Yahoo: Would You Like Search With That?


Yahoo, fighting off falling search share, is fighting back by downloading IE7 and changing user preferences if you try to upgrade Yahoo! Messenger. Search distribution is the new would you like fries with that. :)


Yahoo has to fight

I see it more like a Rocky movie and Yahoo's the one trying to make the comeback.

Yahoo's in a tight spot since Microsoft owns the browser market and has MSN search by default whenever another company doesn't pay to be the default on every new PC. Then of course Google dominates the search market by default, so that leaves Yahoo in a tough spot to fight for their lives.

More importantly, why isn't ASK putting up a fight like this?

Ask is the master

>> why isn't ASK putting up a fight like this?

I would say Ask is the master of this tactic. The majority of Ask's traffic comes from Funwebproduct toolbar.

Better Results

The only way Yahoo can actually put up a fight at this point is if they improve results. Their results are just not as relevant as Google's and this is where they are going to get blown out of the water.

If you dig deep into Yahoo's search services, results are not as good, and usablity is worse yet. Tool by tool in search, yahoo seems to just be flat out behind the curve as compared to Google.

Peanut Butter anyone?

Yahoo has been a huge disappointment to me thus far; they have gone out and systematically purchased some of the best out there, but then magically stop.

Go back to when they were picking up geocities, alta vista, inktomi, overture -- it was around that point that I thought Yahoo would be the top dog, because I mistakenly assumed that they would start integrating the web properties. Someone please tell me why exists along side -- terrible branding.

It got worse though, because they tickled my fancy by buying up Flickr,, launching a very interesting Y! Answers, and then once again stopped. Flickr doesn't integrate into 360 very well, and sure as heck doesn't work with Search Marketing (that would be huge for some enterprising people out thereto understand just how much more $$$ there is in photo clicks; hint, look at txt vs HTML e-mail conversion rates).

Now again they picked up mybloglog, which is another really cool tool that could fit in at a dozen junctures of the scattered peanut butter web properties. But will it? Will they do the obvious insert into Y Personals so narcissistic people with OCD can repeately hit refresh to see who has an interest? Probably not.

The solution, by who knows what marketing genius, was to make it so an unnecessary upgrade to Y Messenger (I had actually upgraded and wondered what changed until opening IE again) that hijacked the default search away from Live. Wow...that's pretty sad. Granted, I'm sure there was some short-term profits, but if they want to go that route, why not just launch and hijack browsers the old fashioned way, with a balding butler.

Please Yahoo, drop the short-term route and focus on just integrating some of your web properties. One a quarter would be enough for me, heck one every 6 months. In 3 years at the latter rate, you'd be able to string along an amount of usability data that would make AOL want to post all their search queries (again), would force Google into maybe doing something useful with Blogspot and some of their almond butter, and would make MSN start to integrate some of their own existing data (encarta, msnbc, etc).

Search seems so short-sighted sometimes; it drives me crazy.


>>Yahoo has been a huge

>>Yahoo has been a huge disappointment

Agreed. They have been focusing on tactics rather than strategy and grand strategy. The biggest disappointments to me are how search has stagnated, Overture (now renamed Yahoo Something Something), and the still embarrassingly beta targeted text ad network (Yahoo Something Something).

With that said they are doing some things right: Yahoo Local is the best local search in my area.

In re. changing the defaults, Yahoo has done that sort of thing in the past - used to be the toolbar that was auto-installed with Messenger or something. Whenever Yahoo feels insecure it goes for the quick fix and when they feel secure they quickly become complacent.

Yahoo have tried changing IE

Yahoo have tried changing IE settings when you install messenger for ages. MSN will try the same thing too. Hardly a new thing they are trying.

It is highly irritating that if you do a standard install, it doesn't highlight the fact it is going to change settings in anything outside the Yahoo Messenger. You only get the options if you do a custom install. Which is something I tend to do anyway, but I'm far from an average Windows user.

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