doing it?

Universities use Google. I

Universities use Google.

It seems that universities are also into Dark Fiber.....


This is the beginning of GoogleFibre. Once the project is complete, there will be core GoogleFibres that expand the globe and beyond. Corporations will purchase a piece of GoogleFibre. ;)

More speculation

From Dana Blankenhorn:

If Google had its own dark fiber network, it could light that fiber and drive those costs to the ground.

Then the fiber would be open to other applications, such as:

  • Mirroring the entire database in multiple sites.
  • Caching the database, or portions of it, where laws are most advantageous for that.
  • Caching such things as images.
  • Offering a video database.
  • Creating "Google libraries" of others' data and mirroring it to the central database.

The opportunities are just endless.

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